Milk Could Be Killing You!

Milk Could Be Killing You!

This episode of DNews is brought to you by
Audible. Milk does a body, something something. But
even if you GOT it, do you WANT it? Television has run commercials asking if we
have milk and if we are drinking milk for our strong bones, but science is starting
to look at this and say, “hold up.” A study from Uppsala University in Sweden looked at
how the amount of milk consumed can affect health in the long term, and according to
their results, mo milk, mo problems. Their study, which followed over 100,000 men
and women aged 39 to 79 years. The women were followed for 20 years, and then men for 11,
on average. Overall, their results found that people who drank three or more glasses of
milk per day died at almost TWICE the rate of those who drank less than one. So… that’s
huge. The study, published in BMJ, says the reason for the increase in death MAY be because
galactose // which SOUNDS like an awesome bad guy from a 90s comic book, but it’s not,
it’s a simple sugar found in milk. They picked that sugar because of a separate study, where
galactose was given to animals and they died faster thanks to oxidative stress and inflammation. Basically, according to their findings, the
risk of death rose 15 percent for every glass of milk consumed per day, and for women it
actually INCREASED bone fractures, not decreased. BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT AND DUMP YOUR DAIRY.
Cheese and yogurt and stuff might be okay. They have little or no galactose. Their study
also found women who ate fermented cheese products were LESS likely to die. All this aside, the researchers ended their
study by saying one of my favorite phrases: MORE RESEARCH IS NEEDED. I quote, “People
should not change their dietary habits because of this study.” It’s correlation, not causation. This got me thinking, why do we even drink
moo juice in the first place? We’re not the ONLY species on the planet to drink another
species milk. There are nursing baby animals that drink milk from adopted lactating parents,
but the thing is… they’re all babies. Most animals stop drinking milk and lose the ability
to digest it as they age. However, another study, also from Uppsala University // the
Swedes drink a lot of milk, I guess // reports ancient Iberian DNA might indicate why we
drink milk at all! The enzyme that allows us to drink milk, lactase, only evolved in
the last 10,000 years, a blink of an eye in biological time. The reason it evolved is because of disaster
— a famine. It was either, adapt or die, and somehow the human body was able to form
lactase persistence — or the ability to digest lactose as an adult. The drinking of milk
would have allowed humans to gather vitamin D and absorb calcium, keeping them alive and
healthy — similar to the newer study, they also say cheese and yogurt are better, mostly
because they’re easier to consume due to lower levels of lactose due to fermentation. Bottom line, maybe think about cutting down
on milk servings and substitute it for some yogurt or cheese instead. too much dairy can
cause health risks like weight gain, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis. It can also cause
acne, digestive distress, allergies, asthma and more! Dairy is controversial, simply because
so many of us love it, but also because it’s popular consumption in the US is driven by
lobbyists. You have to make your own decisions, so read
the science and let us know what you think! If you’re interested in learning more about
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  1. all my friends call me creepy because i drink so much milk. some of them will order a beer or soda and i am just trying to drink some tasty cow juice!

  2. Milk works for us just like calves because we are mono gastric. Calves also are born mono gastric before becoming ruminants. Milk is an excellent source of nutrients. All the myths about milk being bad are driven by people who just don't like dairy farming.

  3. These comments:
    1) People that hate milk for one reason or another and now feel they have the power to bash it.
    2) People making jokes about air being the reason for deaths amongst other fun jokes.

  4. im 30+ and i drink 1-2 liters of milk each day and have always done that, im really healthy, no sickness, no diabetes, no overweight, no allergies no nothing, thats go for all in my family. so milk have nothing to do with sickness, its a naturaly healthy drink for us.

  5. Try to test the HP scale difference of milk from hybrid cows and cattle which are not hybrid or milk from game animals.

  6. Milk is quite bad for you. It's for baby cows, not designed for humans [or infants].. :/
    Don't drink it daily, and you should be fine.

    Just remember, the milk industry has quite low standards in clean milk. Fecal matter, diseased cows, and vaccines for cleaning-off the udders of the cows. I used to be a helper at various dairy farms for three years [MA, VT, for example] and I've heard stories from farmers of how contaminated and chemical-toxic dairy-milk is nationally.

