News Now Stream 06/17/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 06/17/19 (FNN)

thank you for being part of the show’llave a special ream tomorrow — We’reonna start the coverage at six PM eastern tomorrow everyone for president trump’sig rly out in Orlando so you’re not going to want to miss that. Already set up the event. The chat is going I know you’re already a part of it as well so stay here with us. Thank you. For your continued pporverye thk you so ch. at’srongarlyatury naudle] ahinaudibl In the Sem’sot . Welcome back everyone here to news now thanks so chor joininusn exa we ntinue witthe news anheadlis froall ov The cotry an’ e houseancy Posind oth Talkg abo healtare let’s lien intthis Ihank y ry muc Lihank you Arew thank u C. o The ung cone w is heome th h mher Paie Rn and That cend thankouor comingnd bril y coersaon we’ havg abo. About dids dietes -In any form cause wwere vces are what ar the songest winhe mos oquent lines wheth it s the lile. n bornhe p existg conditio. Fowho wou acqui of of wh exisng contion bngpre prived of healtare bause Andood heth cla.ition. Liceeotal bette invtments in t natiol instites of incrsed ihe bil tha we w re stad up a night nces sn voten ever. Thiss t vehic pow to Q.y amemen. ar. The blical per to Q. and we we e rearch is for eryone d we ed mor. Fuing foelse ters forure that cance oveime thime zheimes a. Dinosis it’ tope’re tking abt proctivitn our it fm aragmat standint.ry i y je How are driving t country Byeprivi peoe of reachin their lu producvity.ntry of thr Sohis is thiss aattef li and dea if u trus iron speciuest her to whicis just moy fromhene If y get sk. T bad wit a vestatio seef you er smokedn yr t remeer fass a pre isting hearhose w are he ands to beg part of thpatien vocacyroups wch areo essentia tsr We kw in ito be proved- An impvid t . l erhe coury thieekend hundreand fe mocrat hing ents a the say tt’s e drum rol. Of that willave — T ross the count ohis ise e is th in thspirit oSan of lding peoe.t ink of Up outf theoop of- benefs weespecthe dignitand wohy and a this and just nnad hold a te Calirnia-here t ts is maganes ter.onissae have srieso tell in d y ivers teamshair t women cauc of th Califora mocrat Par with e advoca For women’ reproctiveights asell aomen verans d the re. Isoany pele sacti. Weant to vo. McCoell’s ve us to nter Doour joright Jackiene gives a vo. do yr j The Amerin pple underand at thimeans anI sd to m Reblican colleues do Who s heal it a childith dibiliti child with at diagnis or be?vert isou’re going to Yore going tbe getting i thway an the mtetermid. our count you cld see that mosdn when o That- Murra sd ho say as wells yr nana oking. At a lking aviewin I’mure an h paren as we but also Liam’so re herand otr pen’s I thk you a for cing Ikief know. thk thathe door againr ice an f s . a s and rth of all peoe andy al if yo tha youor bei Someuestio from e pres on th subje becauhat ishy we are he. m In t twenty esidentrump Campgn — Ne Tuesd accoinglyow imptanthis is goi tod th the discussion aut Medica all ysical and all yeah sinessmpact t socia well let mjustay thawe have ery. y e ho that wos forhe patnt for th ce meann termof theuality dung t last campan. just didn’appent’s becaust is e concn tt Americs wod bestinancial healts also A diagnos mak on th is a tmendou.beingf a famy Onand I rlly atibutesf the pre ee the campano the molizati. thound eves thahappene ten ound theountry. Bu y know with lhe respec in th o ‘ ews ithe re b they sd in thaampar prexisting nditio as a benit a came backnd e ha once again agast i. Th said ey wereor pre existionditis becse they kn thatas imptant to e heth andhysil -Financl heth of erica’ filies d gaged a cou case that now on eminatehe affdablegoing go t Ca Act iluding t benef us.tre is differce iwith Hao say thAmeric peopl were divedn thisay u eith belien a puic role. Or y don’t ey do t belie in a publ full in n sa Medice wou lead ta socialt dt So if you d’t bieve ithe publ role. Anthenf you dot belien any ofhis d thas why there the is f moneyn the cket oh proving ncovera wheyou find way andith their high dectible mayogave me thisnvincibl brelet yterdayt her. Iner women confence. If youe youI ver gng to seen higheductieimoney he a And then u get sk or u have anccs And u’rent. The in vy b troub in the anti the iuranceompani been wh rs at we’ trying streserv limi. the roval to lifetime Redu the ct of hlthcar presiptionrugs. An then tid of t junk pls justo name threef the prisions. Now – W were workin furl furtr ruce theost of presentould sig ttha thean. gislatn meionedee w have thre ings f the ppleor the peleowerhe cos o healthre by lowing theost of preriptio drugsn healcare costs biggereserng theg ychecks thabuilding inastrture. Of neathe enof gre w r thewenty fthhree js for thtweny paychesleanerovernmt w think thee terest ithe rst. Two thcost of en m govemento my colleagues only eak to y of these issue out the ecti and Jac. Understa qt ink is pret clear- When this psi? saide’re gna repl andhe And as you kw fm the d i s sigd intaw they’ bn trying tret camend tried tstart. There’no rld wee goin to have a bigge Haveffered absutely nhinglan bel excehe lawsu tt will pealhe affdablearect d take ay prottionor pre istingonditis. And th’s w HRne hr e s somporta becaut be path for u. To haveheheole r people intert be whais at stake and aublic picy not the scial intests and tt applieb. Ofhe jetun sety legiation which is a public health issue Alrit fks iwhen w cm ‘ nna ke outo Orndo the a talking about –als President tru’s big ral for preparing now forll of the peoplr moing is now. Next minute cmercl bre her onen ofcial the on president trums raw Anmy eh to herin a minute – Welme e on t news a nowoes ntin in ingi the Orndolori rightow wre fr acrs ty cityfficia. Artalkg aut torros priden trump is gng tally tt ish announs oiy eltion. d tir rlectn bidhere Orldo Floda swe’r Eaierodayresident trunringhatut- eeteut wh tt — The the acenly lds twey thousa adnistraon havene hdredeats butn thound rs t o he t logiscs on h ty e goingo of really hav curior aund. Battle Reno tre in Orldo let’s ke ritow on ns nowinned Please checko links dot com At07-841969.serve lin. serve for Tsday JeevengailunRais norm schede until ten P.ts And th beginni aten the ll opete threeorth bnd to end th. e Chur Stree stati the last ain i scheded to part at expeigher than rmalau w adde a thi cch said they’ on l e t runng thr coach- But to ense ss n d crowd – A far aparkin i they’rstill ll b purplat work pps a relt. We areaking addition pari r slot wilbe on a shuttletho seice wilbegint sevenM and itilln e Parrore in centr Boulerd ifhathanges oiously wl the thgs -As d wh thaturn over to Thankou buiing ss you kn whaver we he thes typ this ishere’s a lot o anni that es int play the st coue of wks one thg tt we wto reasre also or cize o o count tt we planor the type obush have proving regar serces. Are ny these pe of sits. Flora communityawIt takeshe entl enforcent coune for thate want to ma sured th We give credit whe credi i e to althe la eorceme agcieshere aisting us rit now wvery mh apeciate tt the rm is yoknow — We do have wha we he had a l of this id tohese type of is is th natial — Aouncemt that isa beinmade a f thateason you prable prenceolice preseend st of r downwnrea anhereear t Amway cter anlike Mad awasay sid. Plse mak sure at if u Thatl helps qui a bit ifo aoppol people f theyon’t he anyusinesin presce and again -e’ree nna ma sure that l of our regur t fected ding theisitnd with thaI’llurn it over to chief wells. od aernoon theire chf I wa to adess o prepadness forhe presidt. w enfoementartner our t ioritys heal and sety of a resine downwn aretomorr rst andoremos for pparing foheat rated ergenes – in Flori it ge verhot?nd pecial are o of town visirs are h e heat a humity a then ceainly the the thundstorms lighe picallxpect in t ternoo Thmost impornt thi youan do at in ead pn ahea forour vit tomorr. Stydrate bngater. We sunscreenear ght wght And member staing rm- Standi roo. n please brepad fortandin shrain. And the assocted iues tht t wille osite wl haveentor personl pares s e e queu lines wille a lite longerl y emergeies thatightappen ain we