MedStar Breast Surgeon Explains DCIS Breast Cancer and How It’s Treated

MedStar Breast Surgeon Explains DCIS Breast Cancer and How It’s Treated

Kelly? Alright, thanks a lot Jamie. It is
Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’re teamed up with the MedStar Health Cancer Network. Dr. Maen Farha, breast surgeon, Director of the new
comprehensive Breast Center at Good Samaritan Hospital joining us in the
studio now. Doctor, thanks so much for coming. Thank you for inviting me. Tell us
DCIS, I know it’s a kind of form of cancer, but tell us what it is.
It stands for ductal carcinoma in situ, which means the cancer cells are
contained within the duct. This means that’s a stage zero cancer; it does not
have a chance to spread to the lymph nodes or the rest of the body. So the
cure rate for DCIS should be near 100 percent if it’s discovered and
treated properly. Now, is it something that I should worry about? Well if you do
your screenings, it’s usually found out by screening mammography because these
tumor, these lesions are too small to detect by exam. The vast majority of
patients who have DCIS are found on routine mammography. They’re often
calcium deposits or small masses that are seen on mammography. On occasion, it’s
a palpable abnormality, something that the patient may feel, but the vast majority are
found on screening mammography. So when I would go to get my mammogram this might
be something that they’d recognize? Correct. Okay, alright how do you treat
it? The focus on treating DCIS is on the breast itself. We don’t have to worry
about lymph nodes. We don’t have to worry about the rest of the body.
So the patients are treated usually with a lumpectomy and, in the majority of
cases, with with radiation. Nowadays we do partial breast or intraoperative
radiation for those, especially if it’s well localized. And then since these
patients are a higher risk of getting another cancer or a recurrence, they may
go on hormonal therapy which is like Tamoxifen, Anastrozole, these are
medications that are taken for five years or more to prevent the occurrence
of another cancer. That was my next question: what’s the likelihood of it
developing into a full-blown cancer? Left alone, it has a good chance of turning
into a full-blown cancer. If it comes back ,half the time it’s invasive cancer.
So it’s good not to not to take it lightly, but you don’t want to get too
worried about, but deal with it. I think patients will do very well. Are there new
methods to treat it now? What’s new in care for this? You know there are
research studies looking at the genetic makeup of these tumors to figure out
which one’s need radiations which one don’t need radiation and I think the
hormonal therapies and these interventions make a big difference in
preventing these tumors from coming back. Always great information from Dr. Farha. Thanks so much for coming in. One of our many experts here that we have with
us in the studio as we’re taking House Calls. The number to call is 410-481-2222. We’re going to be online with our experts from MedSTar Health
Cancer Network until 6:30, so if you’ve got a question now is the time to call in and
get an answer from an expert like dr. Farha. Thank you.


  1. I was diagnosed with DCIS grade 1 stage 1…. it did NOT "stay in place", as in situ defines. It spread to the lymph nodes. Quickly became stage 2b. I ended up having a lumpectomy, chemo and am now in radiation. Afterwards, I will have 5 years of hormone therapy. NOT ALL BREAST CANCER IS THE SAME!!! What began as a simple lumpectomy/radiation treatment, rapidly became a puzzling diagnosis with more aggressive treatment. Oh and i've been getting annual mammograms for 9 years, so this was definitely a shock!!! Chemo, by the way, is the devil! Still fighting!!! GIVING GLORY TO JESUS FOR STRENGTH!!

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