Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress On Trump Campaign | NBC News

Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress On Trump Campaign | NBC News


  1. I heard Trump say of Cohen to call his father in-law nothing nasty nothing mean. I don't get it…
    He's being strong armed to discredit the president

  2. Micharl Cohen is a snake , a liar and a convicted criminal . What a waste of Taxpayers's money . Who cares what this man. has to say . The country is not in danger just because President Trump was hit loyal to his wife once . Listen good for nothing Socialist Democrats , stop waist in taxpayers money and start being more productive . Concentrate on real issues ,such as miney


  3. Trump calls cohen a rat, think about that, lf all cohen is saying is a lie then how can he be a rat, rats tell the story of what happend, so trump, by calling him a rat you are only hanging yourself

  4. The only good thing about this BS media video is the music. It's great! Politicians are elite criminals and you people who believe their lies are just conditioned sheep. Same goes for the corporate controlled mainstream media mouthpieces. Just don't listen, it will poison your mind.

  5. The Clintons got to this guy, probably threatened him and his family if he didn’t turn against the president

    We’ve all seen their work

  6. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz makes my skin crawl. I know how she was able to get her seat. It's no different from Trump's shady dealings.

    Also, can we just point out how so many Republicans turned this into a circus? Mark Green turned this into a bashing of Democrats instead of questioning Mr. Cohen.

  7. Why is this repeatedly everywhere in my feed? It’s a BS witch hunt, propaganda and all lies and spun agenda. Political warfare.

  8. I am disgusted by the antics used by some of the representatives to simply discredit Michael Cohen instead of actually actively engaging in the hearing.
    Yes, Cohen is a guilty, lying man but look at him.
    He's miserable and knows to the core that he's done wrong but is willing to come clean while having to deal with baseless and unrelated accusations on top of all this.

    Yet some of these representatives are asking simply questions that are barely tangential to the hearing's purpose just to make Cohen discredited and disheartened.
    Oh and please be respectful. Cohen has gone through a enough embarrassment and humiliation, from his wife, children, friends and the world.
    Regardless of differences in ideology, we are all human beings.

    To the politicians on both sides: you are representing the people of the United States. Forget party differences, stop trying to outwit each other and actually do your jobs to serve the people.

    And to Michael Cohen, thank you for stepping up despite the ramifications that followed and will follow from your choice to come clean to the American people.
    Though guilty, you will still be remembered as a hero to me for your raw courage to correct the mountainous Goliath of wrongs.

  9. Hahaha… you got it all wrong. This ended up being a clown show. Bafoon ended up making whole house dems look as stupid as they are. And YOU missed the presidents meetings in Asia, the real news.

  10. After hearing about all the "crimes". Seriously?!? That's what you all come up with? Let me know if he commits any actual crimes… F OFF!

  11. If Little Mikey said Trump committed crimes, and Little Mikey took pride in being Trump's fixer, then what is Little Mikey's culpability?

  12. In as much as I'm disgusted with M.Cohen part in this whole mess…HE IS FAR BETTER or more human than trumpf and his Family

  13. Now the Republican-Evanglicans have suddenly forget where the Bible say's Psalm 51:17 says, “… a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.”

  14. Thank you Mr. Cummings for those beautiful and meaningful words of from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Thank you Michael Cohen for your truth and standing up for what's right. God bless all of you.

  15. All Democrats talking points about Trump repeated from his mouth don't make them more than just talking points. Nothing new. Pointless try. Trump 2020.

  16. Cummings, who is chairman, when asked, stated that he believed Cohen. Unbiased much? I think not. Another democratic fake smear campaign. So much for his firey statement, he does that all the time.

  17. How much did covering this cost the cable news channels? I had MSNBC on in the background for hours without 1 ad-break.

  18. Representarives:
    Those appalled by Mr Cohen coming forward with the things he knows about Mr Trump are appalling to the U.S. Citizens …part of your job is to get to the truth !!!!! You dont want to get all information available to do that? President or no President?
    Mr Cohen…
    The person u are describing in your opening statement is called a Narcissist by psychologists & a Jezebel Spirit by Church & God
    If you are truly remorseful & want to heal yourself & redeem yourself seek your answers by researching psychological side & Religious side of Narcissism ….I did study them extensively & the Narcissistic Abuse I endured led me straight to God, I can spot one almost immediately now, thx to God ….He will forgive you immediately!!! but a Narcissist will NEVER forgive you, but will destroy you for being "a rat"
    I commend you for the strength it takes to do what you are doing ….for your souls sake do not stop there ….know the Narcissist, heal any wounds you have that allowed evil in & for you to go astray …..what happens on this earth is not the focus, but Gods Kingdom if you are Gods people & in your total devastation God is calling you home ..stay close to him & you will discover that he wasnt beside you but has carried you thru all this…..
    I promise you this …stay strong & I thank you for saving the U.S.
    Narcissists destroy everything & everyone around them & when they "put others down" they are really projecting what they truly think of themselves onto others cuz it is too much for them to think bout themselves
    I feel for both sides, love both sides & pray for all of you & all of this country at this deeply sad time
    I just hope that when the others are exposed that they will have ur strength to come frwd with truth as well …..we the people !!!!!! desrve that but do not need yours/their sorries, u yourself need that to be ur truth within yourself to get to the Kingdom of God
    …in God we Trust – definitely
    ….He is the Truth, the Light, the Way
    ……the super powers who use evil & greed to "win" are really losing cuz earthlythings are not gonna matter for ur soul, heaven is the answer
    I pray for all & that this leads all involved into the loving arms of God !!! He is waiting to get close with them in their time of need

