I was like it’s all over for me now, and my life’s finished now. Because all my friends had their first periods by 6th or 7th standard. By the time my periods started in 9th standard, I was pretty experienced and I knew what was to be done. I woke up one morning, and went to the washroom and felt something disgusting, so much so that I started crying. I cried alot in front of my mother as I was not able to understand what was happening. I was the last one in my class to have periods, and I had already told all my friends that even my periods have started. In winters, I used to tie two sweaters, one on the front and one behind when I went out to play. I wasn’t able to control my tears because I was not able to understand what was happening with me. My mother sat with me and gave me that “Talk” – that now you are a grown up, and have become a woman, and all. I had no idea what it was, why was it happening and how to handle this. I used to try the things shown in the ads for sanitary napkins. I was not at all prepared, and I didn’t know what will happen. Even the dog is having periods and you still don’t have them. The shopkeeper wrapped it properly in newspaper, so that no one could see what’s inside, and wrapped it again in a black polythene. It gets really embarrassing when the shopkeeper asks for the brand and stuff. Wrapping it properly in some cloth bag, or newspaper, or a polythene. It is possible that there were some restrictions earlier on women, that has led to it being a taboo even now. Don’t go near the pickle, it will go bad. It is not allowed to go in the kitchen. Don’t touch the flowers. Don’t sit in the puja.


  1. ye kyaa baat he ki uss ladaki ko kuchh touch karne se bhi mana krte he hindoo dhrm me sale sabse bekar log he hindoo…shme shme

  2. periods ko celebrate?
    kuch bhi
    kal ko ladke demand krenge kuch faltu ka
    ye celebrate WO celebrate…😟

  3. ary… when… i was small.
    then… bagal ki.. ak didi..nae…ak paper..par… likh kar diya tha.. about pads…. n kharid k la k diye the … πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚

  4. Which area is this? how do you find people to ask naughty questions? are these are scripted? from which colleges did you get these kind of actors for videos?

  5. It is because of people like you that women feel insecure about what comes naturally to ALL women on the planet. Why do you have to overdo everything?! Is it too ridiculous that you have to make a video on women's bodies?

  6. totally agree with's just a natural process…people will act as if u have done a big don't touch me and blah blah people sat when you are in ur periods….instead of making us happy during over periods they make us more frustrated…and ya it's a very big taboo…

  7. I am more than 14 and a half yrs old and I still don't have my periods. In the last one who still doesn't get them in my batch. So if I get my periods one day, I will be the happiest person in the world

  8. i also like to share something people say its embarrassing its part of life this video has given me strength to speak out.this is the time when i was in 19 years old ate some bad food and got diarrhoea it was very messy everywhere fluid was coming out like lava vomit everywhere i remeber the day shit like 20 times man that was a bad day…thnx for this video

  9. I was in school & i asked my friend & just tld her kuch red aur undrwear weat hu ha so she tld mam & my mam gave me like sanitary pad & i was just tearing tht thn i again ask my friend how to wear it she just tld me the instruction thn mam tld to go home & i was vvv excited tht u gt my periods & it was not paning me & still ot doesnt & i was giving my history exam i had to write a last word & i gt it mam tld to go home but i did nt wanted to i wanted to stay in school & whn evr periods cum it cums in school or collages only why!!! I wish this period men ko ho na chaya tha i wish it culd be

  10. It's nothing to hide Indians are smart they must grow up and we are human beings first ever body has every right to enjoy nothing wrong to have periods ….

  11. 13:17 this girl is so wise looking and beautiful..

    so much tremendous eyes, and a mesmerizing look..

    a kind of childish-elderly look

  12. When I had my first period I was like I'm just crying and at that time I don't know what's happening with me

  13. Yeh kya trend hai,ye sab feministo ko periods ko itna advertise krne se kya milta hai…..just stop making it gross….we know the problems u face but stop overdoing things……now what if I share about my first nightfall or my first ejaculation……

  14. Why do pad is packed in bag and rapped in newspaper it's just a period this is why America is ahead of us as they don't believe in such shit

  15. In my home period were very much normal n even my father sometimes jokes about it ( he is an amateur comedian)
    N lucky i had no restriction for me other then the hygiene issue

  16. We girls are awesome we endure a lot of pain and discomfort but we must never adjust with the restrictions put on us.
    GIRLS plz stay strong and make the world abetter place to live in

  17. thanks for such type of videos….
    because it is really helpful in my periods time to relive from pain..
    mentally it helps me a lot….like its ohkk ,every girl face it .

  18. 24:0-28:0…..
    I also think soooo.
    and soo much embarrassed even I don"t tell these things to mumma and suddenly start crying because of so much stomach pain then mumma knows that I have my first period..
    but really that was sooo terrible time for me..I used to say..
    PLZ BHAGWAN JI,, ab kbhi mat aaye but this time I laugh on my own commitment…..but nothing were changed same pain same problem…..only difference is that we get mature so take it as……
    itsss ohkk what we can do??

  19. nice vidoπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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