Miss South Africa 2019 Experience | Rolene Strauss | Vlog

Miss South Africa 2019 Experience | Rolene Strauss | Vlog

Welcome today, I’m sharing my Miss South Africa 2019 experience with you in the form of a vlog. So let’s rewind and start at the very beginning Enjoy A big part of the preparations was obviously the dress I took to Instagram to see what you guys thought I’d be wearing and Had a few interesting answers So, let’s see if you were right Before we can start with anything we need some inspiration these were the pictures that we used to inspire us in order to creative a vision of the dress that I’ll be wearing for Miss South Africa 2019 how it usually works is that I sit with my stylist Werner Wessels and we decide on The specific designer to use. This time we used Olga-Maré and she exceeded our expectations we decided on a pink fuchsia dress That looks like an orchid Hi Olga. What are you up to? The big reveal Let’s hope it fits When we decided on the design of the dress We were not sure whether I would have made my pregnancy public so we decided on something that creates a bit of a waist hides what is necessary if I haven’t announced my pregnancy and We had a few fittings because obviously I grew by the day But I absolutely loved this process. I love the dress It was very different than we were used to or that I am used to very bright and coloured and very fairy tale-like and The dress kind of lived up to the name that we gave her after a while the pink orchid dress What a relief the dress fitted and after a nice hair treatments at my favorite Gary Rom hair dressing I was off to Pretoria for Miss South Africa 2019 We just arrived at the hotel and my date for Miss SA is mommy So it’s a special women’s day and we’re looking forward to tonight. My dress is hanging in the background So I’ll show you what I look like In the dress and ready to go I love doing my mom’s hair and makeup whenever I’m with her and this was what she looked like on the night. I took to Instagram once again to reveal the color of my dress It is a fuchsia pink dress To be honest with you. I was quite nervous about this dress because it’s so different It’s something that I’ve never worn before and I wasn’t sure what people would think of it I thought that some might love it and some might hate it So we were off to the red carpet and luckily most people enjoy the dress as much as I did I always try to spend as much time possible with the people on the sides of the red carpet and I always feel so grateful and happy to be able to meet some people that I See are commenting on my Instagram and on my youtube So I love taking pictures with them spending time with them getting to know them a little bit better and we’re in the Time Square Sun Arena Looking forward to a beautiful evening and catching up with some Miss South Africa sisters and spending time with loved ones Taking a few last pictures and meeting a few wonderful people before the night starts I always get so nervous watching this part because I know exactly what they feel like and I’m so happy for Zozibini. Our new Miss South Africa so beautiful. So elegant kind-hearted She speaks so well in public I am just so proud of her and can’t wait to watch her shine In our room Eating room service the best girls night ever I will always enjoy watching Miss South Africa as it brings back so many memories And so much gratitude for the opportunities I’ve received from it. Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed


  1. Rolene❤️Your voice is so comforting and exactly what I need after a long day. I am always looking forward to your videos. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model and inspiration. Lots of love

  2. Great VLOG Rolene! You looked stunning in that pink dress. You were glowing. Loved watching your Miss SA 2019 experience. Thank you for sharing it with us. All the best with your pregnancy.❤❤

  3. Mommy looked beautiful and wow your good with doing hair.
    The cameo appearance from Tamryn(excuse the misspell of her name)

  4. Baie dankie hiervoor. Ek het hierdie video so baie geniet. You are just such an inspiration and awesome human being. Love you to pieces! Looking forward to the next video. Love you lots!

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