  19. I am wondering how long and how tightly the GOP wants to tie themselves with this trainwreck of a President? It seems
    that everyday they are just tightening the noose upon the future of their party.

    The only way both Trump and Bush Jr. were able to win was through the electoral vote technicality … and that was when
    the GOP wasn't so fully exposed as a money-grubbing and mendacious immoral bunch. UGH!

    So what clear-thinking person is going to vote GOP now?

  20. Spiritual Warfare at its finest …God wants evil exposed ….In God We Trust …..indeed
    Where did God go in some of the line of comments made to Mr Cohen, God is Truth/Light & getting to that is your job so be thankful he is lightening your load by telling you where to look!!!!! Lol

  21. Good for you MC for admitting your wrongs n u gonna pay the consequences. Stay strong. 3 years in jail flies very fast than you gonna be a free man. Remember truth sets us free.

  22. Ohhh the GOP are such pathetic whiners about not getting their testimony 24 in advance …. boo-hoo! Turnaround is fair play MFers — remember GOP leadership did the same BS with the Kavanaugh hearing. Thousands of pages related to Kavanaugh's history were dumped onto the desks of the Democrats hours before his testimony.

    But THAT was okay, because the GOP was in charge and they wanted to shove Right-wing sexual predator #2 onto the Supreme Court for a lifetime position.

    I am SO SICK of the hypocrisy and whining antics of the GOP. These men put rats to shame.

  23. I was trying to find a great comedy movie, but then I found this. American Politics are just hillarious! Best wishes from Norway <3

  24. Okay does this sounds like a lawyer or does this sound like Scotch on the rocks Pelosi. and, Count Schumer Chocula oh lets say. Wrote this up and persuaded Cohen to recite it. If he ever wants to spend time with his family again? U make the call.

  25. Shut your face, M. Meadow, just because you brought an African American woman working for trumpian without a single chance for her to speak. Just one person, supposed to cancel out all the other racial comments ever made by trump? No wonder R can't win election without cheating.

  26. Getting testimony from a convicted felon and a liar like this clown who lied to Congress to begin with is a joke!!

  27. We are all liars on a daily basis. So what's the BIG DEAL ? Aren't we glad, we can point our (dirty) fingers on a socalled convicted liar, so we are distracted for a few hours from our own FILTH. Darn selfrighteousness.

  28. Mr. Lynch I salute you for putting jackal in his place. They had 2 years and did nothing. Thank you for what you said.

  29. Speaking of winning at all cost, Wasserman-Schultz … ANOTHER disgrace to the American people! WHY isn't SHE in jail yet?

  30. So the Mueller Bomb was coming, to break the long calm, and a we surmised, CNN would be first to capitalize .
    So as it was announced, our anticipation bounced, but the blast, we expected, was completely redirected, as CNN jumps back in, with a Mr. Cohen, who had a new tail" to eagerly unveil, but it began to derail, as the instability, of Mr. Cohen's credibility, ended it a dead, door nail.
    So as we take all this, into account, is there still, any doubt, to what this is really about?
    All completely conceived, to label our President, as disbelieved .

  31. I hate This guy Jordan!!!!!! God help us! People like him should not be representing anyone in the USA! The Republicans are making a spectacle of themselves! They are terrible, not asking any questions about Trump! They don't care about the people only themselves!

  32. Thanks Mr.Cohen. I know you lied in the beginning because that orange posThreatened you somehow in the ..I pray for your safety..God bless you!!! May the Racist Orange guy be impeached!!!

  33. Come on NBC. Two hours of looping music and photos prior to the start of the actual video?? Just get on with it!!!

  34. Listening to all those articles the republicans submitted it hilarious… as if they care about truth or integrity, this man is a liar hired by a liar for the purpose of lying but rather than getting to the truth they look the other way when their president lies meanwhile they want to hold Cohen to the fire … they need higher standards for their president

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  38. do you think that the corrupt people in the USA just think they will lose all their money and become another pleb if they dont do the corrupt stuff or something?

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