Mendelian Disorder – Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance – Biology Class 12

Mendelian Disorder – Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering, HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Hello Students today we are Studying chapter chromosomal basis of inheritance and in that we are studying topic Mendelian Disorder now if I say you that thalassemia is a Millenial Disorder how do we characterize that let’s study and find out today. Whenever there’s a mutation in a particular gene that is whenever there is a single gene mutation alteation or deletion that is called as Mendelian Disorder now Mendelian Disorders and chromosomal disorders are slightly different when we talk about Mendelian disorder it’s the single gene hydration deletion or mutation it could be Thalasiya colorblindness etc Fino fillin ketonuria hemophilia are one of the Mendelian disorders. you Mendelian disorder now Mendelian disorders clearly and precisely focus whenever there’s an addition deletion or mutation in a single gene I repeat only a single gene is involved in this Mendelian disorders can be classically studied by pedigree analysis of karyotyping now whenever pedigree analysis happens or karyotyping happens Mendelian disorders which happened during alteration deletion mutation can be looked upon and cure or at least precaution could be found out some example of Mendelian disorder are colorblindness hemophilia and thalassemia also phenylketonuria cystic fibrosis a few other example so students in this part of the chapter we did study about Mendelian disorder I hope yeah very clear over this concept of Mendelian disorder thank you

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