MSM & Biotin Got My Cycle F**ked Up | VEDA Day 3

MSM & Biotin Got My Cycle F**ked Up | VEDA Day 3

VEDA day three! Hey, so as your may or may not know, I actually won’t know, cuz I haven’t told you, so why would I even say that. I’m low key on a hair growth regimen, the whole idea behind doing this was to in three months show you all how much my hair has grown since March till then. And say definitively the MSM & Biotin helped my hair grow an extra inch more, or extra half inch more or whatever. But you know like it’s VEDA and I need content idea so I’m gonna talk about it now. I’ve been on MSM & Biotin for like I said two weeks. MSM is supposed to help with the carotene levels in your hair, nails and skin, and it’s also supposed to help with inflammation, arthritis, pain. blah, blah, blah, blah, allergies, they say it cures cancer, whatever. [SOUND] You know it’s supposed to do a lot of cool stuff and then I also hear Biotin helps with hair growth and all of that jazz. So I’ve combined the two and I’m taking them together. The whole reason I even got into it also was because my local grocery was having a sale on the supplements, and that is why I decided to hop on it and try this idea for you. One thing I will say about taking supplements in general that I find that a lot of YouTubers that talk about taking supplements and how it’s helped them don’t mention, is some of the side effects. So with Biotin, specifically, I know, that if you are generally a hairy person, if you are generally a hairy person, Biotin will not only make the hair on your head grow, it will make all of the hair, all of it grow. Also a side effect that I’m noticing with MSM which I’ve never taken before, is my first go with MSM, is that MSM does some weird stuff to women specifically hormonally. Because my period is late, which is a little weird for me. My period’s usually pretty predictable, and I started looking online on different forums about MSM and found out that this is a common thing. A lot of women have gone online and talked about how MSM has thrown their cycles off and made them, in some cases I saw that women talked about how they’d skipped an entire period while other women said that their period was maybe 10 days late. I don’t know how committed I would be to this MSM Biotin thing that I was trying to do, which is also why I’m talking about it in this VEDA video instead, just because the whole being off on the period thing I really don’t like that mostly because it’s just like then, you’re like how late I’m I gonna be? Do I just need to carry my menstrual cup with me everywhere? Can I sleep on these sheets tonight, should I be concerned? I don’t know, so yeah. If you’re trying to grow your hair out, just know what you’re doing, do your homework, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know maybe I just won’t, I don’t know. I’m just over having short hair guys, I’m over it already, I’m over it, I don’t know. In the comments below let me know if you like my short hair, I don’t know, I’ll see you all tomorrow, I don’t know, I’m already over this. [MUSIC]


  1. I appreciate the heads up on the vitamins. I thought the video where u cut your hair short was bad ass wicked!!! lol But, if you are over it, so be it. Did you do any coils, twists, or braidouts on your short hair? I would suggest adding hair but I'm really not about that "fake hair" life.

  2. Nooo, don't be over it yet!! And I feel you on being overt short hair, I've been there plenty of times, but I'm liking it for now

  3. the fear of not knowing when your period will start is one that surpasses all others smh. the paranoia is deadly. But your hair gurl, your hair….is probably one of the best twas I've seen. You pull it off really well, and not everyone can

  4. Love your short hair. Missing mine and considering chopping again. What did you decide about locs? BTW I hate taking supplements.

  5. Hmm, I have been on a hair skin and nails vitamin that has those two ingredients and my period was really whacked the cycle before last. I ran out and then my cycle was normal again. I am back on it because I finally got a new bottle and now I'm not sure if I want to keep going lol

  6. I used MSM powder for a while (tastes so nasty btw) and it took me so long to figure out that it was the reason why I suffered from bloating all of a sudden. I stopped taking it and the bloating went away. I like the short hair on you but it could use a little shaping. But I know how you feel, I've been there.

  7. I really like your short hair but I recently cut my hair, October 2015, and Im SOOOO over the short hair. I saw someone with beautiful locks and was low key jealous. Ive been taking The Mane Choice vitamins and trying to keep up with scalp massages to get my hair to get the point and grow faster. hahaha

  8. I had the same issue hormonally with Hairfinity, I didn't find much online about it though but it does contain msm. I stopped taking it though but Hairfinity has some pretty weird side effects.

  9. Well you learn something everyday. I didn't know that could be a possible side effect. I take both of those supplements and thank goodness my cycle was not thrown off although I have other tell tell signs that would signal to me when Aunt Flow was going to visit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I love your videos!! Please speak on how your are thinking about your hair journey? You mentioned in a previous video that you may do locs again? It seemed like your hair grew REALLY fast!! I like your short hair! I've heard long hair can be a lot of work?!? I'm just going to go ahead and out myself as #teamlazynatural! lol! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I looove your short hair! ๐Ÿ˜€ You look great! But from experience I understand that stage can shaky to deal with.

  12. girl I love your short hair! Do something fun like coils or you can even shape/cut your hair a certain way, but coils are so cute!
    As far as MSM have you tried onion juice? Another youtuber ( Osa Osula) has great videos on how to use it & how it helped her hair overall.

  13. I tried biotin years ago and it really messed up my skin. I would never try any other ones because of my biotin experience. Hopefully you have way better luck.

  14. Can you share your thoughts on why you're over your short hair? You inspired me to seriously consider doing another BC but now I'm scared haha.
    [Also if you're also already over VEDA, we won't be mad if you quit/skip a few days. We just want you to flourish :)]

  15. I was very inspired by you and many other beautiful women who cut there hair right after I began the locing process in my hair. I was obviously also inspired by those with locs; specifically thick one. I want to grow them very long but I also want to cut my hair and have this everyday effortless beautiful look you have. I made the decision to go for the cut after years of growing the locs but from time to time I feel the urge to cut.

