My FIRST Trip PREGNANT! (WORST Pregnancy 24 Hour Challenge in Hawaii) | Rebecca Zamolo

– What was that? There it is again, hey. Someone’s ringing
– Who is that? – our doorbell. – [Rebecca] What? – [Matt] Someone’s ringing the doorbell. Okay, go. – Whoa. What? Are you expecting anyone Matt?
– No. Not at all. – [Matt] Anybody there? – [Rebecca] No. – [Matt] What is it? – Nobody’s here.
– It’s a package? – Okay.
– A box. – All right. Who is it if it’s not the Game Master? – [Matt] I don’t know. – It says GMI. Matt, it’s from Game Master Incorporated. It says congrats on signing the contract. Have fun on this trip and what will be a fun video idea for the next 24 hours. Matt, Matt! The GMI got us tickets to Hawaii. – Wait, what?
– I’m not even joking. – What?
– Look. – Rebecca?
– What? – This boards in like an hour and a half. – We gotta, we gotta get packed. – We’re leaving today? – They sent this though. They said for a 24 hour challenge– – [Matt] What is that? – Matt, this is a pregnancy belly. Looks like there’s two. Oh my gosh. It’s like different sizes. I just saw Chloe Couture and
Lizzy Sharer do this challenge. Pregnant for 24 hours. Hold on, hold on. Matt, it says we know you
might need the practice. – [Matt] Wait, how do they know? – Matt, okay. Stop, stop. – [Matt] Okay. – So Zam Fam, it looks like I’m about to spend 24 hours pregnant
and we’re traveling to Hawaii. We need to get packed. – [Matt] Let’s go pack. – [Rebecca] Okay. – [Matt] Beck? How’s it goin’ over here?
– What? Okay. It’s going good.
– You haven’t changed yet. We gotta go. – Okay. Okay, okay. I’ll get changed.
– Okay. – Quick change. Okay. – [Matt] All right, we’re all packed up. – Zam Fam what do you
think? Does this look real? – [Matt] It looks ridiculous Rebecca. – Okay, I look really tan. – [Matt] What is that? What is that? – Oh, it’s, oh it sticks. – [Matt] Oh!
– Matt, set the camera down. I need help being pregnant. – [Matt] Okay, there’s a strap there. – How do you wear pants
when you’re pregnant. – There you go. – You guys, this is mt future right here. – [Matt] Rebecca. – I mean, I mean for
the next 24 hours, okay? – [Matt] You are almost at term right now. All right, to the airport. ♪ 24 hours with a baby in my belly ♪ ♪ Uh ♪ ♪ I’m pregnant ♪ ♪ Uh ♪ ♪ Uh ♪ ♪ I’m pregnant and now I’m gonna travel ♪ – Okay, so we’re in the Uber right now. – We packed up a bunch of stuff
but we didn’t even ask why. Why are we goin’ on this vacation? – I mean, I guess they
are sending us on this. I don’t know. Oh my gosh, we need to call Daniel. – Oh. – Daniel’s gonna think we’re in LA. Okay. Hello, Daniel? – [Daniel] Hey Rebecca. – Hey. Matt and I just got a message from the GMI and they’re sending us to Hawaii. – [Daniel] Whoa, that’s amazing. I’m heading there too. – Wait, you’re going to Hawaii too? – [Daniel] Yes, I’m flying out
of Burbank Airport right now. – Burbank? No, yeah. We’re flying from LAX. – [Daniel] Awesome. – Wow, so the GMI sent you also? Okay well, then I guess
we’ll just see you there. – [Daniel] Sounds good. – Okay, bye. The GMI’s sending Daniel too. He signed the contract too.
That must be part of it. That’s perfect. I should call Rocky. We haven’t really heard from him. We only got that one text message from him but let me try to call him. It’s straight to voicemail. That’s weird. Matt, I just realized Daniel
does not know that I have this pregnancy belly right
now so we can prank him. – He’s not gonna believe
that, you’re way too big. – Okay, that’s true but the GMI gave me two pregnancy bellies. One was like a first
term one so I can wear the other one when we see
him and we can prank him. Zam Fam smash the thumbs
up button right now if you think that it’s going
to be fun to prank Daniel. Also I wanna challenge
you guys to subscribe, turn on notifications and give the video a thumbs up in five,
four, three, two, one. If you did it in that time I want you to comment below mom is pregnant. This is gonna be so funny
to see Daniel’s reaction. I’m packed. I guess I’m gonna
try to carry all this luggage ’cause I’m pregnant you know? – [Matt] Wrong way. Wrong way.