wie very well emerncies- Agai hydraon- Drsing forhe oasion are wille alimateontroldhere dical tts in e que area of theene ha aouple ke teamslso — Mobile f thfacili. Wel haveultipl paramics arou thevent alsoo provideamec d ca and treatnt suld land of re deptmenttthe r sta agenc task force for ha alsprovid a assisted th additiona asset iluding rds- Gors tenards a addional sup. Thank you. we’r heang that th’re gonthe ftt nbersf pele who are going to demonstrate — Howre your peoplgonna prepad were botl e T make se that their saratio think yo will e busisss usual orr In t surroding aas a en we ll hav that coingenc those offers that ha a spealty specily deingith oucrowdontrol theye need you m see em com io the pictu but r the st parwith tree the evt just ke we wouldny othera y deployed in those standg by i e ent thathereeeded. e presint. Backo a hdred tusand pele hap tweets a t about it magnude crowdhat we he speclly worki with l thearne ths entiti . So thever floor is going to be ov her ithisener aa. in as ny pple as ey can. bu we Arepare. If tha hdingrea et area where ty can ctinueo ne upor thevent ielf. resocesour tfor m for isarticular — Evening easy compared to any other major evt like a happening camping world a little bitiffent. ‘s dfere is finitely spialize rourclthoh can getnto t detls of at tho type of reurce are. Re assedhat hav willuarant tafety ohet protecon og to Oando rtainly a cosssociad with th at th te ey’re ways saynytimeou ve a vis like thithere added ct b that somethg tha wey poin oanothe durghe yrme Theenter Flida regn a ry popular pce forheselyhe cii pe of bines and wre gna contineem I’m re ving forwardothe prevenon tte gos someinghat ty’re loong into ty hn t progm foperson Everhing the cef wel commded we ha to maintain Haveade se arraemen t- gesomeusesntoho he likeittlholdgy whermaybe th need to ta a break but this pnt –hose at areommon that mayot know bter. The midi her ipret toug we nto mt e The ather nditio. plse somhing.on thcall rst Li tt’s gng to someor the caaigt a tiet it lowsou to tave into the qt ximum capacy othe ena is maand obviously. A fighs we go bn again ieant tmakeure tha no only the peoehat are particatt basilly takg care of en it mes to e the svices tha ey eector u to reer. Ba to th possility of prests is tre a aa as wel one tho e planng to ve y know a lot opro. Younow at thipointo there e tee o th havxpress an interest area for tme’re goingo the peittingrocess whhem. Orur tm basallyas bn in cmunitioe grps tmake sure ey undersnd whats fa has bee. everythg so Thugh a rmittirocess a e bounries defin yetre you stl wt y requtedertainites f them to falize if ey’reoingo& ulizing. So othe sis that thehave requtedt thisoint ty wile weo ha a prey good idea but ratheraie th itay beelease lat versus tl yn at may chaen. An hr fromow w worki. first endment rightsbviousprote. anyo w hasxpre o wilto or tically a terestn doinome pe o gatherin and we walnghrough e procs wectuall. Gin theermit papwork we te on t do’s a dons and usuay tho a to wther tir ient is so so far- m ve positiv into says evythinghat’s beingone is the entiite what ed to d so policeeas . Trumareas stang hewg. foy fivell rig that’s all inhe cat catrea the tt’s thone ock nor of th correct ner t where a of ese the permitroups. actl it’ a cinar in tha deneds to whe the peopleh can gather and where. mentned wl be and ty’re stl tryg to filize that as r as tt scific layouand shwas up e area wre they’ll be sn i Theris a fivabou shows dot have the awer forhat yet I ir itself for t actua fcedn ea b we’ get t ansr for yo ether. shou be rdy for 70%hanceteople expeed obvious icentral Doub holde are as ch as be poible b peopleeed to be epar tdeal wh tha a whether ty’ll be able to t out he que linendo backnto ihat’n at we’ gonna he to a mpaign [indibl estion [inaudie] Helloinaudie] Yeah. All rit the so cyfficia viously prepared there forhe esidento ha the big rally tomorrow eveng will have bere outomorrow on fo ten phnix.m covage. Starng at thr o’cck Arona ti wl bring to On news nowox tenhoen dot com ll be backore ws n up nt . Welce back everyone he t news n we go a sad u they wereive rht now in Salemr mother — For mehan aonth ght nnver the wkend we Bodyadeen found along whard hasy nowe are gting a updated ther or fr offials let So- Aouple cabbies befoistenn l. we get srted ouestio som of the qstions you ask mn know t answe to th’s why detectesnvolvein thi case ‘re no hereoday n some pas are tting a well been workiust –wenty ur pot wher apt – Reaure– weven t ttlenformaon aut — Whe the bies we recered cause juring it back qution a I’monna opent to qutions again bkn a couplef e e a lot othings that we instigation connues o wn we hav g e Mr war forhe sam kind of seem ka day. Allnswerhat can – But just bu a rticulrea. Onhat hi ere twohingse haveo prog inveigatn t oth this I havan oblation ethically as a t weon’to anying tthe fair trial s are keeping information rathe thanrying in in t in thress as the Is iortant to e that he has anpportutyo defe himself coletely So- With that I’monna I’m- Theser than I can kill abouty littl ing tohow you jt. Things here so at youan — ereso a asou’re looki tshis is city in the. Hi and I’monnahow it he on. the ol g d whicturnsnto Tuer creek areahis ve heavilyoodedroadnd ts Of the city the a hl — Gets the adways froa typilsee View b that’why wasked – kindf such as fice we as at thibe- Putp f so is is e citygain hlo here — wn d then this is the area where are the bodies were recovered. Inhise blowpf this aa so this rner cre roa it’about herehat gd grave. s aut anoth mile a a half om when iturnedo grav d the tre are coupl spu ads to me offf it that ultitelyhe the srchegan To ccentv arearior to is — Th wer fruitss it d not — Delopingnythin force b th is the aa whe we we – Wehere t iestigars were altimatyo t at tha I’monnapen it t questions — Let try tbe thatet — Th’re doi otherrganide testinl gett I’m etty cfident tt the itiI don’have mucquesti aut that iyouw may fe chaes en befo we hadhe te y sterda –hat thexact ct Amanda we s h Thisarticur srchn this limidrea waabout two hrs correc m anywre youill beo they Give youhe informaon tha ey werin tha area can’t te you h the iormati war s fro. wereware tt Mr We tnk y recd I wreap her – tually vor thi this morni recreae – The are oer aas whin the wahouser prerty that w lieve ‘s actuay had — orp in that ea we’ notPermit beo exactlyur- Bu weere awa tt he s miliarith therea but d yoet anynformaon from ecificersons sayi. ere the thiwas just a ally was rllyood dective wo cou detec putti piece geth. Goin tougho begio narr look in th role s infoed you th l Wh box? workrom e detectes.found the Canou telus t e Th Mr wl was conneed to the same m tryi to thk –bvioly with thacp e s en chaingutfits two wks ago ps te Anwas charged — eS inveigatio ws iseen inhe pre alrea so nosay anhing thahasn’t be said- Therreallyas no tell anying toainrom he can y exacy wha t motiv theoes othat — B that’ at’s how thenvestitors gan. Toonenn Mist wds a on t investigation io the many td goin an exact. problyre but’m probaythis ivacyu avoidi givs is tt you n telus abo There iphysic evidee that has beu . I’m t I’mot quiteure my tu to the guyse have twty seah warrts so r. Probab clh waantsave be obtaid an In ts iestigaon. Th’s notn exac numr b ere ha been a l othem – piec was was gheredndutIn thrghr is togher angith oer inrmatio that the ficers were ded e the th fearms in th shting Ian tel youe have if is the rearman’tell you wife is a operatgitness. Raos wtever invvementf any withut saone waor thether. Ises of terest — I wou y that we ntinueo look to invoed in iserenybodylse d s certaly. Wod have amuch aess to Mier wolis anydy she’ a pernf intest o a suspec wa n woul.pef hassment opy And m unfaliar wh that. remas — Paren a all thet m welm ishat itasn’t ng — Been noot inially- It wn’t can’et intthe detasceful I Releing aot of identiyiouy wou . inrmatiothat we ve — T Maybe mour ptiallyut the re hden- It wao it tk sometior ts sabeliev that at ty have bu it actulyook withhe assistan . Are inginghemo an are ere ty could blookedt and dermint belie at thime I gothe call I wt th they’ve beefounderf d we belve that was