Naomi Judd Reveals Her Struggle With Depression: ‘I Couldn’t Get Out’ | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Naomi Judd Reveals Her Struggle With Depression: ‘I Couldn’t Get Out’ | Megyn Kelly TODAY


  1. Depression? Ugh i swear white women complain about the dumbest stuff. You're rich, privileged, and famous. Shut up. There's a real world out here with REAL problem with real people in it that have REAL issues to complain about. No surprise that this is on Megyn's show, she played the "traumatized white woman" role to get a big payday and a tv show. White women are master manipulators.

  2. Megan Kelly is a racist and a liar. I will never forget how you purposely inspired racist attacks with race baiting, calling black protesters thugs, saying that all Muslims are terrorists and inciting people to commit hate crimes all over this nation. You and the rest of the propagandist at fox, both past and present, are covered in blood from all of the attacks and murders caused by your words. You cant hide from your past and who you really are. NBC are trying to normalize these people but DON'T LET THEM. DON'T WATCH ANY SHOW KELLY OR ANYONE WHO THINKS LIKE HER IS ON. SHAME!!!!!!

  3. She's become so quirky and kitschy in her old age.  Baha!  She used to seem to be so uptight and type A.  Now she just seems cute and nutty.  So precious.

  4. American women from the time they realize their sexuality, start flaunting it, manipulate it for their social and career advancement, use it as a ploy and tool in personal and legal disputes and have been weaponizing their sexuality against men for decades without morality or shame. Suddenly they are having a collective epiphany of decency , sanctity and purity that was missing from their thought process for a long time . Now every Hollywood actress , high profile female celebrity and even just nobody plain Janes have become virtuous , moral torch bearers and virgin Marys. Just look back in time how these women  had lived their lives, it will be an eye opener.
    Men in America and in the wider western world have become timid, bullied and castrated by liberal media and a culture of fear that has never existed 30 -40 years before,. Back then men behaved like men (good men behaved as gentlemen and the bad ones as morons) and women knew how to shape their lives based on their educational and social skills, not by manipulating the weakness of the masculine gender to advance themselves and for the small minority that used this ploy , society named and shamed them.
    Today any bimbo can accuse any man of misbehaving (10 years to 40 years ago) , stay anonymous so they cannot be scrutinized, don't have to provide an iota of evidence to substantiate their claims, and get monetary gains and fame at the expense of a rich or famous man's destruction and devastation of his entire family and life.
    A male in today's America is under siege and threat to prove himself innocent of phantom  crimes, fake accusations and is forced into a battle without an opportunity to win.2017 the year that destroyed the equality between sexes.

  5. Going away ruby head. You produced that mess Ashley Judd who no one can take seriously. Didn't she say to Harvey he could collect when she won an Oscar (or something like that?)

  6. I don't know about depression but she is so strung out in this interview wow. Likely Dr prescribed drugs but nonetheless, she is not well.

  7. NAMI biggest advocates of the "disease" theory of mental illness as disease and enforcement of the Pychiatric manual…and DEADLY suicidal and homocidal SSRI drugs

  8. I'm so so sorry beautiful Naomi!! ❤ there are so really nasty comments from people who are absolutely STUPID!! You are so beautiful and,, so sweet'

  9. Shes gorgeous, gracious, humble, beautiful, absolutely genuine and courageous!! God Bless her through all her trials and tribulations throughout her life…absolutely amazing story of TRIUMPH despite the depression…an absolute VICTOR….great at 71yrs…love your books…READ IT folks!!!

  10. Isn't this a older book…the interview with Robbin Roberts…she had a big puffy face…bright blue eye shadow…little lips, bright red lipstick…was it cosmetic surgery…prednisone…??? She's had more physical illnesses, and mental health issues…(we all do, but she's had more than all of us.) her' s are just more traumatic….because she's dramatic…and a narcissist. Yes, it's genetics. (I think the puffy face was cosmetic surgery, and alcoholism, with medication). Narcissism is a mental health issue…..

