Master the Handstand with these bodyweight training exercises

[inaudible] I’m going to take you
through the progression to
be able to do a handstand on your own. So honest to
goodness, almost anyone can start with a progression that will long
term lead you to being able to do a total hands hand all the way upside
down. You want to start easy though, so the first thing to do is to make sure
that you have the upper body strength to be able to do an inverted the
pushup for the inverted pushup. You get onto your feet and hands you can go as deep down
as you need, as you possibly can. But if you only have a small
movement right now, that’s okay. So inverted pushup here is down up. Alright, so you can walk your hands
and your feet closer. There’s going to be a little easier
as long as you have the hamstring flexibility for it. So you might find
that you need to bend your knees. That’s okay. So here a little bit further
back too you can do… Alright, so that would be
a floor inverted pushup. The next movement we’re going
to do takes us up to a walk. So now we’re going to move and elevate
feet and put our shoulders over your hands, which is going to simulate
more of that handstand movement. So with that move, here, hips
are nice and high you’re going down and up. Okay. So you can do the pushup portion of that
and that actually will lead you to a handstand pushup long term. But just to
work on the strength of the handstand, you can get into that
movement and hold it. Say you’re here lifting your hips is
higher, the closer in your hands are, the more close you are to a full hand. So you can start out a little bit
and walk it in and hold it up. Okay. When you’re ready to start giving
it a try with a full handstand, a great thing to do is start with
a wall and I like to have a mat, because-wrists, a wall can give you a little extra support. It would be great too if you
have a partner or a friend
who can help you stop at the top. Easiest way to get into
this and to work on kicking up. But you want to do it with control. So first thing to do here is
just try some little kicks. So you’re down at the bottom,
just try to get your feet up. Okay. You wouldn’t believe how
difficult that alone can be. So make sure you’re really proficient
at doing some kick ups. After that, you can try to kick a little
higher and stop at the top, but using that wall in
holding nice and tight. I like to push up through your
shoulders and keep your abs super tight. And I usually don’t talk this
much when I’m upside down, but that’s a full hand
stand. You can also, if you have some gymnastics
background or you just like to do it, you can kick into it sideways. So you can come from the side of
it and stop yourself at the top. Really squeeze your legs tight together. The other thing you can do
with this is walk your way up. So you start down in a push up position
and you’re in pretty tight here. So you start by pushing. Up,
as you start your push up, you start walking your feet up, hands come in at the same time
until you’re all the way in, you’re going to walk it back down and then bring yourself
back down to the floor. So if you’re looking at me like I’m
crazy that there’s a way to start this, that’s not going all the
way up into the handstand, that takes a lot of time to develop. And I’ve been doing this
kind of stuff for years. So where I want you to start
off in that push up position, just bringing your feet up a little
bit. So we’re going to start here again, lying all the way down on the
floor using a straight body, so straight lines through your shoulders
all the way down to your ankle. Push yourself up and just start
seeing if you can push your feet. Try to climb up just a little bit. Okay.
So you can try that a couple times. And what you’ll find is there a lot
of shoulder movement involved in these handstand wall climbs. So you’re going to be moving
back and forth with it all the way down. The thing you’re
going to start to do is walk your feet. Another thing you can do is start by
walking your hands. So if you push up, then you can walk your hands.
Then while keeping your feet down, and that gives you an idea of
the movement with your hands. So over time you’re going to build your
strength to where you can call it all the way up and all the way back
down. But it’s great to start, but just inching your feet up
a little bit and back down. So these are handstand wall climbs. Okay. So the closer your body is to the
wall, more challenging it will be there. And if you ever get in trouble,
you can roll forward out of it. Just make sure you talk to
your head as you do that roll. And that’s the old gymnastics
teacher in me coming out. So you can do a full,
um, a full wall walk, like a handstand wall walk. Or if you don’t want to do the whole tight
body and get into it that way you can start with a squat. Hands are kind of close
bring your feet back, and then literally walk your feet up the
wall then walk your hands into the wall as close as you can. So those are some progressions to
help you work up to a full handstand. Eventually you’re trying to come away
from the wall and be able to hold a handstand like that. If you don’t have a wall that you feel
comfortable kicking up to, you can do. Some baby kicks here too.
So just free trying kick up and just get comfortable
in that position over time. Be able to get all the way
up, spin around around, who knows? Walk on your
hands. Alright, you’re try it. Let me know what you think.

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