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Midwife vs Doctor — What I Chose | CloudMom

Hi everyone. Melissa here at CloudMom. So like many people, I was fascinated to read
the article in the New York Times last week and about the growing popularity of midwives
and how something that used to be the preference for the more hippy type of people is now something
that’s increasingly in vogue, and the option that some fancy mamma’s are choosing like
the Christys and the Giselles of the world. So having given birth five times, and I did
have two tricky deliveries, I just have to say, this is my personal view, that I would
always choose to be in a situation where I had medical care, the most sophisticated medical
care I could find. Boom, right there, and that the person delivering
my baby was a person that had every possible means at their disposal. And I know midwives are licensed and trained
to deliver babies, but I would worry that something could happen where I really needed
a doctor present, so I think that would always be what I would choose to do. With my third baby, he was a bit pre-term,
he was born and within seconds, boom, NICU. It was unbelievable. He was whisked away, I couldn’t hold him,
I couldn’t nurse him. I was like, “Where’s my baby?” and he was
gone. They were like, “Sorry, he’s having trouble
breathing, we’ve already got him on the respirator,” like whoa. My dad who was there, dad was like “he looks
fine, he looks nice and pink,” but you know what his breathing, due to the machines that
they tested him on, they could tell was not quite what it needed to be and actually he
ended up having surgery his first day of life, which was totally traumatic. With my first baby who was technically full-term,
37-1/2 weeks, his umbilical cord was twisted around his neck, his heart rate was plummeting. It’s so hard to even talk about this. And making sure his little head popped out
of there as quickly as possible was really, really important. So this is stuff that I personally am willing
to take no risk whatsoever with. So for those of you who are choosing to have
the midwife rather than a doctor or to give birth at home, I really wanna hear what is
behind your choice. I would be so nervous to make these choices. So please write in and tell me, why you’ve
chosen to take this decision, make this decision, ’cause I really wanna hear your point of view. So thanks so much for joining CloudMom and
see you next time.


  1. Rather have it intimate and private with my own say in the end. My sisters births were in hospital and she would start to dose off and nurse would come in after knocking loudly. Then this other rep and another rep and another rep. I wanted to yell at all these people to leave her alone to sleep. They bottle fed the infant in the nursery. Kept taking the baby into the nursery. You have to stay for days. Can't eat can't sleep. Then you have stories of the employees treating new parents like crap.

  2. Even the World Health Org has come out and said that our C.S. rates are sky high and unnecessarily so. I want no interventions. Stress is proven to hole up your birth into not happening so in a hospital setting I would be very stressed with people putting time limits and stay on back in bed crap. My sister had the infamous Pit. put in her IV, so I knew from reading that meant C.S. since it causes hard contractions. Sure enough <hr, baby heart decelled. Ran to OR and luckily had no complication.

  3. I appreciate the comment; I love hearing other views on the issue. Breastfeeding was so important to me and I do agree that we still have a ways to go to get all hospitals to be more supportive of nursing from the start!

  4. I totally agree, Cloud Mom! I had placenta accreta with my 3rd baby which wasn't diagnosed prior to delivering. Within mins of delivering, I was whisked away to the OR for an emergency hysterectomy and my son (37 weeker) was whisked away to the NICU with breathing difficulties. I was told the next day that my bp was 60/30 when they got me to surgery and I lost approx. 2 liters of blood. There's no way I would have survived if I would have been at home.

  5. Just to help inform you: yes, most home births are attended by midwives. But, plenty of midwives work in hospitals, from small community hospitals to large tertiary care centers. Those babies and moms can get "whisked away" when need be to the OR or NICU just as fast as they could with an Ob. Access to lifesaving help is critical at all births. But more intervention does not equal safer. Food for thought: the midwives at my hospital are all trained in neonatal resuscitation. The Obs are not.

