We have realized that many people have been watching our program Rasaytara. Today we are preparing a delicious and healthy dish, my mother named it as horse gram – mashed and stewed. Pour a cup of water to this pot and turn on the gas. We will begin the next procedure once the water starts to boil. As I have told you before, this stone-pot, if it heats up suddenly it might crack. Hence, we should simmer and boil the water. You can slowly increase the flame when the other ingredients are added, else the pot might crack. Stone -pot is not something that is easily available, hence take care while using it. How do we prepare this, mother? Roast about 200grams sundried horse gram, (remove the impurities from it), till it is golden brown. Then add about 3 or 4 cups of water ad pressure cook it (for about 4-5 whistles). It should be boiled and mashed, right? Yes, cook it to a mashable consistency. It should be properly cooked and in breaking form. The more it is cooked the more delicious it would be. Some coconut oil and 2 red chillies are also added while pressure-cooking the horse gram. Later 2 fried red chillies, coconut, cumin and the cooked hose gram are ground together to form a smooth paste. This batter is added to the water in the stone-pot. Then we should boil it right? Yes, boil it and later season it with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Add some raw coconut oil as well. So, this the consistency of the ground paste. . Here we have 200 grams horse gram which is roasted and cooked well.2 red chillies are also added while cooking. Some cumin seeds and coconut oil are also added while cooking. Once it is cooked well, grind it into a smooth paste. How much coconut is added mother? About a cup of grated coconut. This is the smooth paste of about 1 cup grated coconut and the cooked horse gram. The water is now boiling in the stone-pot. Let us add this paste to the stone pot. Remember that we have already added a cup of water to this pot. Look here. This is the required consistency. It has this much water content. Now we shall increase the flame, right? Yes, slightly increase. Now let us add some salt. We have added one spoonful of salt. If you feel it is insufficient, you can add some more salt. Now allow it to boil well. Yes, let it boil. Meanwhile we will prepare the seasoning with the mustard seeds. When do we add the curry leaves? Don’t we add fresh curry leaves? Yes, we do. We can add fresh curry leaves when it begins to boil. When it begins to boil you can add about 3 or 4 sprigs of fresh curry leaves. Hope everyone knows what a sprig of curry leaves means. Add them like that only to the curry. So, we shall add them right, mother? Yes. This began to boil. Let us add the leaves now. This fresh curry leaves lends a distinct aroma to this curry. My mother has the habit of adding fresh curry leaves before seasoning. Now what should we add mother? Raw coconut oil. How much? About 1 spoonsful. Let us add about 1 spoonsful of raw coconut oil to this. Pour this oil before the final seasoning. Look here. As it is boiling, stir it well. Else it might form lumps which will then settle at the bottom and may get burnt. So, stir it well. We have already discussed about the features of a stone pot. It will take a while for the pot to heat up. But once it is hot, cooking becomes faster. See here, it is now boiling. Let us now turn off the gas. As I told you before, the curry will continue to get cooked in the stone pot. Now let us prepare the mustard seasoning. Pour some oil to the tempering pan. Turn on the stove and add some mustard seeds to it. Take the required amount of mustard seeds based on the quantity of the curry. Say about 1 or 1.5 spoonsful of mustard seeds. As is the case while preparing the seasoning, when the mustard seeds begin to splutter add some curry leaves. We can add a cut red chili also. You can see that the curry is still boiling. Let us pour the seasoning to this. Stir and mix well. This is the mashed and stewed horse gram. It has to get the ‘patrapakam’ (or hot pot consistency). I have told you in an earlier episode that it is my mother’s language-this ‘paatrapakam’ or the pot consistency. I have heard this word from my mother. It is better to use the curry after about 10-15 minutes, let the curry remain in the pot for some time, letting all the ingredients blend well. Be careful while lifting this stone-pot. Certain food items, at certain times, should be avoided by certain people. In Ayurveda we call it as ‘pathyam’ (diet constraints). You should consume only certain food items while on medication. One needs to avoid certain food items during some ailments. What are the qualities horse gram, mother? Horse gram has several health benefits. But people who are suffering from ailments like urinary stone, pregnant women etc are asked to avoid horse gram. But at the same time horse gram is used as a medicine, right? Yes, it is used in fertility treatment in women, to regularise menstruation etc. Women suffering from irregular periods are given a decoction made with raw horse gram and some herbs. I know about that. But that is given as a medicine, right? Yes. But even when you are consuming it as food, you are asked to avoid it at certain times. So, it is better to avoid horse gram if you are suffering from certain illness such as urinary stone. . It is better to avoid horse gram during the summer season, as it is known to generate heat. But it is ideal to eat in monsoon. It is cold in the monsoon and horse gram is an excellent food that can warm the body. This is a pulse ideally suited for the rainy season. In the olden times it was cultivated during the winter. They avoided eating this in summer. It is stored to be used in the monsoon. That is what they did in the olden times. 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