– This way? Okay, so we made it on. So far so good. Everyone thinks I’m really pregnant. I have to use the restroom again. – This is the third time. – I know. I think this pregnancy belly
makes me have to go more. Whoa! Oh my God.
– We’ll be landing very shortly. Please– – Being pregnant and flying is not easy. She’s kicking. – [Matt] You mean he? – No, I mean she. – [Matt] I just realized
this is our baby moon. – This little girl is gonna be so excited that she went to Hawaii.
– Boy. ♪ If she a baby mama ♪ ♪ You know it ♪ ♪ She gonna do that baby mama ♪ ♪ Work ♪ ♪ She gonna put it on you ♪ ♪ Uh huh ♪ – [Matt] All right babe. – Okay. I got this. – [Matt] You got it. Lift with your legs Beck. – The belly gets in the way. Easy. I used the baby.
– Lucky we got a lot more. – Got it. – [Matt] Oh, almost there. – I got it. – [Matt] Oh, pregnant goals. – Yeah. So we’re in Hawaii. We got these tickets but we just realized we do not have a hotel and we have no transportation there so, I think we need to get a rental car or something Matt.
– Yeah. Let’s go get on the shuttle. So why don’t you grab that.
I’ll grab this bag okay? – Okay. P.S. the pregnancy belly
is like falling off and people keep staring at me. I got this. You know, eight months pregnant. I’ll do this. You just carry the camera. – All right guys, comment down below if you think that we should
have a boy or a girl. Also, what would be the best name for our kid too?
– A girl and comment girl name. Smash the thumbs up if we should
have a kid soon of our own. Just kidding. 24 hours pregnant. There’s a tram but the
lady just told me that it’s a beautiful day and we should
do an eight minute walk so, you know, I’ll just keep pushing
the bags for eight minutes. No big deal. – [Matt] Just a little
bit further up hill Beck. You’re doing good. – People hate you right now Matt. – [Matt] I know. Doin’ good Beck. Almost there. – You sure you can’t
help with any of these? – [Matt] The experience so far Beck? – I’m just ready to get to the hotel and show my baby bump off to the world. – All right, so we are at
a car rental right now. We’re trying to figure out where we should go and what we
should rent right now. – We have to find a hotel too Matt. – Okay, let’s go talk to somebody. – Hey, are you Matt and Rebecca?
We’ve been expecting you. Follow me to the car. – Okay. – [Matt] Okay. – Matt? Let’s– – And we got the Expedition
MAX pulled up for you. – [Matt] What? – So go head and just show your paperwork to the exit group when you’re ready. – We don’t have paperwork. – This one. – Matt, we just got a rental car. – [Matt] That’s amazing.
– What if this is a trap? I do not wanna spend 24 hours
pregnant trapped in a car. – [Matt] I mean, it looks like
somebody set this up guys. – You think the GMI set this up? – [Matt] Potentially. It’s
a nice car too, look at it. – Why wouldn’t they have told us? – [Matt] Wait, hold on, hold on. What? It says Matt and Rebecca. – Is that the same font
that the letter was in Matt? – [Matt] I think so. – Zam Fam let me know if you think the GMI set this up for us. Obviously they gave us plane flights so I guess it makes sense
that they got us a car. I wonder if they got us a hotel too. Where do we go now? – I have no idea. Let’s just get in the
car and figure it out. – Being pregnant and not knowing where I’m staying is like
my biggest nightmare. – All right guys, we just got in the car. You have to see this. There’s already somethin’
like programmed in. – [Rebecca] It says a hotel. This might be where we’re going. All we have to do is hit start, right? – [Matt] Should we do it? – I don’t know. Okay Zam Fam, comment below
if you think we should do it. I think the GMI set this whole thing up. This has to be it, let’s try it. Three, two, one.
– Two, one. – So, the hotel has our bags up at the front desk because we
do not have a hotel room yet. I’m all changed. I’m ready to get some food. So pregnant women are not supposed to have raw fish so I think what we’re gonna do is go to a fish market and I’m gonna order as
much raw food as I can and just see the looks I get ’cause I’m pregnant for way too long. This mama, baby mama. Guy, when I’m pregnant
I’ma do moves like this. – [Matt] No. – Comment Rebecca is a
crazy pregnant woman. Also you guys, Daniel is
gonna be here very soon, probably by the time
we get back from eating and we are gonna prank him and tell him that tell him that I’m really pregnant. What do you think Daniel’s
reaction is going to be? Comment below and we’ll find out soon. – [Matt] That’s pretty good. Good job.
