Okay, Listen. I got something wrong with me. That’s the first thing to know. I got threads in my heads! I got threads
in my heads, man! I twitch and shout a lot. If! Makes me look like
a damn freak show. Can’t you ever cut that out? I’m so – Touch it Baily!
I’m sorry. But inside my head’s
an even bigger mess. I can’t stop twisting
things around. Words and sounds especially. Have to keep playing with them
until they come out right. [BLOWS] Sorry. [BLOWS] Jeez, forget I asked. Like I said, a damn mess. Then I started
working for Frank. Frank Minna. Private eye. Boys. Frank frankly
frank-idy frank-o! He’s the one who taught me
how to use my head. Turn it into a strength. He gave me a place
in this crappy world. Until I screwed up. Frank! Brooklyn, she’s
in trouble now. Who? Does anybody know
what Frank was into on this? There’s somethin’
goin’ down and it’s big… and they were not happy
about what he found. We find who did this and we square accounts. If I figure it out, I’m
gonna make ’em regret it, I promise you that. That’s her. That’s the girl that
Frank was following. I think she found something. What happens to poor
people in this city… wasn’t news yesterday
and it won’t be tomorrow. Where’s everybody go? Mostly just disappear. This town is run
by Moses Randolph. When someone isn’t seen
for what they truly are, that’s a very dangerous thing. Do you have the first
inkling how power works? Power is knowing that you can do
whatever you want and not one person can stop you. No! Those people are invisible.
They don’t exist. If you threaten his work,
he will destroy you. You all alone? You got no idea. You’re webbed up
in this somehow, and these people
aren’t gonna stop. If. If. If! You got a head
just like mine. Always turnin’ things around. Some people call it a gift, but it’s a brain
affliction just the same. Do you remember what I said? She doesn’t know! She doesn’t know. What don’t I know?


  1. The book had me laughing so hard I was nearly in tears on almost every page. The movie looks a lot more serious but still very good!

  2. Saw this trailer in an add. Didn't skip the add. Which never happens.

    This looks outstanding. Was missing Edward Norton and here he comes back, better than ever.
    The cast is perfect. The story looks amazing. I have goosebumps for this one.

  3. I'm really glad Norton is back, i always thought he had a lot of potential

    But honestly, i'd really like to see him all yoked out again, with a goatee, like in American History X, all intimidating and shit..

  4. I wanna watch this so bad!!!I'm so excited it makes me feel bad for him like I wanna give him a hug but I know it's a movie

  5. It is going to be a fantastic movie guys
    But I wanna ask if such a disease really exists . I mean is there a neurological disease like this ?

  6. Yes! It's about time ❤
    This looks like it's so well done, touched my soul and its very relatable very realistic and sincere.

  7. I want to Hug this movie, it looks like an adorable hero of autism, too bad they push the angle that black chicks are only good enough for retarded white guys and/or that white guys should bang black chicks, that aint good for ether the guy or the girl in terms of supporting their national integrity.

  8. My fiancé has mild Tourette’s, I have severe OCD. I feel like this character’s symptoms will pretty much be our future child 🙁 Lookin like an actually accurate depiction of Tourette’s, though. Good job, WB.

  9. As an Emmy nominated editor for NBC network during my career..I know the difference between a "good" and a "GREAT" trailer..this is GREAT. Congrats to who put this together..I'll be paying for my tickets and popcorn on Nov looks amazing…Edward Norton..whew!

  10. When I saw this trailer for the first time I thought it was a David Fincher's film. From the cool color pallattes to the extreme close ups. Classic Fincher's Trademarks, excellent job on the film Edward, looks amazing I know it will be a huge success. And will you be at the Toronto International Film Festival this year?

  11. Subtext: Even mentally disabled men can be white saviors too! Reality: This was the McCarthyite world of New York in which Donald Trump's father made his millions keeping black folks in slums or out of white majority properties. There were no white gangsters and/or men with Tourettes challenging that reality. This is the so-called liberal lens which lies about the past. It won't be getting my money.

  12. That cast and score is enough to make me see this one. Also, the fact that it's written for the screen and directed by, Edward Norton. He's always been a favorite of mine. Looking forward to this one. And that cast….

  13. Dude, I have literally never seen anyone try to portray this on-screen at all.
    As someone who has dealt with it my entire life, it's refreshing.
    They even got the whole thought based aspect of it, with reoccurring thoughts and ideas. That's like how 90% of it works for most of us.

  14. Why do I love films like these? Suits, fedoras, trench coats, booze, a private detective with flaws. God, I love noir. I have even written a few noir novellas myself

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