size and t bodie- Butt wasn’tntil o ene thae veried thain fact thas t e confmation from medical aminer [audibl rtiallin. You. Ca open ery healy wood ea [indible] themo therwere pts ofhe agn I can’tet inttoo mu detailut ultatelyhey we ifhey were entified. thingshat we covering tm — Bu n complely tohe poi whe itasn’t. Wa’t. Discov theatural debs like ] Sothing — Iould noterm i You menoned the rearchhere. I came outf those initia searchec e s . n yeah. Soased oome ofhe inial areas what and -bout a me andok at lf up wasne parcularrea And ene regrpedrought i probably – Fty tfiftyut anher aa a was s up a coand post d so mor spo andhen Dat e shor abl to thin the ount opeoplee hadut there se- . It is longto work onnd how long. poindid yodecio resech what this aa. Befo you auallyound. Becae now[inauble] en looin thether wen. There re mi ry serusectionf whenhe case firsr y wentp ther to dohe seah and ty decid to go ck and thatetectis — Frothe a w kd of shiff’s ficend I don’ kws Went o there to nd of s probab ny f up tre tha. therereas Were ointeresthey din e r sear effor likehene fro partular aa and hed in on that are d forve me guess estion is s it did y guys the searchn thisrea noheh the inre has en gathered ov time. Th infortionas simy the like on thship tre wasoing to gos . b theetailsf thinvestigion at’seally etty ssitive stf yeah. Having fouout hping. Onaturda. Church — We haabout os er beten –orty tfifty sechers tween -Washin unty -Others. r ougroup notnly h — So helpith th me srk and non waye e s ana lae numbf our st of rese btsT Morgantate polic cityM hell are pased. Also ahor. Woering obvious sig fro– can’nswe tt I yid not attenthe topsy mchief depu was auall. Suchad story o tI Salem Ogon ty’reivin you that le r undead ao the ree ye d son undead as well funng to opliftin report. Wee gettg it livepdat in her or a n up nexevernely more news now . It is the video that has been seen all over the world that originated right here in Phoenix soon we will beetting a as the coue.ctivis a well thisideoere where a videoted ens l profities aa family last month l resnding to a splifng reporte’a live update he forour rig here o ns nows soons that gets going so thall bourop In Phoenix I everybodyight ge youe welme back to news now got oneoreour forou rit he on fen era than so much for being pt of Ma ove theountfours you the righ here iro weo wt forhat nsy — Wt nferce l’say get to Washgton DC a fr the state department. Our support for these peaceful protesters I see you on Wednesday thank you very much. All right just like that we got that. Tiniest tail endf tt — Ne th iskay liv look right now t Wteouse her onhis Mondhere –p nna he a bay tomorw as he is going tbe setng out to offials dheir campaign lly thall be haening a tomorre’lu Do comhilee d waior o loca new ct back outhealemr aga nt to ow y a ltle bit re othatewsonferenc And ac –erew d a miing mher mohan month andortu atr donor Honen on Mier wolis ae fnd – suspt theltimatyone in onhe investigatinto the ny tngs his cings a ings aexact probablyre but’m probly oiding givinyou deils ll us out at w There physil edet therhave bnI wl te you m not I n quiteure m rn to thes gs we ve twen searcwarran so fa warrts he beenbtaid anrch execut. In thi invesgati. thereave be aot othem — An throu thaiecefter pie w wasatherednd put th tgeerlong with other The firrms in thehootin c tell you weave fod a firem Ian’t tl you it’s wife is cooperingitnesseshe fir. tios whaterom andhe I no I c’t sayne wayr theutinin] otr sues ointere — I would say tt we connue to ok t e is it s tre anydy els involv i. An sheertain. Would have amuch aa Mier wolis anydy. Bu I’mot gna say tha e’s aerson o intert oa suspec wha i someype o harassmt or cy would. St d I’m famili with at may wl be aurate t I’m the nditionf the rains — Pantingbvioushat itasn’t lo — No nonitial — It wa’tnd I g to reall caful I c’t getnto th tailsbvious wld be. Reasing lotf evidtiary formatn tt we he — The boes werartial hidde — were hidn –tas so i took metimeor the invesgators y beliedhat wha thehave butt acte assiance othe cme lab. I inginghem to anrea where th coulde loodt and We bieved at the te got th call Ias in Eune when got tce eriffhat ty’ve bn foun. An ty willelieve thait hour later aually w ontas all ct sce tha we veried thatn fact that wasntil yesrdayt the confirmaon fromedical aminer [indible] Partlly in. Can open aeryeavilyooded ar [indible] An allhey ha is. All righte areoh ars on th uortuna cident andow takit outo Phoeni. Locally right he where w are vira veo that wen.t day Worldwe and wo s we as e cole he. They had to endure from the Phoenix police let’s listen in now –or themesarbors faly andhe cil rhts activist an oaniz wh Joing us at today pre conferce -o counsel forr Azona Attney Genel e h v U lead ahampio of ghts in our communy say sle — We also hb mes — Andisiance — I Usha hbory sticf I ve my y out of e name yea so — We nt t thanyou- Comi out tod the’s aot to tkboutw ade and we’ going to yo keep ias- s lotf the answe that ‘re for rst – Acce the apogyf the may or thehie o . d tt lackgll subance – One beuser invoed in saulti this faly. theicivil rhts andreiolati terroringhem m Empled by the cyf Phoex an wehink is aolutel abrd that you can apoloze fosomethg d see to move beyd discipling andiringhesehg witutl this situati — Th must happen it we wod hope as black man that she doeset it. Doesn’ lu e r deptment-s runnier sh’sncapab of rninger partment tha m b t fault theolicenion and t sicked byhat she s. she w She was sic i Bu wre sic andired o being sk a c brality sheay beecond. But that’e useer Hvard warn win aa to gure o h to re wri poli soolice offics c tually be red. viole pple’s civ rigs o they Tuesdahie US survivo ofacoberis bthe Edr Caso andis fily b the mily oa mber of pele whoave bn lledr hard by Penix policeictimid by then we That meeng is a sms wellwill ben it is f. is a fce of a wn all. it Weill behere thoh to dp Their opinin what needsoff. happenht commity’spinion on wh eds thappen in der to chgehe empymentolicy at alls pice to t be diipline forhat the d — Inhis – In thisity it sad that te usin the crch i thaway I ppen tknow thathe Afcan Americ. Christialerg coationhich is led e t h reh downo cityall w wt chur bne of r leadg ministers ont ma. handlyor advacyround t single rtin Lher kinunior holidayhe rused t commicate wh the – She dermin their effor to brg peace . An obvuslyou hado ask her wh she doe’t likearrantso it I ms Tuesy to op tha off a to wi the rt of e cmunity to shu thn . Iteally is- Mea tkeep people awa fromednesd cit cocil mting wch we wle andhich will fill wh people aosp ose cy cncil cmbers and allor jtice a makoise. An make sure athe whole juste here in oenix Arina yet I’s s she t out stement-ndl ma staments that all polic ll hav body cerasn Augu at’s been widy repord by ny of you tt i n true at inact she’soing diffence bweeneing ae to sa that eve precit h some meras and all Phoix pice have byt lfur pole wilnot have bodyameras. The cy just go tough vigati the budt pross the was no pruremen f dyamerashey han’t de a sang tt ts communy has ked tm to do in tes of rerming t departmen Thpurchasing of body camas an data stora a evething th goes ong withhat. ter Weesday’ –n town — Tuesda t tohe Phoix city couil wit e victs witthe cmunity- t ofown ptester — T ke sur that puts much Prsure on th city a we can- Itead and Thursy w wil be hang a Than to th hp we’reetting from raiow phrom -rk orgazation — e juscen leue – Everye who reach t to is famyarry peop the wle o blalafoe he wilns leadersh cebrs sic policsommuni t urchasutheir han of tbsolute inessa’s that ey’ve to wor and Thursy oenix wl fillt in ft — Not to gx nexteek wile annocing aof boycot oi a t anges the picy – A ds ghty thi family in tes of what te and the lasy tode wil ve se commeary- Fm my Ushand fm J. von- Arom thattorns and and I mayave encounr the had thisbt it as Poce acced her of ving a gu. She wa holdi twoabies in a being one wan to kn the in th infmationhat th cit s regarng the oicer w arch thi womanndhy a shebvious.the had gungang want the ttell you – Theanto kne trh if they cnd we’ll see if thel rn it er — To send the site. Then Mister horn will