My Thoughts on Breast Reduction? | Responding to Your Comments #8 | Doctor Mike

My Thoughts on Breast Reduction? | Responding to Your Comments #8 | Doctor Mike


  1. Hey Doctor Mike your huge fan from Malaysia. I want to ask you one question but I think is inappropriate but I still want to ask it. So my question is what is side effect by doing masturbate. If can, I want you tell me the good effect and the bad effect of it. Thank you, love you Doctor Mike.

  2. Hey doctor mike. I hope you answer to my comment. What is your opinion on homeopathic medicine?? Cause it helps me a lot with my allergies.
    P. D. I love your videos

  3. My collar bone (On both sides) pops out of the socket in the middle of my chest where they meet. It doesn't hurt, and it happens often just when I'm moving my shoulders around. …What the heck is going on with me?

  4. Everyone commenting on his height and how he's a perfect man now that they know he's tall… Sorry but what if he was 5'6? Are you telling me that he wouldn't be hot?

    I had breast reduction when I was eighteen and am much happier with scars than I was with scoliosis, horrific posture, being bedridden among many other problems caused by my breasts. That said, I don't think everyone with large breasts needs it should have a reduction but I am still fighting the battle of it being considered plastic surgery rather than reconstructive surgery.
    Just nice to hear there is another doctor out there who understands that this can be a very important and necessary surgery. Thanks!

  6. I had an umbilical hernia and diastsis repair and panniculectomy. I have a huge scar. When it’s healed I’m going to get a tattoo to cover it. Even though the recovery has been a pain, much more than I thought it would be, I’m glad I did it. Next on my list is a breast reduction. I’m a 38H. Just want to lose a little bit more weight first. My shoulders are permanently indented because of my bra straps.

  7. I want a breast reduction because OMGGGG my back and shoulders are constantly in pain 😭 I get literal marks and bruises from my bra straps 🙄

  8. @Doctor Mike Do you think a breast reduction would be considered necessary if a patient had chronic shoulder pain and couldn't afford bras that are the correct size?

  9. Mike, what are your views on protein powder? Do I really need it right now?( I am a healthy 15 year old, 169cm tall, 48.5 kg heavy, have a VO2 max of 55 and do intense workout 6 days of a week) love your videos by the way.

  10. I don’t know if you still answer questions, but I wanted to know something. I got second degree sunburns over the summer (I was in drum corps and I forgot to put on sunscreen ONE DAY) and then it got a little infected, and long story short, it’s better now, but it left some marks on my skin. Is there anything I can do to make sure it doesn’t scar permanently?

  11. I have a problem gaining weight and I'm not sure why doctors have suggested giving me growth hormones and I was wondering if there was a better way to help gain weight safely

  12. Hey doctor mike, why did your stethoscope switch around on your neck like five times during the video. Just wondering love the vids.

  13. Can you do a video about endometriosis?! There is SO little research being done, and doctors seem to have such varying information on the condition – not to mention it is miserable to get a diagnosis. The only way to get an official diagnosis is laparoscopically. Yikes. Would love your take on this!!

  14. I am 27 and wearing Invisalign. You mentioned that you had them as well, but later you had to wear actual braces. Do you blame Invisalign for that? my orthodontist told me that after my therapy, I should continue to wear them 2nights/week for the rest of my life, so I figured nothing wrong will happen. What do you think?

  15. Maybe jasmin means like she wants to get her period right before vacation so she won’t have to worry about it. That’s always my concern

  16. You know what I find works the best for getting rid of stretch marks? call me a crazy white mom but, Bio Oil has faded all my stretch marks to the point where you can't even notice them, just use it twice daily and you'll be on your way 🙂

  17. I used to eat baby food when my braces were tightened! That allowed me to eat something while I waited for the pain to go. I even ate them as my lunch on high school recess hahha

  18. I got periods age of 19 , my periods to much every 21 days . My family my aunty had . I am 38 years old is their any chance get less . I take so many Gp medicine only one month less after increased again. It’s like tap water . My hemoglobins 14.50 Gp said good , I eat veggies , fish lotssssssss of fruits only periods time eat meat . I ask doctor last 4 years Gp said it’s ok 😢😢

  19. Hey hey. So I'm 19 and I recently had to go for an othroscopy surgery. This was the first time I've ever been in hospital or had a drip. I've recently noticed this red bump on my arm sort of similar to an inflamed pimple where the needle was and want to know if i should be worried or should I go see a doctor?
    It's not painful or getting any bigger or smaller.
    Please help. Thanks

  20. Maaaan I wish you were my doctor, or more like you. You’re intelligence and honesty is next to none, it’s a shame I don’t get this same vibe from the doctors where i live. Good on you! The passion you have for your career is real.