  11. I had a patient once who was absolutely gorgeous, but because she was getting older, didn't feel it. Nothing I could say would change her mind. She went home that night and committed suicide. I noticed as time went along that more people (women mostly) who had once been beautiful had the most difficulty with aging. They seemed lost without their good looks to provide them with meaning.

  12. I wish dear Naomi would turn to Jesus only and ask him for peace and healing. She needs to stop trying Deepak Choora and other paths. By only following Christ, he gives us genuine peace and healing.

  13. She was just on the talk.She looked so out of it.
    It must be the psych meds.
    She still looks gorgeous! Tho.

  14. that woman is a joke.the may have spent 2 years on her couch, but apparently she found time to get some "dental work"…

  15. What happened to her voice.!?I think it's just her getting older and less attractive.clinicle depression is different.

  16. Her management should not have allowed her to do this interview or any others. What a shame to have her legacy end like this and have people remember her his way. By that I mean the ridiculous excess facial surgery and quite obviously under the influence of something.

  17. Ain't no disease that Jesus didn't suffer for. Ms Judd ran into the arms of work, fame, and success to dodge all these experiences that she had been through. One of the things that many run from, but is most needed is, time alone with God. We need that time to cry those fervent prayers to God and release the pain that we hold within ourselves when others are around. It's not nature, a night out on the town, a significant other, you need, it's time alone with your Creator!!! His presence will heal any ill!!! May Naomi find true healing and peace in the arms of her Heavenly Father in Jesus' name!!! Take time with your Father ASAP! You won't regret it!

  18. People, NEVER let them shock your brain with EMF!!! This is HARMFUL RADIATION!!! It is amazing, she even thinks straight now. It was done to my grandfather and he was never the same, he sat and stared at a wall all day after that……..😖😢😩

  19. She is seemingly so warm and witty and an all around well intentioned person. The comments below are rather mind boggling and quite mean.

  20. Her depression is related to the fact that she is having a hard time dealing with the fact that she is no longer part of a famous singing duo. She loved the fame more than anything else. That is just what I think. If I were in her shoes, I would enjoy my daughters and grandchildren, but she is not capable of doing that because the lack of fame consumes her. Too bad.

  21. Mrs. Judd I'm so happy to hear from you i pray for you for God keep you healthy and a healthy mine, you beautiful and keep good thoughts 🙏😘❤🌞the sun is bright ✌🌞

  22. Not resistant… medicine/drugs can make it worse. 22 Vets a day do suicide maybe due taking doctor drugs that make it worse. Antidepression medicine usually has Fluorine that blocks the thyroid/oxygen in the brain making depression/suicidal thoughts worse. Depression/anxiety/no sleep/obsessing/panic/suicidal thoughts can be due to low oxygen in the brain. Natural help may with no gluten may help intestines heal so more nutrients absorb to rebuild cells to burn oxygen. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food with a label, taking vitamins/good oils/minerals…strong probiotic…..LDN/detoxing…..sunlight/Vit D3/Vit B12 with intrinsic factor/Nature's Plus- Source of life multiple/fish oil/Zn/Mg/Vit C/lecithin/evening primrose oil/coenzymated B vitamins/Amour thyroid/eating organic/exercise and more may help rebuild cells to burn oxygen and help depression etc. fast.

  23. I have been depressed before because of circumstances in my life. I never been able to relate to depression that just exist without apparent reason..?
    It must be horrible!
    The depression i've dealt with got cured when my situation changed for the better but these people can't do anything about it! You can be rich and famous and still suffer. I feel really bad for her and everyone else who has this terrible disease😔

  24. Ashley has a form of mental illness too. It has been all over the past few years?? She was so sweet & balanced.. her personality has changed alot.

  25. Such a beautiful talented woman. This is such a shame. I have seriously never seen anyone this traumatized and broken, and I used to work in mental health. Why can’t anyone help her?

  26. i disagree its not a disease like being a drunk isint a disease……its heartace, trauma that causes us to seek any means possible to try to get over it……it needs to be addrssed…………its sad that everything is now a disease…..then comes the drugs,,,that in most cases causes the person to become worse i know 5 people on anti depressant drugs and they ARE NOT any better today because of it……..

