1. When your girl wont have sex with you because she don’t wanna have kids so your learn majic to do magically make it appear like God did Mary

  2. Anpu the " The Gate Keeper" and the Ankh "Key Of Life" around is neck for protection The Neters and Orishas are in His Fever Amen Ra.

  3. Essas coisas não provém de Deus Deus não dá isso pra seres humanos o diabo que faz essas coisas igual usa pessoas pra fazer imitação de voz aquilo também não é dom de Deus não

  4. U jack ass. Play play with fire. U know what happens if u do!?. Kepp mocking. Ur time will come. Hehe can't wait to see it.

  5. A.r.e. you a REPTILIAN yoh Mr. Jibrizy. Why do your eyes change colors. One occasion they seem black and the next they seem glowing. This is an ALIEN in human body form

  6. I will be putting to bed in 2 months from now, thanks to Odogun for that, for helping me get pregnant after so many years of looking for child which almost broke my marriage. I really appreciate your work, God will continuously bless you I will always remember you and testify for your good. pleas I want you`all to know there is a solution to those looking for help to get pregnant, reach Odogun on this email [email protected] com give Him a try you will also testify good about him.

  7. The eyes are the windows to the soul. His eyes changed from dark brown to a light green. Didn’t anybody catch that? Well if you DIDNT, the camera did! Wake up people!

  8. when JIBRIZY spends his last day on this earth he will be with his lord lucifer the one he dearly love and the rest of the knows sellouts and JIBRIZY will spend his eternal life in the lake of fire and he will regret it…

  9. Black magic is what you are doing! Satan has you locked down.. You are a son of Satan. Keep in mind you might be able to fool most people, but you are heading straight for the eternal fires of hell if you do not repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ and receive the free gift of the holy spirit. By the way you are no Jesus or Jibreezus. You are a spiritual phony and are getting rich due to selling your soul, which you confessed to on a YouTube video. However, I knew you were operating under the power of dark side when you were flashing the eye of horus. Repent and turn to Jesus he is the only way of salvation. Jesus said what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose your own soul. You can get your soul back but Jesus has to get it back. You must humble yourself and turn to Jesus and confess your sins and believe he died on the cross and rose again. Jesus will forgive you. But you are in the gall of bitterness

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