My Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis Story

My Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis Story

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to talk with
you all today a little bit more personally about my breast cancer
diagnosis. I was diagnosed in March of 2016. I found out two days before my
younger son made three years old. I found a lump and I went to have a mammogram,
and the doctors pulled me out of the mammogram and they said they were 98%
sure that what they saw was cancer. So, within the time of a few weeks I was
scheduled and had surgery. I had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery,
and everything went really well. And after that I went to see an oncologist,
and she ran a PET scan on me and PET scan came back and the lesions that they
saw were in my spine, and she said they were suspect of cancer so she wanted to
do a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. So I went through a biopsy and it came back
as positive for breast cancer, and so from there I didn’t really know what I
was going to do. I just through all of it kept thinking to myself in the beginning, oh, my gosh, hurry up, I just want this all to be over with so
I can get back to my normal life, and God had other plans for me because I didn’t
get back to my normal life. I had all kinds of other things you have to think about,
and so I started thinking what can I do? Doctors do their thing, what can I do?
What are some things that I can change for myself that are healthy? And so, I
started looking at diet and exercise and spirituality, and my diet became really
important and I changed a bunch of things, and I started exercising and
going to a different church. And so, I just really want to share some of these
things with you, and so I hope you stay tuned for next time.


  1. I love your light! I was diagnosed stage IV in Nov of 2016. I have made many of the same kinds of changes in my life. God be praised, October PET scan showed NED! There is a growing group of us who are seeking complete healing and have started a little facebook group, #Stage4NoMore. We'd love to have you join us!

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