    So imagine my surprise when I hear you say you are over having short hair. ??? But I want the short hair!! And the long hair at the same time. It make perfect sense though. You've had it for a while and you feel for a change. But just so you know you look just as beautiful and you inspire me just as much as when you first cut your hair. I don't expect you to no longer be over your short hair but I hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I love your short hair! I was thinking of cutting mine, too!

    I tried Hairfinity. I took it for about 2 to 3 weeks and had to stop. It broke my skin out terribly. I had acne on my face and chest. My hair grew though, so that was a plus. After a few weeks of drinking water and cranberry juice it went away.

  17. Hmmm I considered taking MSM but now I'm going to skip that.. Lmao I mean I'm bae-less so it's not like I'd be worrying about pregnancy scares or anything but that's just a situation I'm going to avoid. You should do a menstrual cup video! Btw, simply because I'm considering buying one lol

  18. Thanks for sharing about how these supplements affect your cycle and such. I haven't heard other people mention that part as much. Your VEDAs are great btw!

  19. whaaat! i love your short hair tho! i'm so close to losing my mind transitioning right now lol and want it short like yours!

  20. Your beautiful with short hair and so funny๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ. Your adorable, thanks for the information. I just started my msm journey. Hope I don't turn out looking like a yeti. Lol.

  21. I was on MSM for three months. No PERIOD for 3 months! I stayed on for that long with the hopes of my body regulating itself eventually but no. I got scared of ending up with Osteoporosis and got off. Weird!

  22. I think I've been taking them for about a month and suddenly my cycle is a whole 3 wks early and lasting more than 3 days.

  23. Hallease, one must consume plenty of water when taking those types of supplements, especially MSM. I mean carry a bottle around with you if necessary, and drink away. That MIGHT be the reason for the offness you've been talking about. Have you been drinking plenty of water?

  24. Hallease, one must consume plenty of water when taking those types of supplements, especially MSM. I mean carry a bottle around with you if necessary, and drink away. That MIGHT be the reason for the offness you've been talking about. Have you been drinking plenty of water? Also, my research suggests and recommends taking, say, MSM, with VITAMIN C.

  25. Im using this Solgar supplement for hair skin and nails and it has msn…. My period is late and im freaking out. I hope its cuz of the msn

  26. This young women cuts to the chase. She is informative articulate, concise, and doesn't smack her lips when she speaks (which is common and immensely irritating). Most young ppl annoy the heck out of me. This young woman is EXCEPTIONALLY BRIGHT. I'll watch her videos any day of the week..

  27. Okay I'm all in to try MSM. As a younger woman my body did not respond well to Biotin..The MSM wld serve a dual purpose; grow my thinning hair and relieve joint pain. So when are you going to do another video? You're so good at this !!!! Really. Take my word for it. You are a natural born communicator. Okay, I'm done.

  28. Chiiiile Iโ€™ve been taking MSM for two weeks…..I need to KNOW when my cycle is coming mkaaay??? THIS๐Ÿ˜ฉ why are you the ONLY one that mentions this?! Thanks sis….THANK U!!

  29. Just take the MSM and not take it with the biotin. Another suggestion is take them at different times of day. I understand the MSM contributions to hair growth so you probably don't need the biotin. Also, since MSM is the 3rd largest substance in the body, I've heard of no side affects if you take it in it's pure form without added fillers. Biotin, on the other hand, I understand can and does have side effects especially if taken in large doses. Something to consider. You might be overdosing. Just a thought.

  30. I started taking Biotin and Turmeric about a 5 weeks ago. This months cycle has been 15 days and counting. I want strong hair and nails, and clear skin… but not if I have to deal with these kinds of side effects.

  31. Pure MSM are yellow flakes all the rest are watered down versions and contain other undesirable substances not always as good for you.

  32. Itโ€™s the MSM that messed up your cycle, not the biotin, and thanks for sharing your information.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Thank you for making this video! I have been taking MSM for a week now. My cycle was due but hasn't come yet and I've been wondering why!

  34. I can tell you that biotin takes a good 6 month to see results you have to start with a very low dosage and after 6-weeks increase, I started with 500 mg after 6 months I increased to 1000 now four years later I'm taken 10,000 mg I don't know how to show my picture here wish I could, the hair and skin that I have now is outstanding you'd never believe my age. just started the MSM 2 weeks ago so I can speak on that yet but my eyelashes have never been so thick. I love you humor.

  35. I like your short hair, your video too…but get a wig, or extensions while you wait….It will take some of the stress/ anxiety off….๐Ÿ˜ถ

  36. I honestly had no idea of this combo. I was already originally on biotin for a year now n just started taking MSM for exactly what it says on the bottle; joint and muscle health. Had no idea MSM does more than just that.

  37. I've been taking MSM 2 months now & my periods is 3wks late. Took 3 pregnancy tests. All negative! Went to the doctor who sent me to do a million & one tests! Wtf!
    Sidenote…. My hair is growing like crazy. #happyandsad ๐Ÿ˜•

  38. I will start msm soon for other health reasons (I didn't know it helps hair growth) currently taking only magnesium and lysine, I will report if adding msm messes up my menstrual cycle

  39. Yes..I love your short hair! You have a unique, articulate and artistic vibe.. but you will still have that with longer hair ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice job on the vid

  40. I was taking biotin and L lysine for 2 weeks and my period is late! Went to the doctor took blood tests all negative not pregnant

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