My Journey as a Breast Cancer Co-Survivor.

Martha was this five-foot-ten beauty. We had a wonderful love affair for 30 years. She’s a part of my heart forever. Breast cancer started for me back in 1991 when Martha was originally diagnosed. Martha passed in June of 2012. In July I’m watching the morning news and they were doing a news feed from this event in the Twin Cities called the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. And I had no idea what this is about and then I looked into it and I saw they had events across the country. I wanted to be able to tell Martha’s story more than just in my little neighborhood in Minnesota. I wanted to be able to spread her message. I wanted to fight back against a disease that had taken her from us. So going forward the last thing I expected on one of these walks was to meet somebody. But I did and there was a connection it just happened and we both firmly feel that we were put together by Martha from above. And this has been my story now for the last few years is that I continue to fight. I do three walks every year Lisa’s with me always in San Diego on those walks and we’re a team. Between the two of us we’ve raised over $100,000 in the fight against breast cancer. I had a lady in Seattle that recently said she went in and got an early test because of hearing Martha’s story and she was diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer that has now been taken care of. When you have humbling things like that happen, it just helps you motivate you to continue the journey.

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