  27. 0:56 – "Because people don't talk about mental illness still in this country."
    What country does Megyn live in?? You can't turn on the TV, news, or radio without some discussion about mental illness, depression or anxiety. It's everywhere, all the time. You can't escape the mental health narrative if you wanted to.
    I watched The Judds TV show documenting their last tour and Naomi revealed childhood abuse. It's not surprising she went into a major depressive episode after that. A) She finally came to terms with the abuse, B) It signaled the end of her stage career, C) her daughter Ashley wrote a tell-all book showing her to be a terrible mother.
    Who wouldn't end up depressed after that?

  28. What Naomi doesn't share is that her husband Michael, who was NOT abusive or negligent or anything, wanted to stay married and Naomi left him because she was "stifled." Her only excuse. No real reason. She then plunged herself and her children into chaos, poverty, abuse, and experimentation for absolutely no reason except her own rebellion and selfishness. She plays the victim well, but every single thing she "went through" was avoidable and only occurred because of her bad decisions. I hate that women escape all personal responsibility and get to be "heroic survivors" of themselves.

  29. Regarding the Ashley Judd Harvey Weinstein thing… who goes up to a man's hotel room for a meeting? A hotel room is a bed chamber, not an office. No, seriously… who does that? I mean, I'm sorry she was so traumatized by the bathrobe and proposition, but if she'd insisted on meeting in the lobby or at a cafe, it wouldn't have happened. Don't people teach common sense anymore? I have been at conferences at hotels and had business people invite me up to their room "to talk business" or "I'll get you my business card" or "It's more private to talk" and you just say "no."

  30. Her stories get more and more dramatic. Getting old and facing retirement makes these limelight seeking stars dream up fake memories.. I'm getting old, how can I generate new fame and fortune.

  31. I am doing crazy research for my health problems that are getting worse by the days. My first symptom that i never made the connection to was that i developed adult ADHD out of the blue. I'm unable to focus, getting anything completed, my memory became terrible!
    Now that i found what's causing my problems i also discovered that a lot of people get Depression from it and become suicidal!!
    I wonder if she is suffering from the same cause that affects millions of us in a very negative way!? Mold!!! You could have hidden mold behind walls, AC units, or a million other sources. Everybody gets affected by it differently but people with certain genes cannot detox their system from the mold spores properly and it can cost their lives one way or another. Mold cause a lot of swelling in the brain wich can cause serious psychological damage along a million physical damage. I really wonder if that is the main cause of depression in people's lives who otherwise don't have any reason to be depressed???

  32. – depression = deeeeeply sadness , everbody recognized daily sad happy ! Every generation knows depression it nothing new ! Psychiatrist = scam swindlers how they earn easily money !

  33. – wish all women with sadness goodluck ! Stuck on past is not good advise – good forward search what made you relaxing ?

  34. Thank you for sharing your story of depression. It is so important to make society aware of mental health: we live in an internal environment (genetics/nature) and an external environment (nurture or lack of it).

  35. Hope she gets better, but I would add Narcissistic Personality Disorder to the list of her problems. It's obvious she has always wanted to be the center of attention. People who demand to recite a tale of woes are usually in that camp.

  36. Taking on the weight of the world will crush you. You have to set boundaries and learn to not take on everybody's stuff. I hope she gets well soon she can go on to live her best life.

  37. U f…ass…..with neg comments! I hoe you suffer 10× more. You're ugly yourself, ew! TheJudds, I've been their fan since I discovered THEM in the early 80s
    F.U. jealous arrogant …

  38. Facelifts have destroyed so many beautiful women in entertainment, and Naomi was one of the most beautiful ever, not sure where the got the "bad genetics" from, but she should have stayed away from the knife.

  39. Naomi is a FIERCE SURVIVOR.
    A true inspiration for ALL 💪🏼👊🏼✌🏼🤘🏼

  40. Her problem is she's so 'into HERSELF.' It's all about her. Reagardless of her being 'empathic', blah blah blah. She can't get beyond that. It's always going to be her story. Period.

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