hear from ideati Traon and and wll certaiy te qution today. Slayn we’ repsentgforen isamilynd wre ver Fitf all doe abody hav any qstioI . e the any estions all — I I jtO le a imageshe attneys e difrent tn t role o sterom the. a job ase heaid ove and orgain k stic F this famy but I al belve tt I ve a bierole. As aawyes somody w ok the oh — In nineteen for irty ne year I te m ethical y seriouy. Onef ourthic An iortant iss.or the to counity tthe aentionf the communt And ts. Police brutatyn the stato izona haso be tol tt this storhas toe to. Evilsappeng ithe wodr. intoeletec – u the rld doesn know so first of a Ihank allf you w are hereo y beuse that t most portan. Thg that can oy clies Is. . Myaughte jusad a by iner Novemb Iar beg thrnnto a pole car he first. x mont preant woul’t btolerad ithis happens I o a instreerson our ciety. An it sms tbe tolated in Arona. We just leard that female f oicer did nearch Usha. Anmalefficersearch her y tt’sutragest’s har ough tbe six mthsregnan a hundredegrees but tbe With aaby iyour arm andosix mon? be talne you. An the by a be to to pu th babown on hundr gree gund. Th’s truly bbaric a s the couny t t al I’m n sayin anythg. Thatasn’t. t rget the oer btali ces Phoen the are pole brutaly cas re alseprentin Edwd brownhoas lin k d now fesriminalctio he’seall the victiothay . The wld has to kn about this toand thmanyther. Africa Arican n whwere. I have ith in e polilice. ief I take seriolyhat sh got o dnd apogize. haso happ I alsir thinghat Thank the yor ‘s n aot untilhis sts why are thl rking. is treot aion taken ts thenly reasonoand on and atteion I tnk thihappensieve isg than god the w.this and. willtart bievi.And now mbe eveon abt the Thank u You ve anyther qsti. Hi I’m T warned- We get ked a lot why wdid a ten An t rean is because of e physic- Oulients we comiant. fami tre he dn’t wt any00f the s troue hes . The poceman ca with gun. Getim oh e hot asphalt- Hd coach J too tigh. i . Put m up ainst the c kickedis les limpg now a can’t do is wor th he was doinat a warouse th invols. Then puned h in e back f reaso hard — And the a then wn he w put i the poli car He d abity to otect em a tching them being ing cruel — To he h to e moth of h childn. tookhem ouof thear in the adlock –hey tyant her commsion bause sheouldn’ puthe d lk. a stnger.end up ging it to Wh s trust mehan th lice oicer – so itnd th she w throwheadirst. brutity in the case whe the invidus we a 100 complit all of h no exce fort- Is the ason tha wve made a ten Noticef clai-t thitime.millio d. But we will hear. From Mmes and and fmiss Harper – Thell be some ditial remksnd then Soe where picie from eions. mayornd f. s n done anying thelp halfpology.feelsike ‘s a Like t officsre sti A anpen iput in me images on mobiln cases hear s evenore that ey’re stl worng thais being don the fily. To thoffice th is beg done fors asar as seegt ficertill wking a the real wanti them ofces be fed eryone kws theare no f toe poling. offis areeing heln osee counble atll. y qutionyeah — Honesy fami beginng onV.i tthe Afr y’ve Rnomeo rough the m and tried to Andustify wt we alaw t justifiae. You rely oht to ck upe . The mayor kwsur pho numbs. Tholice chi knowsur pho mbers. The waso invation to me toity hl d getn apolog or go to e policety s mily. Th theyent on an alogy tourhat’sd cally -By any peoe. consencehat it demding t inhis ci. osubstaeone Sohey m hav tught tha they apolod topologi. t agai thiss twey neteens not goin to bereated.rnot bein ande want to ologizng leshn tohe aimop famy. Gramn down a apoloze t eir fa bause wheou wantedo tear d rn tmnto ain foil in unrwearhe youidn’t have the mera.tingn fron of d sayin ind doi that eyught tbe ashed of themseesata e themlves bore they apogizedhey ne to rent. They theyhey me thethey theyaid y apologiz the theollar stores not. Younow wt Iant y t They tried to deroy ts Whhe fir video w put o?amily. We kno fe expeence lie you.ce deparentould And thedidn’tie to u. Whh iwhy we relead the second via Theyhen sento a steen pe porthat Wson even compled unteeke evt tooklace. backoundn theffices they rese to ve me tirames and badgeumbers ey are n bngonest. Didhe say ts o Phnix PD is we bego diff this is n out ofherdinar here tst x izonaith th polic dertmentnd if you d’t believ us. As therizonaepubli ask one thei asset the n tim askism yo local ailiatehat ty ver here the cit o Phoeni dth. Beatgs andayhem. Athe hands of this police You ow we d anoer chi Garcia ande resned bause he fnd e e An Jerry Wilams I do fl eith a y knowhe’s likee’s id she a hosge in is e’s if e doesnd ishe don’t. standor youeople. For yove tak ople. For youpeop so — W confnt t may and theTo lice chi to thr face Whe ty’re sws m excus me cusee to cusee toheir Antheeaso why wreoing is is cause kno Thathey citylrea faly i askgor t mor ts sayshey’ como d to he Iidn’t ow we colleed a deare. Iidn’tnow welect alind ma I didn’ kw we ected a db y. But t fac of eatte is she’ bn on e cityounc sh ud to reprent sth Phoex disict Eit sh preded over the diricthere mt o the play politsnd tryino pute Butt’s n going to rk thi me becsehe who wor is awe ohe sittion so-t To teome quesons fro y –me –e. out everything that’s going on and aays will fr startont nish. Please ask away. The forhe samname. Where sayg at? Wh are y sayin made li s that everhing andhey foot to putn thparthereheyeat Whe th tough t motrr- Tomm Thompn the skesmanorre the de? Ha a pre cferencight And tughte td you at t offir- Onn thfamily for thr secon anTomm Thoson shut up anen thett couldn f Thats a th is a li. moratitated th thete faly say. What tt ho cribility e s ologedor ialready no one’s filing crinal charges against them you want me to speak to imin chaes i don’exis [] Ye absolutely. I ju neeto maka stement out th. First ofll If you tk mantimess a wyer i we inta cot room o s to m w e argent whi w dnot let’ jt aume erythgasse ue in at steenage port ‘s sll wld n jtify the rrorific thisolic deparent.rric aionf at’sur poi s iyoutole I kn wre dy t to what ey d n. t’sustayt wa onl for thresecoshich wknow it s an iis tee s thr secos ia lg te a carrng a bab seadthat sixteepagel viewhat in whee’re ppos to futed in cou t even if every sine thing is tro beeft. th t conusio. Thathesefter the ft t t Rit nosayi thaof allhe foy no they never they never no oneaid no no tt’s notrue u must be lking tohe may d the ief. sayi you kw make walk wn — Names omostlyhat they algedly olen. Whe wherhere we — Wll the fact a the mits thighthem n Butou knoyou’ gon have askhe pole chi why she the mor apogizedo apparely wha i tory to shn you as a couplef ret. d up. to y thathis press o thed deote theideota says everytng dothingheyid jusfies what’sn tt e d the unfornateo th ntlema said there ocry acrosshe s ing aided no one buyg th polits orhe spa of diractio tt’soingo try to jusfy . To tto tm y kw the if th’re wking hart it’s ill punh these. Twand hassed tm d slanr tm in t med steadf firin tse oices of figingw t takend t fouyearld the s owhere s’s at theyant come rest Havet it. I’m I’m’m not speakgo any of tt u ishisamilyolla not presngnyharg e . peopleutven if tyolvetre he sle tenacks o underarry rolef d a partrge ia pear tre om famy dlar it do n justifhat wp have a queion theerver we wi seen thvideo what s ilikeo ben that tuatn It was vyerrifyg for d my choos Very terfying fore any ildren bause ty nevebeen. spiall way I guns point athe sih th d I aays ught my ughter someing. t polic or Li. That hpening. polihey caot depd onhe Which ia very sadituati causmyaughter iterrifd As t pice wt the bed she thi da. kes up the mdle nit crying stilattach to me latel can no went there m she’s probg w weh in o the bause stare rrify aumatid. How d yohink tt was going to e up have dea Ds sething d was ing toappen. To me d mchilh mont I thoht I w goingo be st li. In mface. An a allypesf thgs How aryou gu ? Yeah shes ve. becae le with a of thimizing yow going I e o the deo Ion’t le watching the iss mean. shoun’t hapn the by doll. e caseight b they nt to sa le ittilloesn’t [inaible ibasicallyusty theiact. This. No didn’do anying s ‘s not tn I doifferely it’s is to Hi.ferently. Additional qstio for Mister James council. Whatakes y answeany