Muji Hanging Travel Case Review | Organized Travel Toiletry Bag & Dopp Kit | Mesh, Nylon, Polyester

Muji Hanging Travel Case Review | Organized Travel Toiletry Bag & Dopp Kit | Mesh, Nylon, Polyester

Hey I’m Tom, the founder of Pack Hacker.
And in this video we’re going to be taking a look at the MUJI Hanging Travel Case.
And here at Pack Hacker we’re a team of frequent to full-time travelers, and we
share our travel tips and tricks as well as do gear reviews just like this one. So
if you’re new here consider subscribing. So let’s jump into this hanging travel
case. It’s very cleverly designed and featured in a lot of museums’ design
stores around New York City. Let’s check it out. [upbeat music playing] Wait. Do you call it a toiletry bag or a
Dopp kit? Let me know in the comments and maybe you can help us settle the
ever growing debate here at Pack Hacker. If you’re not familiar with MUJI they
are a Japanese company that specialize in a lot of little minimalistic trinkets.
I feel like everything they have is kind of, you know, created and then like
downsized to become a lot cleaner. And although MUJI is a Japanese company, this travel case is actually made in Cambodia; so just note that. MUJI is an abbreviated
Japanese word that translates to “no-brand quality goods” and that’s
definitely reflected in all their designs. It’s very clean and you won’t
really see any logos on anything, this travel case included. And if you are
familiar with MUJI as a brand, it’s likely that you’ve gotten lost in one of
their stores exploring and looking at everything that they’ve invented.
Aesthetically this travel case has some really clean and minimal design and it
looks kind of small, but don’t let that fool you. The way that they’ve kind of
designed the interior of this thing, really helps you hold a lot of stuff.
Overall we feel it’s a slick looking case. It’s going to look good at any hotel, hostel
or Airbnb that you end up staying at. And the outside is going be some polyester;
then on the inside we do have some nylon lining. Now MUJI did used to make this in
a nylon version, exclusively nylon on the outside as well, but they’ve appeared to
phase that out. We think the polyester kind of provides a more polished look.
And inside we’ve got some mesh of different grades – some thinner and some
thicker, and we’ll get into the benefits of that in a minute. So on the outside we do have this
massive zipper here that kind of goes around the entirety of the case, and
that’s going to allow you to really open it up. We have this handle at the top, kind
of no frills – there’s no padding on it. I don’t really think you need it because
this thing isn’t going to get that heavy, but it’s a convenient thing to have. Then
you’ve also got this pocket in the back here which is going to be good for holding
you know, flatter items; so if you have any prescription info, maybe you have
your immunization forms as you’re traveling. I’ve got a sleeping mask in
here and some earplugs, because you should really just put ear plugs in
every bag that you have – a little bit of a ‘pro tip’ because then you’ll never be
without them and you can snooze wherever. It doesn’t matter how loud it is. Then
again when you do take a look at this thing as a whole it does appear to be a
little bit small, but when you do open it up it turns out to be a pretty
impressive kit. Maybe it’s the way MUJI has placed these pockets, or maybe it’s
the way they’ve designed them and kind of like created this really great use of
space. But we found that you can actually fit a ton inside of this thing and
they’ll really hold anything you need from a personal care perspective while
you’re traveling. Quick reminder: the TSA and travel approved liquid size is three
ounces, or 100 milliliters. So we do have some Go Tubes here and they’re right
around that size, so as long as you have these you’re going to be fine going through
security. And it’s really great that there’s also the amount stamped right on
there. So if there’s any overzealous TSA people you can just point to that three
ounces and be like “I’m good to go. Look at me!” Alright, so getting into a little
bit more detail with a bag tour. At the top of this thing you’re going to see
that there is this kind of hideable hook going on, so you can pull that out
at any time. This hook won’t fit on everything. It’s not going to like kind
of hang on a flat surface, but it will fit around like a towel bar or some
doorknobs and some hooks. But if you’re hoping to just kind of hang it on a
counter it’s definitely gonna slip off, especially if you have heavier things at
the bottom here. It does store away really nicely inside though, and we found
that it doesn’t really jostle around so it does stay in that pocket when you do
want to keep it hidden. This top pocket here is made of a looser weaved mesh, and
inside you’re going to have five different elastic holsters. So three over here on
your right – those are going to be smaller for smaller items. Then we have two that
are a little bit larger on the left. So we have some travel toothpaste here,
maybe a travel toothbrush, nail clipper, tweezers and a little mini cute Japanese
toothpaste. How cute is that? Love it! Moving down here we have a more discreet
pocket that’s about two and a half inches in height. You can store more
discreet items in there – anything that you don’t necessarily want to be out in
the open as you do have this thing hanging up. We’ve also found that it’s a
good place for like some extra cash or something like that if you do have that
laying around, and you do just want to kind of like stow it in somewhere. Keep
it separate from the rest of your bag; this is a great pocket for that. Also
have these little mini razors. ‘Pro tip’ – these are the Schick ST2’s,