  21. Hi, Doctor Mike, is it normal that when I bent my knee, it looks like I have two kneecaps? I have no knee problems and in good physical health.

  22. dude , if people yell because of the meat consumption it's for environnemental reasons, they're right to be yelling. it's not only a matter of health.

  23. Is it normal that my lower right front ribs can pop out? It hurts slightly. A lot of the time, my right lung will feel like it’s being punctured near the lower front ribs.
    I also tend to tire out very easily during running or exercise. I can’t breathe but don’t have asthma. It will usually resolve in 5 minutes but I have been known to gag.

  24. 3:55 My mother was a bit overweight, had stress due to raising a difficult family, and as the owner of a care home had constant work to do. She had sleep apnea for a couple years. Her symtoms and treatments weren't covered by insurance (this was over a decade ago) and eventually she passed in her sleep due to the condition. I was 14, my sis was 11. If you are worried about your sleep, please see a doctor. You spend about a third of your life asleep and sleep is like the 'charging' and resetting of your body, you need it. See a doctor and get it worked out… so much progress has been made in science since her.

  25. My friend has size G boobs and she is in CONSTANT pain. She wants to get a breast reduction but doesn’t have the money

  26. I enjoy this channel, I learn a lot and laugh a lot….and I love that you acknowledge that not all cosmetic surgery is entirely cosmetic.
    I plan on having an eyelid lift because when I hit 40 they got droopy

  27. Thank you for sticking to your medical ethics. I highly appreciate you doing this! #chestcompressions #chestcompressions

  28. Hey doctor Mike so question for you. I have horrible back pain mostly when I'm sitting up for too long. It's not just in one area of my back its everywhere. Is this normal? I'm terrified of doctor offices and hospitals so going to a doctor isnt really easy for me. I have really bad anxiety and was sent to the hospital in high school for suicide. So hospitals n doctors scare the hell outta me. Is there something I can do to help this without going to a doctor? Thank u. P.s. I love ur channel I've been watching your videos for the past 3 hours it's now 3am lol.

  29. I had a reduction when I was 17 from an E to a D. I don’t Regret the surgery at all and I’ve never had a boyfriend have an issue with either.

  30. I was told that skipping a meal (like fasting) could make you gain weight other than lose it. Is this true? Thank you!

  31. 7:19 doesn't this guy in the greenish scrub look like the Indian doctor in "the resident"( can't remember his name)?

  32. having big boobs doesnt automatically mean you will get back pains.
    One of the biggest mistakes in science is confusing correlation for cause and effect. There are so many people with back pain that it is easy to blame anything happening at the same time, like having breasts or a big belly in front, or carrying backpacks in back, or groceries on the side.
    The relationship between large breasts and upper back pain appears to be more anecdotal than empirical. Research has yet to demonstrate a direct link between large breasts and upper back pain.

    upper back pain is a common condition anyone can experience, regardless of sex or breast size.
    When it comes to "back pain":
    1. Men have the same or higher incidence of the same upper back pain.
    2. Women who are smaller, or have had breast reduction and double mastectomies can have the same pain.
    3. If straps are binding or cutting into your neck, that can obviously be uncomfortable, so check and fix that.
    4. However, the specific cause is not the breasts, since men and smaller women can get the same kind of pain.
    5. If you round your shoulders, spend time with the upper body bent or rounded forward, or have a forward head, the shifted weight is a common contributor to upper back pain

    In reality, though, breasts are rarely the primary contributor to most varieties of back pain. The human back, when healthy and normal, is more than strong enough to support even a fairly large chest through the years. Instead, there are many more common factors that cause back pain in women such as

    – Obesity that causes undue and constant stress to the entire body
    – Pregnancy and the related physiological changes
    – Non optimal bra size
    – Chronic poor posture
    – Injury or overexertion of the muscles or bones in the back
    – Irritation of spinal nerves through disc herniation or bulging
    – A weakening of the spine through osteoporosis and similar conditions

  33. Also, how large breasts are compared to scars is insulting. Big breasts are a blessing that women spend alot of money to remotely copy. You cant eat or take a magic pill to get big boobs. Its a rare natural blessing.