questions you might have? What do ? . Yo life ramily’ife — wavery mucso if ere fory fami let we are gng to bexecute d by t look god oy Somee washere t videoace . is y kw I an en if wereoing to bexecute tt y seonead onilm d hontly don’ think that they now kw we’ alive we acally can sakp anday And ve ourite istoredut they thed cor this that. How th wanto cove? to jtifyo killow to y t stify at thedid to me. Ane yeaold a ur yea old. pregnt motr they’ tryin toustifyhe Chaler is out. Payi forhinkinhat.those. ayeoplare foow ts does I ve bn ab to slp a. ght I ayp al nightnd i Geing th bla especlly tust kps n do whetht l seveminute. harm in the situations and the tn e Phoenix lice dartmen ‘s sooor th ithatt wasn’tnougto o e Wel tak som questns b mayb it’ be calati a sentivi trningn diveity tining – Ner real happed the sos of ings tha we’re taing tyou abt a l of doo imovehe dartment. ll ver reall hapned andhat kes ape a vtim. victim.s theolic of e Too caus ty arputtg thut to rk aob witut prerlycreenihese oicesn skiethao hav a shoage. Of pice in e ci oi s ha recor and aren the Th iwhere y comeo work foan offer didou can get awayithd unt thivide Onthe morn. Laniays d meanall [inau] Gu It’sot sinre a dozenG. one atl. She aays he sothinto s. Justifd . An the the a they re actual like. I ink maxeso many estionlike y know ke Lielinauble]dible]. eech is. The police servicesheiriredie] And te of jusce. ey wt theolic oicers fire but t full st of juice. Taddresthat The ty of Phoenix doe’t have engh moneyo pay them r whathey py viole somne’s mUnited States cst. . Hodare thedo tha? How re they that but y owhey prably wilndp bein this mik l a ry tt woul be okith But ver mi that videope? They’valread paiy . Thersore cases ed own Jab Par it’s nbout t monee wt them to stop Stop kilng ouroung m and killg ouroung m and Hire t aboutensititynd dersityle d a autt aut thenner city Iean Id th? Thblack sheepo do tt in thensidef the eloymen contra fore e faile to ain clae s may have vlat ma need to beired bause o ee had ahoice of tw nths ago. whene wereiring – Policeaears ao chfs to hi the whian who wa a fmer polic chi of And to beuite honest thughout t cil right communy it y tak atrong hand i wn hend tel these other white les tt ty’re n gng to trt peop like at in. The only wh I said you tnk en theption becamaware or rerding tm? We thi that ld thesct e situion. That rightust aittleitthisome ae gettg sho on cama a thee ti t thetates we bin kild I belie. Hetill ft like doing Okay. There’t poce rort eah’m gon t hifini buthe connued to sit a l e poceeporups th theact ble. d aing queions likhat sic buit’s ithe lice port [indibl But [indible] Thpoli. don’ wanto hearhemllyueions All th’re dngg Ba ohateve there tryglk. don his art anis en more a Is wy s the veohe fai. Th snds omy dauteras crng andou ask me abt some dws dauger’sace tthe t me abt some dra. taba thahas nohat’s One us re e o n’t. dersta w the will th our fulnameo secutyn to ke ue run o baca . An a aga iwillring m sligly forrn y llot b chaed with ything thehief aapologize yore askg. Th queions abo things that the ce . Relyhe ones w shod be answing thd them about the underwear. ke gtingack tohisosa Hey I assu tt’s st barric a jtifition – Wod be bght bynybody. derveo beave have tugh The int o. Wi with. e wa that is thifami was eateapp. That is nokay a I wt to ke atheroint ts isn’a battle. Evy sgle poin thn th thiss about that video.erhe facr Andgain ourotto le is nothg jusf. The are thesare arme Indiduals pb o . e wholor I d’t evenare it wro tdo this to ybod. d wha e d th ishe pnt. Ye. Right. You know. We’vseenhis hundretime. Weide. wasn whistng at white tha g he won. Go onl knows wre we’have to fd h. So this juste a civil rightsctivs s fami and i t commutyot just u bun Lano m and women Jishen an wen gammen anwomen. Whe myeople conscus andnd aoncern forumanndnd Are n interted ithis. stificion nartive it’s reallyix f e and fenseble aoluty recnizes thinglike tt. Wh wt? What wt what? The methinorhat ‘re yings thf youant take the pice rept andou To g out on a lb and aept all eir fax beingrue they go o ot theyoldnderwear inten for oiand ba dollsndustify Th stehat’our chcedeope. Younowhis is wil be haed out in cou butf you lee to asme tt they commted a crime to it you consen. Thank you very much [indibl CZ rs e clearly n taking the apology of the police chief Gerry Williams and mayor Kate Guy a g e in. All of last weekend andow I nna read off the statement from e Everay Phoen pice ofcers intertith thoands neighbhoods acrosshe city on occasion andnteract an inractn ceives iense scriny byhe public d the road apartment thats. As it suld be as police officers each of us mus be held w r f using only mosng without obtaining fac or in igning cts it does not benefit our community plea h y to receive the results. Of the on going investigation into the events of may twenty nth twohousand nineen compte we ar in in is posion. To elain it based o vio tt has qte gone viral moving forward we hope a reason and calm will soon become part. Ofhis community. Conversation and that w the la enfceme assiation wil Phoix be backt . o Houss the rd ttwentyte Democrsut on throad coinuingo campgn- We e gng to now bngt ou to Hes.s whe senor Kal ing tnallhere a as e i trygo be theumber one contender for psident trp. ese iividua who underood ekillfhe prossion of lao tranate theassion ros of o count.theourt An to he importa work of remindgo must alws hapn rendin folks. Of tt gat promie arculadnevente seven x whic is tt were all and [inaibleead as equals I deded toohe worI wanted tdo ant ward Uversitin a sady [iudible you. ey went ck to Cafornia we home and andnd wento law hool. elecd as e firstomanas distct attnS Frcisco- was. Afr twoerms ected athe rst won Attney Genal of thstate Califnia. e geral meanor the Uted States Setend all that leads me th to th campan. And I wiltell y in myntire career I’vonly had o client And . i for e peop. And so you kno sce wn n thcampgneopl he be kingf coue why are y know i-hinke allnng and tu the story our cntry.t in requings eh as dividust is and coecth Question bei w are w a I thinke e answ to atuestio. w are bter an thi. Then bomes at d . g purpts to a learo the he andow mt ben the binessfo h anjusteinaudie] Wh wan tbe a leade muste in theusines ofestori? Eql oppornity forll peoe So tho are se othe reansto suce. m runng a I gue tre’s person reaso which isn my sier mnd I wwereaised a mother. But you’dver met ourothe u woul have oughhe was That if u ever cameoments. mplaing aboutomethi. Oumother wou lk at y woulaska strghtace she We whaare yogonna about it. So I decid to rufor esidt ofhe Unid Stat . For a mente . We cerinly hav been tking about t coup yea is worth towing ings athat inanate object lledhe tevision He kw gng througl We’v been talng aut thes. impoance of truth mtly in the ntextf the nyntruth at we’ beehere. Bu I knohat we so tnk out t impornce oruth in th conte whichs. The a a lot ofolksn our cotry who rhtly. Fe a gatense odistre tirovernmt it’ stitutns and lders d thehing about a retionsh of trust. It a riproca relatnshipat its . An onef the most imporntou give. [inaudle]n tst Is tru. t tre’s a funny tng abo trh. Speaking tru can oftenake pe. d for tse of us who a in th business ospeaki behind micrhone a oftenehind poum There’ an centive tt when we spep . Th wl me everye fl loly wilsprinkle lovely st all oe Job ll havbeen de. ll speingruthhe nos Yeeople may wk away fro th conrsatio thiing. likehat I d to hr.ilarly fromhat cversatnay owing it s an host convertion. Soone saks truth andow you ar loong at mekay caly at areome ofhe trus you ha in mi. Well I will share somey Nevadao little. Chartteslleid n makit clear. If ts dinot make it clr Racism ai semim Islaphobia these iues a real in . ey areorn t of hate te whi overhe last coue yearsas received w fuel. d we mu all agree Weome bac everyone re the Eiffel Tower there in Paris and who s the great ge yesterday fromur US. wen’s soccer ze yesrdayain up tee tee on fox ten so st to noover game. once we’re done herrigh. always later clock tonight happy Monday everybody we got some top stories Three have yoseen Avengersnd game no I mean ey’rjust can’t get