Michael Phelps Opens Up About Struggle With Depression | TODAY

Michael Phelps Opens Up About Struggle With Depression | TODAY


  1. Thank you Mr. Michael Phelps. I want you to know how much this mean to me & every other soul on this planet. Thank you to NBC News for putting this message out there.

    Sending gratitude, peace, love & light to us all

  2. I’m fascinated that Michael Phelps uses water wings on his kid. When I used to teach swimming, water wings were like the devil’s tool, they were responsible for killing kicks on kids (teaching them poor kicking techniques). I’m fascinated that he uses them as a teaching aid to help teach his kid proper kicking

  3. Thank you for sharing Michael Phelps, I also struggle with depression myself everything U said I've been thru & still going thru it's hard to break out the shell I have my good days and I have my bad days. BUT lately I've been having a wonderful day which is so awesome!! Some people don't understand depression. Thank you NBC for putting this message out.

  4. Very happy to see he has found peace & happiness. I also think its important when he shares his message that people recognize not everyone can just ask for help – when you don't have anyone to ask & you don't have the $$ it makes the near impossible task of asking for help, actually impossible.

  5. I think this is proof that just ‘go outside, excercise or eat better’ talk when it comes to depression is invalid. Sometimes things like that can HELP, but sometimes you need a bit extra. Just like sometimes drinking water may help with your headache, but sometimes you need to have the paracetamol. Professional help and medicine is NOT taboo and there is no shame in that. So happy he’s being open and honest about this.

  6. He had a private struggle with depression, but atleast he has money. Most of us who are depressed, are financially unstable.

  7. I am thrilled that Michael P. is opening up regarding depression, etc. However, not everyone is able to afford their (Talk Space) services That is truly sad. I know people who have wanted to get help and cannot pay the financial requirements.

  8. First of all stand up for this very very great athlete and swimmer who won 23 Gold medals for his country USA in Olympics and very big games……..He is a born sportsman and a swimmer and full of sportsman spirit and really his country is proud of him even to break his record is very tough……….secondly depression is just a phase of brain chemical imbalance which with medication and therapy you will be out soon ……He as a sportsman fought very well with his disease and now sharing his experience and this will definitely give depression and mania patients encouragement how to get out of it…………God bless him and loads of love and respect for this very great athlete born in many centuries…Michael Phelps..

  9. I am glad to see public figures, particularly sports men and women, openly disccuss their battles with mental health issues.

  10. I'm sorry for his illness but take away the fame, gold medals, money and give him an ordinary job and the struggle would seem more relatable.

  11. He is so articulate and it’s amazing that he is raising awareness about mental health. Awesome work Michael Phelps!

  12. peace be upon you
    the ultimate cause for your depression, is that your soul is looking for its creator, no matter what you do you will still struggle with depression you were created to know your creator through creations.

    if you want to ignore this comment just leave it, but if you want to find the truth, the door still open

    watch this video and i hope it would help you


  13. I hope this article helps too 🙂

  14. Everyone who has a negative comment — this is the very reason why famous ppl don't speak up. That's why kate spade & Anthony bourdain struggled w suicide. Money won't cure mental health – it can help but just shows everyone is human. He's being brave to let himself show he's vulnerable.

  15. Wish Michael Phelps was from my country .. He is such an inspiration .. He's not perfect but that's ok we love hin anyway…

  16. Thank you Phelps. I deal with it daily. I have taken care of my grandmother who passed away in my arms in April at home. She was the only family I had. And I suffer daily without my grandmother. Now that she went home to be with The Lord I feel more depressed then ever. I now have a 4 month old daughter and I lean on her and The Lord. I appreciate your testimony so much. God bless you. ??✝️

  17. ADHD is not an excuse to get in trouble or depression or any of this because this is just a myth learn how to control yourself

  18. Depression is a beast. You have to deal with it – see a doctor or ask friend to take you. Great interview by Today and Michael.

  19. I love that he's opening up about his depression stuff but then again people need to understand that you're in a very good position where you got money to do that a lot of people who do have this don't have money to go speak to people and this is why I advised people who has depression to speak to whoever you're comfortable with whoever you know that listen and understand they might not say the best thing for you to hear but maybe just talking about it will help

  20. It may have just been a mid-life crisis?
    Happens to every single person, to some it happens very early on in your life, some very late

  21. Well, it looks like Michael phelps got another gold medal in battling depression. May MP can inspired to those people who suffer in depression.

  22. Depression : It is an indication that the heart is ill begoten and in need of a the therapy!
    Depression and anxiety are psychosomatic illnesses experienced that are initiated from the violation or the ignoring or trespassing of self-conscience. The mind is described to work normally only when coinciding with a person’s divine given conscience. The nature of conscience is described by the Holy Fathers of the Greek Orthodox Church to be Christ centered and to also be ~the mind of our minds~. In [Romans 2:14] we are informed that the conscience will be the law by which each and every person is going to be judged at His Second Coming who never in their lives got to know the commandments and WILL of God as to the Salvation of man! [Romans 2:14] “For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves”.

    The HEART is in the center of man's psychosomatic self. The HEART and the MIND is ONE and the same thing! The heavenly heart/soul which ~is a heavenly nature with in ~ is considered to be stronger than the material mind that will one day die. After death the heart is the eternal heavenly person that leave the body upon which God will recreate each and everyone according to their deeds at Second Coming.

    [Galadians 6:7-8] 7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

    The heart is a person [1 Peter 3:4] “But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price”.

    Being that the heart is ill begotten it brings on depression like a flesh wound will bring on pain in order for us to pay atterntion! Deprerssion is a sigh of illness coming from the unatural state of being that the heart is is order to let us kow it is in need of THERAPY .


    The role of the soul in Psychiatry and Psycology


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