More young women in Korea suffering from menstrual disorders 여성 월경장애 10년새 4배↑…’스트레스 탓’

More young women in Korea suffering from menstrual disorders 여성 월경장애 10년새 4배↑…’스트레스 탓’

Korean tech firms push innovation with solid
patent strategies Korean tech giants like Samsung and LG have
become international symbols of innovation and commercial success.
Now Korea’s small and mid-sized companies are eager to show …. they too have what
it takes to compete in the big leagues. Armed with fresh ideas and patent strategies,
our Paul Yi reports how these local firms are poised to break into the global market.
Passwords and screen swipes may soon become an outdated way to unlock your mobile device.
A quick scan of your finger ensures only you have access to your secure data.
It’s the world’s first smartphone fingerprint recognition system, developed by this local
Korean technology firm. Biometric security such as fingerprint identification
are expected to be probable features of the next generation of smartphones.
In order to protect themselves from larger companies, this particular firm is ready to
fiercely defend its intellectual property. “We’re doing proactive research and strategically
setting patents, so that you ultimately have to be affiliated with us if you want to do
business – no matter how innovative the technology is. That’s our patent strategy.” Even during the early stages of research and
development, this mid-sized company has been receiving patent consultations from the Korean
Intellectual Property Office. It’s an invaluable investment amid rampant
corporate espionage and patent troll lawsuits. “With regard to our intellectual property
office, small- and medium-sized companies such as CrucialTec hold strong original core
patents and we plan to continue expanding support for them to compete in the global
market. The reality is that competitive companies
that wish to survive on the global stage not only need to keep up with the latest technologies
but also understand how to safeguard their cutting-edge assets. Paul Yi, Arirang News


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