My Health & Fitness Journey

My Health & Fitness Journey

hey guys so today I want to talk to you
about my health and fitness journey and some of you may know I’ve decided to put
my channel in a different direction I kind of want to focus more on healthy
lifestyle and also fitness videos and I thought this just kind of makes sense to
talk about now because in 2016 I quit smoking last year I quit drinking
alcohol and I just wanted to update you guys where I’m at in 2016 that’s when I
also started doing workouts consistently all year round and I did that in 2017
and going into this year as well yes I’ve hit a couple bumps in the road
there have been weeks where I only ended up doing like two workouts that week and
that was it I think around the holidays that’s also difficult to try to maintain
your workout routines but I feel like I’ve done fairly well so I want to show
you guys before and after photos and one of the photos that you probably just saw
was the before and that’s when I was drinking beer on the weekends
specifically beer I liked dark beer and I would drink that on the weekends and
this is when I started working out in 2016
yeah I would work out during the week and on the weekends I would drink and
when you’re trying to have like fitness goals
drinking alcohol just really does not help that’s not the number one reason
why I quit drinking alcohol if you guys like to know why I quit drinking alcohol
I’ll put that video down below yeah drinking especially beer beers like the
worst when it comes to you know trying to get fit and you know just back in
shape and now on top of that I was still smoking so that combination and trying
to get fit just it doesn’t work very well so the first thing I wanted to do
was quit smoking cigarettes because I hated what it was doing to my body
that’s the number one thing is I’ve just been more focused on being healthier and
that’s the number one reason why I kind of wanted to do this video is I have
recently realized over the last couple years and healthy and I’m taking
advantage of that health and I don’t want to do that anymore I am so grateful
that I have a healthy body and in the future I may not be able to say that but
today and now I can at least appreciate what I have and I can focus on healthy
lifestyle choices I am choosing to workout I’m choosing to eat the right
foods and I’m choosing to not smoke I’m choosing to not drink and the number one
reason is just for my health mentally emotionally
physically some kind of going all over the place in this video bear with me but
the number one thing with all these decisions that I’m making is just to
become healthier and I’m again I’m just very appreciative of just having a
healthy body I feel like that’s something that’s taken for granted every
day if you don’t stop and think about it Wow look at where you’re at now and what
you do have it’s pretty amazing and I just want to take care of myself better
and I really want to share that journey on my channel and this has definitely
been a process I think something that’s helped me out the most probably is if I
went through a week and I didn’t get as many workouts in as I wish I would have
something that I’ll tell myself is just to keep going and get back into the
schedule that ain’t ended if the schedule isn’t working I need to change
some things but I need to get back into my schedule because that’s when things
just really work I feel stronger I feel more motivated I feel like I just stick
with the schedule really well that just really helps me so fast forward to now I
actually drank alcohol on New Year’s Eve and also New Year’s Day and I was really
paying attention to how I felt while I was drinking alcohol and just kind of
figuring out if I even wanted to drink any more at all or ever I quit drinking
alcohol a few months ago so going into not drinking at the beginning I said
well I’ll probably drink something on New Year’s if I drink at all if I drink
ever at all it’ll probably be like something New Year’s I don’t know so I
ended up drinking on New Year’s Eve and also New Year’s Day and I just wanted to
pay attention to how I was feeling as I was drinking alcohol and to be honest I
just feel like it’s just not for me like I don’t know how to describe it other
than I love the way I feel without alcohol for all of the benefits that I
listed in my video where I mentioned you know hey I quit drinking in these this
is why I just feel like I I don’t need it in my life I guess like even if I
just have a little bit with dinner or something or if I were to do that it’s
not something I need at all like I know it’s not benefiting me in any way it’s
kind of honestly something I’ve just forgotten about it in a way like I know
it’s there and I know it’s in front of my face like when you go to a restaurant
or when you’re hanging out with friends who are drinking like yeah it’s right
there but it’s something I don’t it’s not something I need and it’s not even
something I crave anymore I noticed this is the same thing
and these are the same feelings I had when I quit smoking cigarettes it’s just
something I forgot about and when it was in front of my face I was just like I
don’t I don’t really want that I didn’t crave it I just didn’t desire
it anymore it’s kind of how I’m feeling with alcohol so you know what I’m gonna
keep this going who knows I might be like Russell Brand and just not drink
alcohol anymore ever which doesn’t sound bad at all I think when other people
start chiming in their opinions or they keep asking like are you drinking or not
drinking I think that kind of says more about their relationship with alcohol
than it does with mine I feel like when I was smoking and drinking and
especially I had a lot of anxiety and now that has gone down so much I still
do get anxiety and I do want to make a video all about anxiety and how to deal
with it in ways you can just kind of defeat your anxiety I still do feel some
anxiety but that was a big thing that was a much bigger thing than it is now
now it doesn’t like overtake my life anymore like it did but when I think
just reflecting about my health and fitness journey I just like the steps
forward I’m taking I love that I quit smoking I love that I quit drinking
alcohol I love that I have been consistently working out for now over a
year and a half just focusing on cardio on strength on core like doing all that
hit training part of my health and fitness journey has also been talking to
a therapist once a week and I hate it when people look at that as such a
negative thing because how is that negative I feel like talking to a
therapist is sometimes looked down upon and I want to talk about this more so
that the more you expose something and the more you break it apart the more
people can see oh well this is actually a good thing it’s not a bad thing or
it’s not something that’s I don’t know I feel like if everybody got to talk to a
therapist like you wouldn’t make the world so much better and there’s so many
different kinds of therapy as well and you can’t push therapy on anyone but
it’s something that has just worked for me I think it’s important to take care
of your mind and your body one of the things that I thought was interesting
was when I quit drinking alcohol I thought I would instantly become like
superhuman I thought I’d be able to get all my projects done on time I would you
know never make mistakes everything would be like more perfect and you know
what it’s life it’s not gonna be perfect it’s not gonna be great every day so
that’s kind of something I’ve reflected on I’m like you know what I’m not soup
what is super human anyway I like sticking to a
schedule that makes me feel awesome about myself or awesome about my life
like just being able to stick with workouts I’m learning Spanish in French
you know I work from home I worked for myself I loved that I picked up the
guitar again I started knitting again getting into photography and creating my
own Etsy shop my book club is really fun she definitely join it if you’re not
already I have a couple podcasts they have like all these things going on but
I thought I oh when I quit drinking alcohol like totally I’ll be able to
manage all those things super well you know I’m juggling so much and just
trying to balance it all is a challenge but it’s a fun challenge and I like
doing it anyway that’s besides the point yes I think it’s important to take care
of your mind and your body because I feel like that’s the best form of
self-care is like exercising and expressing your thoughts and your
feelings and yes I advocate therapy I love therapy and there’s all different
kinds of therapy but I can’t not mention that in this video because that’s been a
big part of my journey so going into 2018 I just kind of want to stick with
this because it’s what’s working for me and I might change things here every
once well I might change up my workouts of course cuz it’s fun to do different
things and challenge yourself in different ways but this has been my
fitness and health journey and yeah I just want to keep moving forward I want
to keep doing better and keep improving and keep challenging myself so I hope
you guys liked this video it was a bit of a ramble and a bit of a reflection of
where I’ve been the last couple years and where I am now and I’m just really
proud of myself because I feel like when you’re trying to break a bad habit or a
habit that you just don’t like you be really hard and I’m just patting myself
on the back I guess cuz it’s it’s nice to be able to walk away from things that
are not adding to your life and if you’re struggling if you’re wanting to
do the same kind of thing I just want to let you know that it is possible and to
keep hope be hopeful and keep working at it no one’s perfect and you might quit
smoking and you might you know go back to it but the important thing to do I
think is to quit know why you’re quitting and keep reminding yourself why
you’re quitting and all the reasons list all the reasons why you’re quitting and
list all the benefits of quitting or if you’re wanting to get into a workout
routine the same thing lists like all the
reasons why you want to work out and all the benefits of working out so I guess
this video is a personal challenge I’m challenging you guys if you’re wanting
to quit a bad habit or just a habit you don’t like or if you’re wanting to
challenge yourself and do something new and start doing workouts or if you’re
wanting to start getting into something else like some hobby or anything I just
encourage you to do that because it’ll make you feel amazing you never know
where that hobby or whatever might lead you I never really thought I would make
videos on quitting smoking but I’ve made like 3 of them now I want to do more of
those kind of videos or videos on you I’m quitting drinking alcohol all that
stuff so if you guys liked this video it was a bit of a ramble but if you liked
this video definitely give it a thumbs up let me know your thoughts down below
in the description bar description bar down below in the comment section that
makes more sense I don’t think you guys can add stuff to the description bar
unless I were to give you the link I don’t think that’s even anyway
definitely subscribe and yeah look out for more fitness and health tips from me
soon I’m really excited to be R my channel in this direction just fit in
this healthy lifestyle I can’t wait to share some food videos with you guys I
have some of my most recent videos down below in the description bar so
definitely check that out and yeah I hope you guys have an awesome day and
I’ll talk to you very soon alright bye


