Men Can Get Pregnant, Too

Men Can Get Pregnant, Too

Couple weeks ago on Ask Cristen I tackled
the question, ‘Should Men Have a Say in Abortion?’ which left out a very important group of men
who absolutely should have a say in abortions because they can get pregnant as well. In a very cis-normative way I failed to acknowledge
the fact that uteruses and the ability to get pregnant intentionally
or unintentionally do not exclusively belong to women. Take it from commenter cldcollector
who said, ‘Hey, trans person here. Just because someone is assigned female at birth doesn’t
necessarily mean that individual identifies as a woman. *points to self* I’m here. I’m
genderqueer. I’ve also given birth to an amazing kiddo. Just sayin’.’ And thank you for saying. Similarly tuxedomarmot said, ‘I wish that
in conversations like these people would remember that trans people exist. Some men and non-binary
people do have uteruses, and their right to abortions are also important to consider.
Note that not all trans people transition or have surgeries. For starters not all trans
people have access to those things.’ While there’s no firm data on exactly how
many trans men give birth every year in the US, Dr. Jennifer Kerns who is an assistant
professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at the University of California-San
Francisco–that’s a long title–estimates that it’s in the thousands. And Kerns should
know because she recently conducted one of if not the first study examining trans men’s
pregnancy experiences. The study interviewed forty-one trans-men
about a third of whom had gotten pregnant unintentionally, which only goes to show yet
again how talking about reproductive rights as I did in very cis-normative and gender
binary terms, excludes some people who are also “at risk” for unintended pregnancies
and might face similar choices. Regardless of whether the pregnancies were
planned or unplanned though the men in that study highlighted two major difficulties with
their pregnancies. Finding adequate healthcare because healthcare for transgender people
in general is already challenging due to a lot of discrimination that happens in doctor’s
offices. If you are a trans-man looking for obstetric care that can also be challenging
to find a doctor who recognizes and validates the unique healthcare needs of trans-men merged
with the unique healthcare needs of someone who is pregnant. Heaped on top of that is
the challenge of merely walking through the world as someone who might outwardly look
like a man but who also has a pregnant belly. In addition to highlighting the very real
and important needs for trans visibility and acceptance in our society, reading first-hand
accounts of pregnancies in this study also highlighted to me perhaps some issues with
how we tend to talk about and conceptualize motherhood and fatherhood as well in very
gender-binary terms that might also be exclusionary to non-gender conforming people where mothers
and fathers might not look or play the same roles as we think of them playing traditionally
and that does not at all mitigate their love and care for their children. I just wanted
to leave you with this one quote from a twenty-nine year old respondent to the study who said,
‘Pregnancy and childbirth were very male experiences for me. When I birthed my children I was born
into fatherhood.’ And that sounds like a pretty incredible experience.


  1. This comment section is a raging dumpster fire full of trolling, ignorance, and racism.
    It's really simple: People with uteri and ovaries can get pregnant. These people may be binary (women or men) or they may be non-binary.
    Really simple, why do people make it so hard?

  2. If somebody with a vagina wants a baby they need to find somebody with a penis. In the old days people with penises were called men and people with vaginas called women. This ancient system made it easier for people to have babies with each-other. In the future having babies is going to become a lot more complicated if we ignore this ancient system.

  3. You people have no logic and indulge your delusions. Being male is not something u choose and being female is not something u decide. You are born who u are. Unless u are intersex, stfu. Even intersex isn't complicated as u make it.

  4. It you have so much dysphoria, why would you get pregnant? You cut off you breast but can walk around for 9 months pregnant with life ( on of the most gánster female capabilities we have). So done!! These are females.

  5. the transgender community has single-handedly made the general public more stupid and ignorant than ever. good job confusing everyone with your "men can be pregnant too" nonsense. sit down.

  6. Trans = a mental illness . You’re either a man or a woman.
    Pregnancy= for women only.
    If you believe otherwise, you are mentally ill.. doesn’t mean you can’t be a nice person. But you are a mentally ill.

  7. really now some of you people saying that men can't get pregnant i'm a male and i'm 13 weeks pregnant with triplets and showing big time so you can eat it

  8. Not this weird shit again. Women are defined in part by their ability to get pregnant. Fucking weirdos and your freaky shit.

  9. This is so exiting i cant believe this is true finally the day ive been waiting for im a man someone please tell me how i can get pregnant so i can start having my own kids im so pumped to give birth can i breast feed too?

  10. Whats with mellinialls and labels ?? The world has now become as the say in stranger things " upside down world" as a milleniall myself i really despise our generation ! Uts the never ending need to be oppressed America is doomed

  11. Men can’t give birth because they don’t have a uterus, the mental gymnastics required to say men can give birth is laughable

  12. I still wonder if people would take our concerns more seriously if we point out sexual abuse is a lot more common among trans men/non binary people than cis women.

  13. I know why all this shit is trendy now. It's because it's somehting new, the extreme, just wait, this will become old hat and who knows what the next sexually related trend will be. I mean what's next? I identify as an African-english, hetero/homo ginger queen aphrodite????????????????

  14. Men can not have babies ….. Woman who have mental issues and "feel" they are men, can pretend they are men and get pregnant. No one who was born a man can get pregnant.

  15. Gender queer is not a real thing. There are only two genders, no where in science does it say other wise.

  16. Scientifically speaking men cannot get pregnant unless you can transplant a uterus into their body. It is why we call them men. Scientifically speaking women produce the egg and men fertilize. Can a woman who chooses to look like and identify as a man get pregnant? Sure, but feelings and desires do not trump simple biology. Men cannot get pregnant but women who identify as men can. The biology is important, especially when seeing a doctor. When you go to the doctor you are your biological sex period. Men get prostate cancer. If you go to the doctor as a transgender women and have prostate cancer, sorry, you are a man and it is important your doctor knows it so you can be correctly diagnosed.

    Think of it like this. If 300 years from now someone digs up a transgender woman's bones and they determine through their bones and genes he is a male do you think what that person felt when they are alive has any bearing at all on that truth? Do you think the determination of that person's sex should change if they happen to come across their diary stating they changed their sex? It is a tricky subject I know but sexual identity and biological sex cannot ever be conflated. We cannot trump science with subjective feelings.

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  18. This videos seems condescending and sarcastic .. like we dont already know trans people can get pregnany too lol tried it

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