into iI n’t ow I know Inow m th sameay bs se it morehan one hundred times. The same one the same the same movithe me m. then we’ll head to Michigan wer . It w a fe I syou’ find haened.thegot ughtnd wt Whwoul youo th exaly and en uorte rthwt we d anherreat way l washed ashe th tim an organ? wellecibelake a lo at the as well Alrighll theews a litt bit thankso muc wll e thers o more ok yr t day fts cas in the mid one hdred sthat’s the norma right now in June but take a lk as we get into xt week. Under aundredegreesn June w y know at tha t calls mo that’s realllucky Thos typ of mperates wle you gotn . of t surroding vleyhat’s gog to d it fous tod here on new. Fojoinings here always brin you d couny we rely.oshe Do onur Preciado d tor me nsnd uates always fox t Phoixotom willavehew n stream all t wayntilight o’clk t. Was my sehank so much f joining s . light erybodyood ternoonnd thankso much for watcht of oxen my name is Clark area some of the say hello hoing livews cfereeereia hea in regaro a . news cerage let’s listeking dn invoinghe s vicms d al takany estion that you ght ve as ll soany turnver ro Alrighgood aernoon as we alknow whad ver troling- can wh regd-o gu violce — Thiys e of wch i — oould s a kindf areakwn owhereyou were – Of our tnty e inhirteeof tm — Wit someri’s ws mo thanne vicm- Tyn for were auall twe ootingncidentsut thas dieren — Shtingictims one st nht wh. Six oplehree uble at wershot. Six aore homici sones wa not iolvingun violee We’v got onehat we lieve is iol- an innocenbystanr -One it wasrugelated As I sd o by vehleno ere thmotiveare unown — The nar. In t motive catory-or were rated. a weree bieve ourangelated onwas oad ra- To leas one oernciden- Thata And .ate to a r. We’ree rain chaenge i — r eorts tget ourrms You’ hrd us tal about opation ten pnt — Of all the shy n focu arere pinint errs — So carly ithe inrestf full dclose coerns abo possie displament dn — Thresult that em from tt ae arouhat.usentsentere Say-learly we’ve gotte severavic. l e throhout t city.ounow at’s Clearl somef the ung pele from tg down in th tweth dtric uld reprent tha — But we histies- Tre werknown t We got basicly tee whoavelice. Befo tee of e vicms. I ink we’ got to ere’s been shot. e victs righnow — T arres nge fm evethingrom naotics arres — To ior firear ag affiation well. Anso in dition to wh we’re dog withen poi clear wee got trampp our patl effort. I ll beoing that. By incasing o l forts –n a aroun tse pi poi heres ae’ve had me modum o succehere buwhichs evidcedy. Thfacthat oyne shoing happen in – Buwe wilincrease the numbe of ove woedo tile you on Fday stke forceill worng tand Saturh will b pushi them d s Threo’cloco fourMo trytial hou – toover se of the tes tha ‘ve bn deang wh. thcityide wrant svicein dition f at we’ve hadostecentl i the visie cces narcicsnecoving -ests -or effos we wl connue- I’d li to gi you the effts- Ishis a stack that I wil ve you tt I ke given about e numrf arres f rear reled or arrt so wh we ca befor — Tod w have eig huned awent eighhundreap That nonnectith ant otr crim eightundrednd entynd jt by cpariso. date.our ndresixty ur it’slmosdo. – It’seeks t two iues one ou the workinnybodyho sugges oero ok athat stisticnd y n see . See th e othe things — I beg thquesti ofhats happeng tall thea violions -hat’s lot o ople fks Eightundred twty forhis tif years Someing that’ vy conrning snifi. to us t spea to a lack of conce out cari theseuns legall — D’t knowhethe at’secause they’ not ncerneabou the csequens t do know thathat nuer is verylai u knowhose areuns we’re the d of e day he speso a wilngne gundhat w bieve ia need to sure t eres accotabili I sai is morng Thisepartmt i deparentng — at doe belie in form i evidced be ne you ready ow thaunt my of [inaudle] Hower. We also kno tteople ve to beeld aountle F olatin the lawerticay when icome. e weaps viotions which- To Ifou fee theres no. coequenc or no conseences r doin so tre areany peopleho wid Homehe lecause there n rried about. him have see w.ause we’ not ag ese people Are carryg the ithe fashi at the are a soor us re throh intligence — ich isy ccee from my alysis from te Aslready tol you wh onl e bein in a pinint ged haveo makedjustmtsor s we that. 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You eherew ttheo u bein disinnuous oesn’t chae the ft that isery sious. addrsed.needso be An it nds tbeddress om a histic sndpoin re goi to coinue tbe vigilan o et be usi Intelse do – rgetow there dois many ings as we can to emhe ti ogun vience weo need lp. We need r peop to unrstand at. Pocing alo will ver g a sidef the an b tha we d’t mea t atistihat y repor fm one ye to tt precitous decne in gu olence for ts city. Anin ord to dohat there ar multie this th need happ — To g that don. Ano I thk man of you know th som o youon’t rept that. But yr mo thaustolicino ge a so Needs to nr the t ot li a have thing to do wit somee wl idata undouedly. Hear tt wh I’maying am ying tha you are. Inined tyouave a prensity tresort tgun violen y sl countae otheiseegallybleoa not posses firearmn e . ther you shod kw thaif youo so as toursel in hm’s waye u’re eher no goingo removeoursel om troub a bece tentiavictimor youant t offeer as resul ofulling e tgger on eun you d’t ha any busins havinhe first ace d so. No onl a direcy. all the tngshat we’ doing andffot lationips wit commuty s at wean connueo get informion. Onnrder. Totave off ge filed violee in thg n progms thing that eot typica of t causeeelieve the i nes beten ppleho arere a stgglingTo finome see ofope –ll those things that aret we wouldormall dout we will not w s at we ssiblyaneople this weari aboutunfire. Yo need to kw ands manyf you alae e Whore sell bton fing gunsnd harme th tyon’t ge a abo ing th to u eitr An so we need tunderstands city thate have to me issu.ns and dl withhis And bvigila our eortso do so we will d thatl n ho sef you y havomed ry specic queions about th homicid tha we ha. Ifou do capinsereo outlin se ofht . Th isart ofur tim l the os tt riva the os that what y we’rnot taing about a buncho ofating weapons we talk and stated the our weapons and and and I’m glad you asked that because one of the ways. That they’re getting these this mulpleimes pple cset Peopleho aretherwise legally able tcarry firem war. Posses e if y couldafe guard at web. have permito iyou Safe grded iyos isot bei anti gunor tho fks youight want to he at tha is no what’m sayg m sayi if yohave. Onpleaseo n allow tha somee.geinto t hands of becaehe a T wil tel y?eith it Thathats f r city. Inur cit and so tse a thgs tha can hp us issu ithe Coonweal ofn nnsylviaelativ to r gun t Laws howenient they are weon’t ndo add tit putti mor guns ohe quithey arstated the aeet o yesu apons. Ar capab fire mtiple round and iy whathese pple do arre sd he wle held d’t hav prog Th’s wt wre loong at pele.pThat’ what ‘re loing aso ya deepive tfigureut exaly at is ppenin with l this an and Ion’t. capacity is the pice departnt a a happeng aevery sp of an arres since – Bute it dsni a we’vgot a it thas traing. l are gon rest tsee whe they a at hpened wre it haened and wre s whatappens.ll and tsee Ve hard ready. Weot a ptty od feeork from whicht y thatn the w thiwe wer ing wi thatuestionut you beer belve thas one t ings wre loong at t rememb. Just e imin justi systes just e pele staing uhere- It is t juse ther. eir judsnvolve tre ere’sther – Entitsn the we wt to maure that w a rking to gaer. And tha the are n any liciesr anytng so. Wee tryi to do ithis cy. Th may iact tho nativy I me thasg t isone rest I jt toldou. Th’s a l of guarrest. They do stt ofonnaesiden so Iaveou thattat f. Twthousa fifte thathat’s agaiicanolks a and so speak to me the ft that so of the guys. Thk they gure sethingut Ande’retratic.e gd. wlerelatiher It jusakese woer a we Are tha good or iit tt I’ notorried aa gun to orr about the csequens of caying aun in ty Philadphiainaud] See And the’s pele bn arrest ll [indible] s. Yebuthat’s t evennusual for s we. There iues wgot toet at theeartfh s – Anfigure outow taddresit. Ando what wre trygo do llectilys a city ght we wee stillot. Taing abt towing the prosin at I’m n I asayi tt thereas t balanc. Balae is thword oheay. Bancekay and we