    Don't believe me? Go to a farm as a volunteer for the spring [at least three months worth] and you'll find out how disgusting America's standards of dairy farming is. You might have plenty of farmers who are careful and play by the rules, but all of the milk is collected in huge tanks on trailers.. so those who add lots of antibiotics, do not clean the teats of their cows well, etc – are mixed in the slurry you drink.

  7. Cow's milk is for calves, not humans. What happens is the cow is raped and inseminated by farmers, injected with hormones, then after the calf is born, the gender will determine its fate. If male, it gets murdered for veal, and if female, she will suffer her mother's fate (who she was separated from immediately after birth). The mother that was expecting is milked by machines for days, often in unhealthy conditions resulting in blood and pus in the milk. Afterwards she is either forcefully impregnated again or upon reaching an age limit, her life is ended prematurely, having lived a life of isolation, pain, and torment. All because adult humans are still breastfeeding.. from a different species.

  8. there were a studies 1000s years ago that no problems with drinking milk thats why we are still a live till now. your studies now not accurate . sorry

  9. Vegans kill more animals than they realize to harvest a soy bean field and the surrounding areas the farmers have to kill every turtle every ant every squirrel Everett rabbit just to ensure you estrogen filled soybean rice Tofu diet goes undisturbed while you are really wondering if bees aren't going extinct they got kidnapped and now forced into work in the white man's honey slash rice milk factory. Keep eating those Soy beans and while you're all at it don't eat red onions they decrease estrogen you all love that shit. Stay away from broccoli and cauliflower it raises terrifying testosterone. There's good quality meat still being sold you just have to know where. Grass has vitamin d. Cows eat grass. I eat them and my stomach thanks their sacrifice

  10. My grandma lived to be 99 and drank alot of milk and ate sour cream cottage cheese she grew up on a farm as a kid then when married her husband worked for a dairy.. her diet consist of mainly cheese yogurt, dairy. When she died she had a heart attack but only 1 month b4 her 100th bday.

  11. Is searched "Milk" in YouTube to know why the hecking heck it tastes so good….
    Instead I found this video.
    Thanks a lot

  12. People confuse observational study and experimental study. I don't even find an experimental study on how drinking milk kills you.

  13. Most Milk drinking people are most often running on autopilot mode of mind and are fat obese and eat lots of fast food. When people make a diet, they tend to eat less dairy because of all the other "super foods" they have to eat. And the vegan people make health their first priority. Milk(A2) with exercise is a Body Builder.

  14. the whole video I was distracted by Abraham Lincoln on your T-shirt 😂😂 whatever I was drinking milk while watching the video and I assure you that it was very tasty😂😂

  15. I love milk and have drink it all my life, however i'm having lots of colon issues and don't know if it has to do with dairy products. But i stopped drinking milk for a month and got much better.. for example no bloating no constipation and no rectal pain. I think and im not a doctor that milk and colon problems are related in my personal experience, however everyone is different but if you have colon problems and issues stop drinking milk and you will be surprise of the results

  16. Prepare Kefir , because Kefir bacteria eats up all the lactose in the milk, so even if it is inflammatory issues with milk, people would still be able to consume it even if they're lactose intolerant.

  17. Dairy is actually worse for you than cigarettes and should be treated like the dangerous poison that it is. Most adults are lactose intolerant and consuming it destroys your digestive system. Cheese is actually the worst for you, because your body isn't designed to digest sticky slime. Nothing a human would naturally eat is even remotely similar to cheese. Think of your body like a machine. Now imagine putting melted cheese between all the gears in that machine. Notice how the gears dont turn very well anymore because theyre clogged. Thats what you do to your body every time you eat cheese.

  18. I can drink 3 liters of milk a day or more no problem. It's dangerous to be alive, you could potentially die.

  19. Sometimes studies aren't always right. Vegan food can be bad for you if not eaten in moderation.

  20. can't Eat or Drink Shit… every Human being is gonna meet there Demise one day so what the hell..I love Milk it tastes great it may give me Gas but I don't care

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