  1. Talking about quitting smoking, alcohol, working out and more! Give this video a thumbs up if you'd like to see more videos like this!

  2. Great job and good job for not quitting you look great and I would love to see more vids like this can’t wait for those food vids ,well with me anything u do I would love to see. Love u Sarah.

  3. Good job working out working out for a full year!! I found your Rey Star Wars work out and I do it four times a week πŸ™‚ It's such a great workout and I can't wait for more work out videos:)!!

  4. I'm so happy for you making these positive changes! And I love hearing you see all of its diverse benefits and wanting to stick with it. Here's to not taking advantage of your health! πŸ™‚

  5. Only on the weekends… That's nothing. And if drinking only beer, I definitely don't see it as problem, even more when it is so little.

  6. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but, in my opinion, if you are pretty like you are, you have a lot more motivation to look after yourself. I don't look after myself, I am overweight, I eat very unhealthy, I don't work out. For years and years and years I've been trying to be more healthy and work out but I just can't seem to get there. I will do it for a few day and then go right back to where I was. I think part of it is because I'm not pretty, I don't have good looks, so I think deep down I feel why bother. Doesn't matter how skinny I am, how healthy I eat it's not going to make me beautiful. Yes I know I will feel better, but I will still be ugly. I made peace with my looks, and now I just want to concentrate on being happy.

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