“My name is Imogen. I have Down Syndrome and my life is worth living”.

Hi my name is Imogen and I was preparing this speech with my mum I hope you like it. If I was to meet a mum, who was having a baby with Down Syndrome. I would tell her: if you have a baby who has Down Syndrome you will actually love your baby. We will all love your baby. Your baby will love you as their mother. They will always want to be together with you except when they want a bedroom for themselves! You will be so proud when they say their first and second words. When you sing to your baby you will feel love as your baby smiles at you. They might be chubby like other babies but that’s cute. At school they will do music and maths and drama. They might need more practice but they will still learn. They can grow up and learn anything they want. Your baby might even go to University! Sometimes they can do that, because they just can. If I was to meet a dad who is having a baby with Down Syndrome I will tell him this. Your baby will be cute just like me, and will go to high school with other kids and they will have classmates. Your baby will write great stories about William Shakespeare and other characters just like any other kid, just like me. A baby with Down Syndrome can grow up to be a brother or sister even though my little sisters can be annoying. If I was to meet a family that was going to have a baby with Down Syndrome, I would tell them don’t be scared of the tiny, extra information in your baby’s body. Be brave and do not be scared of any Down Syndrome person. My name is Imogen. I have Down Syndrome and my life is worth living.

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