  34. I love this, thanks for being honest. We trust you and your videos- and it’s nice to have a corner ( a small one) on YouTube to view honest opinions and learning valuable things along the way. Please don’t change!

  35. Being a doctor AND a sucessfull youtuber sounds like a rough time. I can imagine someone would end up with Karoshi(japanese term for death by overworking, just like burnout, but you actually die) just trying to juggle that, and I can't believe how good you actually look considering all that stuff you do.

  36. Hey Mike, so I have VCD and the doctors that I have seen says that there is "no cure", and like I have problems breathing on a daily basis. I have problems with my heart beating really fast sometimes (like its scary). But like I want to know more about VCD and if it has to do with my heart.

  37. For me, the worst pain of my life with my braces was the first night after having gotten them. I spent the whole day fine and by the evening, I was screaming, crying, and telling my mom I wanted them OFF. After that, I actually never experienced much pain, not even when they'd tighten them aside from minimal soreness. Although, I had trouble biting into apples for years after getting them off because I kept thinking my teeth were going to fall off since I couldn't eat them with my braces lol. xD

  38. It's said less melanin in our body is a bad factor for your body so.. I want to ask you is it true?? Love you and your channel😻😁

  39. What are your vews on spinal fusion due to scoliosis. I got mine 90% fused when I was 14 (my mom/doc decided for me). I have experienced major pain (standing past two hours causes massive back/leg/torso pain). I wish they never fused my spine but I had a s curve that literally looked like the letter.

  40. i'm on tpn for nutrition and a feeding tube to take some of my meds cause i have a lot of gi issues and the past month r 2 months my hemoglbin has been lower then normal it will go from 8.8 down to 7.6 when about a year ago it was 10.2 how do i get my hemoglbin to go back to normal cause i can't eat like normal people love watching your channel

  41. I had braces on my top teeth and an expander plate you had to expand each night aswell as a head mask and i had to wear that every night then i had braces put on my bottom teeth and then i got them off soooo yee

  42. Dr Mike what do you do if you see a paramedic yelling at a patient cuz the paramedics came to my complex and one guy was yelling at the lady she looked really scared and was crying saying she couldn't stop shaking and he was yelling yes you can and scaring her I wanted to say something but the other paramedics didn't say anything and the were like 4 and where just watching him and the lady was crying saying she couldn't do what he was yelling at her to do.😢
    Edit: I felt really bad for her
    Ps your such a lovable person

  43. My lower ribs tend to pop out of place toward my skin and leave bruises until I get into the chiropractor. Maybe that's something to help?

  44. I have a question: I have a bump on my wrist. I went to see a Doctor and he said it's a Ganglion Cyst. He said that I shouldn't worry about it, but if it's causing me discomfort, I can do a surgery. But the problem is, that it hurts for a day or two, and then it stops, and then it starts hunting after a while again. It also constantly changes its size, one day it's big, the next it's much smaller, then it gets bigger again. And the Doctor said that even if I did the operation, it could come back. Is there any way I can make it disappear, without doung the surgery, and to make it disappear for good?

  45. Paramedic here… you can get used to the trauma and grow a thicker skin… but you shouldn't do it UNLESS you are ABSOLUTELY passionate about it. Prepare to be overworked and underpaid. It boggles my mind that paramedics are the ones (besides police) that we depend on to save our lives and keep us alive until we get to the hospital yet they are paid $17 an hour (if you are lucky). Due to the high turnover rate there are many opportunities to make more money through over time but that means working 12 to 24 hours in one shift. The only career paramedics you will find are those that absolutely love their job and/or those that go into fire which pays a substantial amount more. I will say that if you are interested in the medical field and can't afford college right out of high school that starting out as a paramedic is a great stepping stone to beginning your medical career. It will absolutely help you down the line if you want to further your education by not only giving you great experience but will substantially help your chances when applying to college. As of right now I am in nursing school and being a paramedic was the determining factor in getting a spot in the class.

  46. We need a collab with “my thoughts will probably offered you “. Michelle daniels

    I’d like to know what it is that causes abnormal weight gain.

  47. You think that’s bad I have full springs to get rid of a 110% over bite. My entire jaw and teeth hurts. My jaw is connected to my skull.

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