  6. Kr B — thanks for commenting and the info! Really appreciate your thoughts, it adds alot to this discussion!

  7. now I'm the type of person who feels a,woman should deliver now every she feels comfortable. bit you should watch a documentary called "The Business of Being Born" it is so interesting! i desperately wanted to have my second child in a birthing center but because of sever pre eclampsia/ postpartum pre eclampsia I'm too high risk. that's something a lot of people don't consider a mid wife wants what's best for the mom and baby so they won't take on high risk cases. 🙂

  8. if it's a high risk pregnancy and you're scared i understand. but know that midwives are much better trained at birthing than surgeons. the woman who brought my daughter into the world has delivered over 600 babies, some of them had the cord wrapped around their neck, some were breech, some weighed up to 11 pounds and never did she even need to perform an episiotomy, all of them are perfectly healthy and she has only a 1% hospital transfer rate always because of exhaustion. home birth=safer

  9. With my midwife she had a huge list that said if these things occur, she is sending me to the hospital.she then allowed me to add to the list, anything I wanted.so if it happened during labor I went.also she refused any clients who lived more than five minutes away from a hospital.she took all the same tests my Dr did with my first.things like breech and umbilical cord around necks she was trained in.if I think the right professional midwife calmed my fears

  10. I delivered both of my sons with a midwife, #1 at a birthing center and #2 at home. Both experiences were wonderful! I am now looking forward to delivering my first daughter with a midwife at home (I am due late Febr/early Mar). I chose a midwife because I wanted to have a low-intervention birth and because midwives are specifically trained to deliver babies. That is their job. A doctor has skills in many areas, but I personally feel that doctors are "Jacks of all trades, masters of none."

  11. Certified nurse midwives are extremely skilled!! I've delivered 3 babies with CNMs at a birthing center. I had to be brought to a hospital after my 2nd because of a retained placenta but the ambulance was at the center less than 5 minutes after we made the decision to transfer and the surgeon had nothing but excellent things to say about midwives. Midwives here don't take pre-term babies… They are extremely skilled to work in emergency situations of necessary but they are so good at filtering clients to only take low risk patients. Their safe delivery rates are very, very high! I delivered at Austin Area Birthing Center.

  12. I had a dr with my first labor and she pretty much did what she wanted and not what I wanted to do. And it didn't have to do with what was best for my child, but for what was the quickest for getting the baby out and for her to go on her way.

    With my second, I purposely sought out a midwife. They treat births as a natural occurrence and not as a trauma. She honored my birth plan and did what was best for my baby being born, not what was the quickest for herself. Both my children were born at hospitals. If I have more kids I will definitely go back to my previous midwife. Plus, the midwives at the Obgyn had a dr over them. I live in Georgia so maybe it's different in other states.

  13. I had a midwife for both of my births.  BOTH times I was in a state of the art hospital with everything you could ever imagine needing and guess what?….. My midwife knew how to use ALL the equipment.  You are making midwives sound like they wouldn't know what to do in an  emergency or a high risk birth I feel like your opinion is without research and therefore unfair.  I say no matter WHO delivers your baby YOU do YOUR OWN research on that person and make a judgement call for yourself.  You may be surprised to find out midwives deliver more babies then drs do.  

  14. Women who receive care from midwives tend to have equal (or often better) outcomes than women receiving OB care. Only 30% of what OB's do during birth are evidence based according to ACOG. A lot of complications that occur in-hospital are iatrogenic, ie: caused by the practitioner/hospital protocol.

    You might be interested in reading "If I were at home, I would have died — The trouble with extrapolating hospital birth events to homebirth" at http://erinmidwife.com/if-i-were-at-home-i-would-have-died/

  15. The issues you had with birth are exactly what midwives are trained to deal with…I had midwives, my daughter was born not breathing, and she was resuscitated by the midwife and was fine
    I tried an OBGYN at first. The appointment was cold and quick. I would have hated to have gone through my pregnancy like that

  16. I'm delivering baby #3 in April 2016. I did a midwive the first 2 and doing it again with #3. I enjoy the company they give while your in labor and how much the encourage natural birth!

  17. I had a doctor with my first child. I am now pregnant with my second. I had a c section with my first. Would it be wise for me to obtain a midwife

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