Meet Dr. Anthony L. Sanders – OB/GYN Care

Meet Dr. Anthony L. Sanders – OB/GYN Care

My name is Anthony Sanders and I am a physician
at Community Women’s Health, which is in the professional building at Community East hospital.
And I mainly practice here at Community East, serving the eastside community. The special procedures I perform in my practice
are centered around minimally-invasive surgery. These surgeries include the total laparoscopic
hysterectomy, laparoscopic removal of ovaries, also hysteroscopic tubal occlusion, called
the Essure. The Essure is a procedure that is performed in the office. It is for women
who are considering permanent sterilization, who are completely finished with having children.
And we do that right here in the office, and we don’t need to undergo any general anesthesia
or use any operating room time because of that. The total laparoscopic hysterectomy
is usually reserved for women who are completely finished having children, who also have issues
with their menstrual cycle or any pain related to their female organs, such as heavy vaginal
bleeding, pain with intercourse, fibroids, which are tumors on the uterus. The benefits
of the total laparoscopic hysterectomy include a faster recovery time, less mortality, a
shorter hospital stay, significantly less pain. One of the unique things that we’re doing
on the east side of town is office hysteroscopy. Which helps a lot with the diagnosis of diseases
of the uterus. Normally, we have to take these patients to the operating room to complete
the procedure, but with our new technology here in the office, we are able to perform
the procedure here in the office without a patient having to undergo anesthesia. One
of the other unique things about our office is that we do have the ability to provide
ultrasounds here in the office and perform some of the radiology procedures here in the
office due to that. Some of the reasons a referring physician
may refer to me are because we are attached directly to the hospital, we have easy access
to the hospital facilities such as the lab, the radiology department, the operating room,
without having the patient travel too far. A patient can be referred by their physician,
or if they find us on their own, they can just call our office. Our office number is


  1. This man is a great doctor! He provides excellent consultation, performs medical procedures with extreme accuracy and efficiency, and exhibits the highest level of professionalism. I endorse his medical practice and encourage those who require the kinds of services this practice offers to seek his medical attention.

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