– She’s gonna be a flipper. – [Matt] Yeah. She’s gonna know gymnastics. – Yeah, for sure. Go team! – [Matt] The Fish Market. – All right. Perfect for a pregnant woman. How am I supposed to get through? – [Matt] I didn’t do a good job parking. – No. What raw fish do you have? – What like cold? – Yeah. – So we only have the hotty. – The tuna? – [Cashier] Yeah, tuna. – Okay. It’s high in mercury though? – [Cashier] Yeah, it’s a
little high in mercury. – Okay, I’ll do that. That’s it. – You want this? – Yeah. I love raw fish. – [Cashier] Do you have our annual coupon? – I feel like I’m getting
dirty looks from people. – [Matt] Yes. – It’s so good though. This is my favorite. Mm. It’s really salty. Mm. It must be the mercury. Perfect for my little girl. – [Matt] Exactly. – Mm. Gotta get a workout in
after all that raw fish. I got a baby in my belly. Whew. Ah!
– What? ♪ Who’s that baby mama ♪ – Okay Zam Fam, so we
are back at the hotel and Daniel isn’t here
yet but I am getting hot because I am clearly pregnant. So I got my swimsuit on and I thought it’d be fun to go down on the water slides as a pregnant woman for
this 24 hour challenge. – [Matt] Daniel’s callin’. – Oh, oh, here. – Hey Daniel, where you at? – I don’t know I’m just like at this like, I’m in a hotel right now.
– Wait, Daniel? – Okay, so we’re up on the fourth–
– Daniel! – [Daniel and Matt] Oh hey. – Hey.
– Wrong way. – Hey.
– That’s funny. – Oh my gosh.
– That’s crazy. – Daniel!
– Hey. – This is great.
– This is awesome man. – I can’t believe we’re
here. This is crazy. – Hey, where are your bags? – I had to leave them at the front desk ’cause I didn’t have a room. – Oh, no we didn’t either. – Yeah. – Oh you don’t?
– No. – No.
– You guys don’t have a room? – No the GMI sent us here. We didn’t even think about it so I’ve just been changing
but I was thinking… – What?
– Oh. – Wait. – Oh, uh.
– Wait. Wait. – [Matt] Yeah. – You guys, how? – It is crazy.
– How did you hide it? – It’s so crazy right?
– I’ve been hiding it with Zam Fam merch. I’ve just been wearing the tee shirts. – What? – I know. – Congratulations, this is crazy! – [Matt] Thank you man. – What?
– Woo! – Crazy.
– How did you hide that? I don’t understand.
– I mean, I just wore tee shirts
– I know. – and like high waisted shorts. But– – Oh. – Yeah.
– Talk about a good time for the GMI to come back too.
– What? – I know. – You know what I mean?
– I know. – So now there’s no Game Master stuff. We can just have a baby. – Wait, I wanted
– I am just– – to show you something though. Can you, guess what? – What?
– Guess if it’s a boy or girl. – From how you’re, I mean they say that if it’s a boy it’s sitting up higher or lower.
– Yeah. – [Matt] Wait, what? – So–
– Wait, wait. – So it could be a boy.
– So it might be a boy? – Yeah.
– I don’t want a boy. – I don’t want a boy!
– Whoa! No! Wait. Wait a second. Okay, that’s not real. You wouldn’t have, okay. – No! I know this is weird but– – Why, what are you doing? – I, okay. The GMI when we got
our tickets to Hawaii– – Uh huh. – They gave me this so I thought maybe I had–
– The GMI have you a pregnancy belly?
– Like I had to do this challenge. They said it might be
good practice right, Matt? – [Matt] Exactly. – Why would they–
– Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t, hold on though. – [Matt] You okay? – Are you okay?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, no Matt, I’m
good. I’m good, I’m good. I’m just gonna use the
bathroom really set. Hold on. – She’s been kinda like a
little sick lately. I don’t– – Well no I–
– It’s mostly like in the morning but. – Morning sickness? – No, no, no, no, no.
– No, no, no, no? – Not yet, not yet.
– Oh, okay, okay. – [Matt] You okay, you okay?
– Mm hm. Yeah.
– Okay. – Yeah, it must’ve been
the raw fish I had. – Wait. – ‘Cause I was pregnant. I was just pranking people . – Man, that’s a, what a prank. – Well, I hope you’re ready because we’re about to on some water
slides with me pregnant. – Oh . – Yeah.
– Okay. – You’re gonna see some fun reactions. – That sounds good. – Yeah. Let’s do this you guys. Comment below what you
think people are gonna say with me as a pregnant woman
goin’ down a water slide. – I don’t think they’re
gonna say anything. I think they’re just gonna look horrified. – Honestly, that’s what’s
been happening pretty much the whole day today. Nobody has said one thing. – Yes.
– Everybody just looks horrified.
– People don’t wanna speak up. They’re just gonna be like, frozen face. – Yep.