and I went ahead and just kind of busted the head off of this razor. Then you can
kind of travel with them a lot smaller and just kind of like use it on your
face like that; just hold by this little tab here. So saving you some space, saving you some ounces. That’s what it’s all about when you’re trying to travel light. And then
moving on to this bottom compartment here – this is kind of what it’s all about.
Again we’ve got about four elastic holsters here. We’ve got two smaller ones on the sides and then two larger ones in the middle. And then inside here we do
have some room for some other free-floating items. So again we’ve got
these Go Tubes going on here. This is actually a travel toothbrush up here
that’s actually pretty horrible. Definitely don’t get it. Not everything
we put on this channel we test and review, but I wanted to put it in there
to kind of talk about this size. So this is six and a half inches long and you
can see here that it fits in there seemingly nicely; it’s about maxed
out right. So it’s maxed out. And you could like kind of stick this in
sideways if you wanted to, but that sort of defeats the purpose of the
organization. So just note that if you do have kind of longer items that you’re
trying to travel with, it may be a little bit harder to do that with this case. And
again, six and a half inches long vertical – it’s about maxed when you do zip
it down. And then lastly we do have this thinner grade mesh pocket here. Again
it’s great because it’s kind of clear and you can see through it, but it’s
going to work well for smaller items right? So got some pills in here, and I’ve just
shoved like a little microfiber towel in here. The difference between these two
mesh pockets, right, if you’re traveling with say like some earrings or some
small studs – those are going to fall out of this top pocket. But in this kind of
smaller mesh pocket below you can fit a lot of smaller items in there and feel,
you know, better about the security. Better that they’re not gonna fall
through that kind of more loose weave of mesh. [upbeat music playing] One of our contributors, Tynan, took
this for a three week spin across Southeast Asia.
He used it every day, kind of collected his notes and he wrote the full review
over at So if you want to like get more detail on this, be sure to
go check that out. A couple notes on the materials. You won’t see any YKK
water-resistant materials going on, and you definitely won’t see any 1000D
Cordura on this thing, any super-strong nylon. But we feel that it
holds up for most travelers. And in the event that something does go wrong and
you’re on kind of more of an extended trip, it’s not going to be as punishing
as if say a zipper breaks on your backpack; which is a lot bigger of a deal,
especially on that main clamshell. But you know if something were to go wrong
with this thing, it would be a little bit more minor and kind of easy to manage.
Not to say that anything will, but we’ve just noticed that it’s not made with
kind of durable materials like some other stuff is made out of. But overall
the design, and the consideration, and the amount of stuff that you’re able to fit
in there – we definitely recommend this. Oh and
MUJI even mentions on their site “don’t put perfume, nail polish remover or
anything that contains alcohol in this product”. We’re not exactly sure why, but
we assume that some of the materials that are used would likely degrade a
little bit quicker over time if those products are used inside. If you are
going to use them, just don’t spill them. If you are looking for a more durable
solution to your toiletry bag or Dopp kit, be sure to take a look at our Goruck
Field Pocket reviews. We also have a couple more of these from different
brands coming out soon, both on the channel and at So to wrap up, hopping into the pros of this thing. Between the pocket for the hanging hook
when not in use, to all the pocket consideration and all the design going
on, it’s very smartly laid out and it’s
very slick to use. And again this thing is small and compact, but it actually
holds a lot due to that organization. So you’re going to be able to easily, quickly
grab whatever you need out of this thing because of that high level of
organization. And also the hanging function of this travel case works
really well in space-constrained bathrooms. So if you don’t have a lot of
counter space just hang it up on a towel rack or somewhere else, and it’s going to be super easy to get to and get to what you need. So for some of the cons of this
thing – larger items and longer items won’t necessarily fit into this thing
that easily. And again you can kind of put it in there sideways and gain a
couple more inches, but that sort of defeats the purpose of the nylon holster
design. If we are looking for some other cons – again that durability we feel like,
you know, isn’t quite there. We’re not exactly sure how long this will last;
worked flawlessly on a three-week trip. You know if you’re traveling perpetually
for a year, that might be a little bit of a different use case for you. Thanks for
taking a look at the MUJI Hanging Travel Case review. We hope this review
was helpful for you and making your decision. And if you’re still here I’m
guessing that you’re into travel gear. So be sure to head over to and sign up for our kind of infrequent newsletter that
we send once in awhile, and never miss an update as to what we’re up to.
Thanks for taking a look; we’ll see you in the next video. Components and features,
components and features. My girlfriend’s sleeping right now over there in the corner. Shhhh Tynan took, Tynan took this, Tynan one
of our contributors, Tynan. Having trouble, having trouble with that one. [upbeat music playing]


