My first period of 3 generation women and girl

My first period of 3 generation women and girl

In that time, I don’t remember the year,
but my first period was at 12 years old. My first period was around 1995 or 1996. My first period was around 1970, maybe at 17 or 18. Maybe at the age of 13 or 14. I felt surprised at my first period. I was scared because I didn’t know
what health problem it was with such a flow of blood. Scared and cried because it was strange
as I’ve never experienced such bleeding. At that time I wasn’t scared because I had got the
information of menstruation from my mother and sister before. I’d never got such information from my mother or relatives.
I didn’t know at all. At that time, I was young and didn’t know much of that. Then I approached my mom and told her I menstruated. So scared, and I approached no one but my mom. I hid it from others and kept myself worried. The first experience for myself, and I hurt inside
my body and had cramps, so moody. I locked myself in my bedroom and didn’t
dare to tell my mom or any relative. She told me that a period is a natural occurrence
all women experience when they reach puberty. My mom gave me sanitary pads and guided me how to use them. She advised me to use pads.
At that time, pad were available already. At that time, sanitary pads or stuff like that
wasn’t available yet, we just used pieces of rag. She explained how to do personal hygiene
and advised me not to be worried. Along with this, she bought nutritious foods and
fruit to supply more vitamins for my health during period. After my period, I told my sister. She asked me
not to worry as it was normal for every woman. To me, I encourage all mothers and sisters to provide such
information to their younger relatives to help them ready for that. People, especially women, should realize that
period are normal and natural occurrence. So that they are not scared as my generation experienced. It’s nothing to be shy to talk about
and to give information about. We should explain them how to use sanitary pads
and especially advise them not to be afraid of discussing it.

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