Meet Dr. Linda Hermiller — Endocrinologist at St. Elizabeth

Meet Dr. Linda Hermiller — Endocrinologist at St. Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Dr. Linda Hermiller, and I’m an
Endocrinologist at St. Elizabeth. I grew up in Northwest Ohio in a small town
called Kalida. I grew up on a farm, so I didn’t do a lot
of extracurricular activities or clubs after school because I had to do chores. I went to Kalida High School. It was the only school in the town. Growing up on a farm and working hard all
the time, my work ethic came from when I was young. I’m not 100% sure when I decided I wanted
to go into medicine. I always liked science and decided biology
should be my major, and then I thought, you know, I think I want to be a doctor. I felt the need to help people be healthier. So, I decided to major in biology with the
idea of doing pre-med. I went to Wittenberg University in Springfield,
Ohio for college. Growing up in Northwest Ohio, then Springfield
for college, Dayton for med school, and then I did my residency and fellowship in Cincinnati. It’s an honor and a responsibility to be
able to impact our patients’ lives. One of the things I like about endocrinology
is there’s the ability to make a significant change in how a patient feels and impact their
lifespan, their survival. A little hormone, one hormone, if it’s made
in excess can wreak all sorts of havoc in the body. I can help make that go away. If there is that same hormone and it’s not
being produced, I can typically give it back to the patient and help them feel better,
and I like to see that impact and how patients come back and say, “Wow, thank you. I do feel better.”

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