  1. Do you call it a "toiletry bag" or a "dopp kit"? Something else? Let me know in the comments below!

    I usually just go with "dopp kit" – it's the easiest to day and my mouth gets lazy after speaking in all these Pack Hacker videos … 😉

  2. To me a toiletry bag has everything I would potentially use if I used the toilet, including wipes or toilet paper. A dopp kit is more of a cosmetics or grooming kit. Look at it this way, a dopp kit is for your areas of your body which will be publicly exposed. A toiletry bag includes extra items for your "private parts".

  3. I call it a toiletry bag, and I actually bought this while in Japan this summer. Cost me under $10US on sale. I'm one of those who believe that you don't always have to drop a lot of money to get quality items and didn't see why I should spend $50-100 on a toiletry bag after I found this one. I believe they called it a travel case or something like that. BTW, you're right, the store I was walking through was in Fukuoka (Canal City location) totally sucked me in and I got lost for a couple of hours in there hahah. They even had a full sized Muji HOUSE built INSIDE the store for you to tour … those were reasonably priced as well haha 🙂

  4. Thanks for this video, Tom! I was actually looking at this when I was a t the Muji store. One question regarding "One Bag Traveling": As TSA is pretty strict about liquids I wasn't sure if you could actually use a dopp kit like this. As far as I know the bottles are limited but also the container in which those bottles are stored. In Germany all liquid bottles need to be stored inside a 1L ziplock bag. Doesn't TSA stop you as a DOPP Kit will definitely accomodate more bottles than a ziplock bag?

  5. Such a big fan!!!! I love your reviews, I'm passionate about backpacks, can't really explain why, but glad that i found your channel, telling everyone i know! Thanks for the Good job! 😊

  6. Nice video, I got one of these about 6 months ago will do a review as well I think. I really like Muji in general and all their organizational gear!

  7. Dopp kit is a term particularly in use in the US for toiletry bags. The name derives from the early 20th century leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, whose company designed the case in 1926.
    Toiletry bag – Wikipedia

  8. this vid and Tynan’s written review convinced me to buy this, and i love it! thank you for being a great resource~

    tip for using this on flights: a 3-1-1 compliant pouch/baggie can fit neatly in the large open pocket if you‘d prefer to not use the elastic holsters until you get to your destination. muji’s TPU Clear Case (which i‘ve owned) fits perfectly!

  9. I am not a fan of toiletry bag as i always pack my cosmetics and toiletry items in very small containers and put it in 1 plastic pouch, perhaps because i normally travelling only for 2 weeks max. But this review about the design of Muji's toiletry bag made me thinking to go to Muji and take a look of it by myself, LOL. Indonesian flights carry-on weight limit is only 7 kg, and they became more strict about it lately, that's why i usually used plastic pouch.

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