– I wonder if this is how I’m gonna actually look when I’m pregnant. – [Matt] We’ll find out soon. – What?
– No. – What? – No, no, he’s joking.
– Oh. – Okay, come on though let’s go. – All right, let’s go. – So now we’re in the pool.
– All right. – This is the first time that Rebecca’s ever been in the pool, in water pregnant. – I’m so excited.
– See if this is gonna work. – I’m just wonderin’ if this
baby belly’s gonna float. Feels like a, like a baby belly. Whoa, it jiggles. I feel like this is warm up so I can go down the water slide. I just wanted to make
sure it would stay on. I’m pretty much gonna do everything a pregnant woman should not do. – The water slide. I don’t know if pregnant people are supposed to do but I’m gonna do it. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. – I’m gonna normal and then I
have to go down on my belly. I just can’t wait to see
the reactions of people. – [Daniel] Oh no. – I got my GoPro you guys so
you can experience it with me. – [Daniel] All right. – How do you know if
people are in the bottom? – [Daniel] Good luck, I guess. I can’t– – Okay, is it safe for me to go? – [Girl] You know what you’re doing? – I don’t know what I’m doing. Okay. – [Daniel] Is the baby okay? – Yeah.
– [Matt] It was a good like learning moment for the baby too. – Yep. I think I might slide down on the– – [Matt] On the stomach? – On the baby though.
– Yeah, that’s a great idea. – [Boy] I think he’ll get stronger. – Yeah. – [Matt] Yep, could get stronger. – Yep, the baby will get
stronger. You heard what he said. All right, I’m goin’ on my stomach now. – [Matt] Oh no. – I’m not sure if it’s clear down there. Last time it kinda wasn’t. Let’s do this. Baby. Oh no. Okay. I’m tryin’. You know, let me try and belly flop. – [Matt] Oh! – [Boy] Belly flop for days! – Yep! The baby did break the
fall, thank goodness. – [Matt] Whoa! – [Boy] Whoa, careful! – Okay Daniel I think
it’s, it’s time to change. – [Daniel] All right. – This baby needs to dry off. – [Daniel] Okay. – All right, let’s go.
– Let’s go. – All right Zam Fam. So, I am done swimming
as a pregnant woman. That was actually pretty hard. – Yeah. The reactions were crazy. – Yeah. – So I actually have to go downstairs to get my clothes from
the hotel front desk because we still don’t have a room. – Yeah, isn’t that so weird that we were brought here
– I know. – but we have no rooms? – Yeah.
– Our GPS brought here. That’s how we got here. – Oh.
– But– – Yeah, and Daniel have
you heard from Rocky? – You know, besides like
a random text message, I haven’t actually heard from him. Just that one text so, like I don’t even know if that was really him. – Do you think he signed a contract? – We tried called Rocky too after we found out you were
coming here to Hawaii. We didn’t hear from him at all.
– Really? – Yeah, I’m serious. So I am going to grab
my clothes downstairs right now ’cause I wanna change. – We’ll wait for you right over here. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – Rebecca, Beck? Beck? – Wait, wait.
– What? – Is that what I think it is?
– Come here, come here, come here. It’s another business card. – Where was that?
– What? – Right here.
– It was right here. – Who, did somebody leave this here? – Is this for us? – Look. Look what it says. You must escape first if
you want your room keys. You have one hour. Time starts now. – What? – So we came all the way
– What? – to Hawaii if we want a hotel room? We have to go. We need to figure this out. – Wait, escape what? Like escape this hotel? Like we’re locked in here? – I don’t know. Why would the GMI do this? I thought this was a vacation
for signing the contract. – Wait, hold on. If they’re playing like a game with us, could it be maybe like an escape room? Is there escape rooms
– Escape– – around here? – What?
– Oh! – I can look it up, hold on. – [Matt] I think there’s
one not that far from here. – Oh, Matt! We did one near here right? – [Matt] Yeah, it’s like
right down the corner. – It’s like, it’s within like walking distance.
– Yeah, you’re right. It is, you’re right. – Okay, so if we go
– It’s right here. – there that’s where our hotel keys are. – Okay.
– Right? Why is the GMI doing this though? – I don’t know.
– Oh. – I have no idea what’s going on. – Okay, so Zam Fam I’m
gonna go get changed. You guys get changed and we need to meet back here as soon as possible. Shout out to these people
that wore Zam Fam merch and tagged me on Instagram and shout out to you guys in the Game Master network that scored 100% on the quiz. Make sure to check out
the video right here where I pranked Matt by making him think he lost his
wedding ring and okay, we need to get changed. – [Daniel] Okay. – [Rebecca] Come on.

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