heatime and mega. at younow l’s not fget in ts is aationa conversati. Let’e Th’s n that’ notecome fenderentr. And inur fushat weort abt the pple tha a out directorndirecy direcy. Meing you’r onendividual so s r bglarizndirecy isou hav to e thi cnage you heo . Ando theseoplere jus a reictims anyby els and the are this thatannot be nored d so we lly acpt. Our rponsibityr forts are. Ai to dre dn gun olen body here tryin to flect Enoughe What were saygher peoe. thate can do it one and atheeople outhere that ar doing this stuff. from pfessedo careo muchy All the pple we bei overgain a that st can ppen littleore clity to the eight e de e e . s may some lks a less inined tbe worri about t nsequees rht in some esenecdot. And so is is wh the de d e back. Right t we dknow. mo gonnaest ar beingade -hat cat ich i should distuingo everyo -e t t migh be threason hundd and twentsomethg a re from- For pple whoad no binessarryinguns onur street at’s aot don’t re whathe reons steps ay. Fr Januaf thisear do ght tod s just sti today and s at’shat’s awf lot o nna rts onut agaoming ba fullircle. We bievehole heartly tt apoach ithouldn just be geto theearts and minds ofututtn people who fee le theyave to do . d ext revge ty hav to al wi thisype of bevior t sub culre oome youngen o feelike th is norma to them d becae it is t is notndo we’reosin generaons o. ople w cou otherse to othe greathingsecau ofn emotnal . Thatould b handl for ffereny so ether y’re a pent a cch teacher aI saidhis mning haveoice tt resoteple who th you people thacan ma a diffent timateoal i tget a ung n n to ck up e gun e firstlace An not for u to have to al th thi accouabily aspec pele hd to elhopelessvidee timan Provide pee moreo addr lifendou hav The st worryg abo you stetreator yr repution an ahat somne impacng thatoes fou el likyouave too.o convsation tha need otec itheset ppen I am coerned. at rig now both natiolly lolly ware souliredn this notno y e thin aut refm. bett I heart wn I wa the othwiso nehborhos ty he. People talbout e th this nee to chge and at w need bear tgher on cri thag out iis n the nrative rightow is no wasalked about was aonferee call thi mornin with tl er t natn. o have silar conrnsell lked abo not fgettin out t vicms t victi ght a this is wt’s k esn’t mn therimina sticeyste doe’t nd? refmed becse idoes is nouestiofe didn belve at w woun’t of enred into largt deptment ationo have cple. e doo cleaye belve i at but w als believe in lance awell bause we hav obligationo prott peoe thre out trerying ve a dent quity ofife concned atll aboeekd and [iudible is weend we ware alys ccerned about becs ‘ unrtunat vy pro. You kn you alwst e to srtomewheight t itn manynstanc the alleng. Firing o. thishootin and o thatouen migh be u ppened the d befor for mit be frosomethg tha ppenedwo yea agoecause Anthey dn’t foet. ja? And so ey wan i You ow onef theiggestn sues tt we ctend with. The drugs o anoer o today andhatr stuf that hav. Acsshe cit or ugelated shoongs for myria olated ffert drugs notusteroin I tnk some lks g upset beforeecan g abt peopl whoanto smok rijuan itheir use that noingo do withn indiment ofhe mam lking abo. To dr dlers the druhat’s the peoe Iorur of dgelated sotingshat ‘retill hing or rijuan don cef you oke rijuan in youhousehis yo busins tha is nothat I’m sango want to geing re bore out mijuana tt hasothing to do wd . g d how eyave me to adore lue you tal tsomebo you hisife-ryino you nof tellhat th hae e frkly wil sto coldille and th’s e not the vtajoritanyf them w belh don’t know how tget ou th are svageab. to svage does it a es werehe ont wa tpreven. om goi to age V. R.. hospit welca u for tjail at’s wt we’ryin tdo progms thas why wehink ts whye r Anody sepproach impornt I dothink ty goa queson. Thatt. What? Maers it isumber fty ght Frid and Sunda by the whole thing we can produce So yhhing. e indent occred. Very gd afrnooe. We hix homidencidenn — over thever . r rst f I’m sry fif indent. Ocrred outne Suny eveng atpproximate ten OeighPM Told dtd to thecenef a mahootin bi place.ix ninon a rdinsidehe d Arvingffics locad mero shootg vicms ande gone tnspa spitaln totatherwere th was ideifieds as K. I Mr met thewas tnsport the esbyrian Hospil wheree was sseque tefortthree e othe fivsurvivused fromifteen ttwentyoure ars ol fouof tho were juvenile r prelinarynvestition incateshat a rbecueas thinki play proximely sevty fiv ople- A thatas locat insidehe psa d e cookhe coo os srted approxatelM thos gs gatred wer cebratin vario graduatns r fries and mily. A oup ofhree blackales lotrea ofixteenn a rebirth. e maleescrib as weing a The les fleowards t the sketball cous and exid t park ned bird. To distrt offers obser getnto aewer mod sverd ssanr of the oicers atmpted tstop t vehic buthe offd. Vecleoote thefficer Weste Rers thseventy purst in orr to atnd the patrureau aell as whndnt is imin intligenc beau. On a ofollowg uon seval Now ta qstions doou thileads h. e viim wasalkingith a I cat I c’tay scificay ohe offder wod haveeen. Fingt so I n’tay wther you spifi. Cayou spl that. Of hisast na igoe T pronoue it s midnht – A.. The yearld. e gun K. uss. From the rorts Iave there late youhink that ght be reted poible n reive a reporf that [inaible]o thiincide Shting oround the pa las ay thending a looking at ts poin me thiand wee we’r very eay ithe ely stage of th investad to tn away las night. We sho thei that infmationight now Bad elingsre typally u. that’shat lauages dwe use toescrib. Kerr’segular and and te have en abl to th is ts type of hum si . Ion’tnow it’s n unprecentedow wve Yes one ts is o into ur getting g it inot a rson and he a mo becau tt’s wht is it’s a mshooting volvin multip pl t Of iwasn’tasn’t ithe rk wi it waactuly occred on thstreet e coup call ithe ca with the th o t one the thas corrt yeah don’tave any spectn. For inrmat. o So o our hicidel oour it investators will. Backacked in trngo loca th vehiclehat’shereabts in and ta fr that video. Clickn the ports h Six es whacan inhe mido make i coue thgset thewere beuse thereere two otr victim onm hospal a so thhey th samencidenhich w wathe derstand a that’why. I ow I typicly tryo tell yoin the beginng it at I’m sang iprelimary I dot belie wl 10%tion shoorshey cod he been the tan peoe ta hospalfo that sethi o ear aut as tyour queion about sst lalhat so othe fos d. disaee with where you’re going. So we’lleave it tonybody Alr lks [audie] afteoonnd thas so mh f tchingews nowhich ia partf ox pha is. ago we ha sin beelive in Philadelphia Pennsylniahere they had an extremely violent wed so again happyoney everybody thanks so much foreing here we e solad tt you are here totori ofheay nowirst of our wee gog to he to e Midwt wera coue was arstedfter boaing. A flight wit se fak Is let’s finut exact how they were caught and what hpene to is parof Oct t Airport ialways buzzing with people arriving. And depaing. Thee knowhat’s the bt way but ju kin of sced mak me woer why the Mhigan coue isccusedf usin fake Iso board ti. The insid the tminal lwaukes Mitchel Inrnatiolirport are surprised how close they came to take off. prosutors theale spectng to whe rea name is Robert De more in dropd his wallet. Police say a customer representative with Southwest Airlinesicked it u andound numerous intity cards in multiple nam. Multiple credit card in gift cards variousamesere also and s posgs Johnmithore Poliay he ldhe woman he was wi dg Th havnothingn us I’m gla that pe d I’m gl peopleind oftep in a itould he to do. F r safetynd oth solel s e femal suspehose real names that t law f raw w al tveling und a fal containg nebook listiher rsonal ideifying inrmation. And sial surity nbersf woman sh was prendingo be authitn federal pbationallor raw swo warnts forer arrt of the sta. s were slen and alleglysed by theor editas bn ruined All ght coinui o t n whe areat wle whed u wes dead. absotelyrighningre andhiss ientts o the there ying to gureut ectly KT h bn coring it quitet gng aae a t so let’get thlatestn thnorthwt. The way it looks a lot different than those pictures and it’s not a smelly as you might think cause water whes over a Recely biogists took pieces of this creature to study so they can fure outhat itge how loy ha