M&S | BCN: Life and breast cancer in the words of women who know

Life, love, laughter and breast cancer In our words Let the words sink in, that you didn’t want
to hear. (Laura) You pick yourself up then the kids up from
school. (Hayley) Hope is incredibly important. Never give up.
(Lesley) Feel proud. Every scar shows your strength.
(Emi Lou) Things that you never thought you would do,
do them anyway. (Heather) Less sentimentality, more shopping… I love
clothes. (Katie) Celebrate every milestone with champagne.
(Helen) Realise you are enough, exactly as you are.
(Emi Lou) Change the future, even though yours is uncertain.
(Hayley) Turn a pink bra into way, way more than just
a pink bra. (Laura) Until the end of October, M&S will donate
20% of all pink bra sales to Breast Cancer Now to help fund life saving research. I just want to be able to give hope to people
that need hope. (Katie)

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