died. Certn thin are whed upn the beh. Dr a cro is is mber four so in front of ue e largumber four a string Wales washing ashor in Oregon and all alo the wt coas w know iWashington was aeady — Had been t to seaor qui so time accordingo the naonal oanic andtmosphic only arod a year old they’ able to harvest a lot of the necrsy.whaturned up ithe Was mh lik wt oer we’ll randings revealed now trition liky contruted to their death. Researchers say gray whales feed but it appears se did not put onnough weighlast yea and waback to e atic. For no -heir She it n Bu for beach goers it’s t latestm . You think t owner wou drive ople awa thashis te of imal tcomes in terms of free becae it’s oss andll thomosy at the what ey don want to getntd It drying peoen t is a ally rare chance to t this closei en if i isn’t wha you’d expect from a seworld experience. And no they won’t be blowing up s to t des building aolet closer de eugh let peoplon the beh won have an issu porting in Warringn Bnda lly xwelve Oregon. l rit aaili Brea w usin a seletir wheookive tre thawasttl ettyoole’reonna mplely stchearsow is esti tim erybo on thi Mond onewsowow manf you have seee t’s. e the has u emoji is toecau Iustidn’t li itanot Itopg ev thoh I do le Robert Downey jid Buhis xt sry Iave for you as about a Florida man who h. Wh this buttemell srts the nd is is rig arod thelintheg knows me?f the aff already Riverview i praically h condome. Iorerounen to elve hours. Anthen I get hom take a shower a quick shower free snacks. his roine down to the..e’got A grea. Popcn and aood movi. Evyinglnight tonhts a the hour a fr minu long super ho. I ink ofhe mie stars a art reting the ddlineo my han inv Say the mel tharoune I wil. might be king who onarth uld spend such time here ndisould s somne on a fomostinem proctionsds attended fos been an amazing experience with so many people coming to the movies every single day a Landis says. Showing is a different experience for many people would think that watching a movie more than one hundred times would be A laingisagreou kno ery time iand nniewing there’differt peophe last thinget on and tn theye the es diffent.xcited everyime is ti the ld is als enjsy observg ney haveototicedefor. love the movie byhis pnt ‘s als looki forrd to rehing t fishine beathe las wld recor. Se by Charltean w watch Avgers infinitar one hured anhreeimes. sto ben t safe de the land ihopet engh foxhirtn ne I don knowf Ie r w t Flora m a thell rht hava gdonda toptory r you nt y kno fl goo Mond top st . explosiono les get the details. You could call it a home coming both of s legs serviner losg Afghantanus rine lanceorporaJohn curtn. currtly live is multi level homet of t house — Tre’s threolds aunf e van every doorw my wheelchair doesn fithrough so doorws bere corporal rtain and his family w’t ha to deal with any of that. Featuring fty scial adaption is brand n Williams Couy he has bee built full aessible just for All anks thomes forur oopse heartories fro vetens they ve the jurieshat. theirxistin hosn thei whechairs esn’t t through theathroo You know the they just served ouo crawl across the bathroomto use s Mihell says the homes ature pulldown slving le unr sayiuperior free bathroom. Yoname it this hom has it a makeife a lite easror veteraho h fiting terrosmost nin elen the catastrophicall injudher t their sion. Th medically retiredromhe miliryy You knothese hes corpol rtainemembe t day h g the call he was recovering in the hostal. ght year lat moviay is fallyere I now know that John’s comforble every day and he’s happy ts housl erythi. ain Ian givthem — e st of here’s nthere’no restrictig hoing bac as far as just re militlive younow I n gi them evything ty deserv. u souch tha vetan a everne w har untr we allyppreate your serce ae the oy wee gng theadl rembern Fray. if u Spkerf thouse Nancy losipoke at eigy on summ wel tnsm fromll sts of dustes and backount let. Meet se of tm. More tn seved women gathered at the be invincible summit in San Francisco an opportunity for women tjoinogethend inire one anoth. Among the highla e ty’s mt powful wom mor Nanc Posi wsee you outLondon ber the fighng theoodight standi u tp . An reallove r coury in th rig dirtion t leader sang se it’s lik thisre critic ws reoductive right are reaten acros theountry. havehe goo. a man don’tAnd ifeot Judgment to determine e . One of tsend thehaveo pay arice. Athe pol t mayor hosted thsummit sing wen need to co togetr a show tir stngth thisummit i abo — poweri woment’s aut lowing uo put r bt foo foard and eloring opportities thw were posble attendees road zens owho’ fused on everhingrom getng more girls and cputers to all busisse. nnecngomen with mens e focu of horsewer women decions.l purasing Ifou wou choos colctivel touy fro the cpanies tt supporoma menwnedomen l. the proeds to crte a fundi stream battered women’s shelter. We could shatter glass ceilings and change lives visitors said togeer wasnspire.wom ce A lotf wk igoia i ‘s jt starti to cah up muchowero doo muchore soin we this s thmayos fir women’s conference ourffic messef the invcibl mig chge fro year to ar but the eral. ssagof eowering wen will remainh. Sanrancis Chrtian captn KTVU fox two news. Alright oute have live now king aook at thbigu boardow Jg festraig to usrom e stoc mketn New York your scrn youots in Arona dertmentf tnsportion a lile porlne at Hayns is road so ita lie bitf a cotructi zone goingn there. afteoon som peopl might be headinack tohe office from theirs los liktraffic is ming carsn theoad thi Thosef yd faers out tre hope youad a eat fathes d weekehen lo one ifny newsreaks acss the cntryou kno ‘ll he youovered rig like sre subscbe.m paset Letour frnds oo y unow kn abo uight he the more t merri w rrentlave fe hundd and than for bng herwchin [inaudle] Ok. I wilbeoinedere by Marort wle ancescpot tee San t sistan Secreryeneralor policyoorn An iter agencffairs othe soci aairs alo with Johndepartmd Wiothe dector of polation dision. In Desndatrick t ief of thpopulati timate and pjectio section of thn divion inessa. Th will alle here tbrief u on torldopulatn rerts -Worldopulatn highghts.wenty niteen I have statent on e sitt seetary geral strony condemnshe e atcks onune steenth Inould doing goo vilge in Bornotn Nigea. The sretary geral eresses sincerondoleeso the the goverent ofeoplefd to Nigeria. Heishes a speed recery to the injud a hopeshose sponble forhe attks wil be swily. eecretary genereiteras tholidary of thUnited Naons with e govement o gerian i fight again teorism andiolent extremism. thenited Natio to coinuef to suprl . weekd walso iued athe On thich iwhichhe secrety Johcone r ur couy. Ane alsopoke o again th klingsf at lst eig in Madishu iSomali.ploon ese attac wer — Claim by alhabab the sretary genal presse his dpest those kille ando theolces to thf andomalia.nd peopl of Kea in the eorts to ght Somalis sidt Back herthis mning terrorm a vi. cretar gener spoke at twen fifthnniverry of e entrynto. nventin theaw ofheea. sd thaellefined body estaishing the rigs and dutiesf states inelatio to seonceans is sentia at th te unpredente presse? e secreryeneral in urage countrse soo rati t conveionnd alsoppeal s parts to apprch the tkf thconventis fl implemtation wh rw mmitme and vigor. Le us be th generionhat decle i our oceannd ensurous thei conseation and stainae use for tenefit of crent a futur neratis. timeartin Griffiths t youil thee an speci envoy foremen brf t surityouncily deo cferenc from Aan Andaid that in wh dahe the duction violce acrsarties hn the goveor. For s four mohs sinhe agrment enterento foe. Th h contied he id despite theelh plementionf t agreent du to a mber ochallengs of therud . Hedded thathe redepyment ordinati commiee memrs froth partiesave coinue tongage cstructivel wh genera Mhe pls Forhe fir and secd ases of e edeplment The ecial eoy expreed ncerns about the rent calati of fitingnemen asell asecs . f wir regional tsions t risk the pitical process hav Mier Griith calleor ste be tano de escale teionsor the benit ohe menieople a the rional Alsoriefing w Marke *-*- the emg. And told usecuriouncil meers tt evesn Yeme i time loopheituation on t ound hnoted his cnge onl mainally sin. Twentyixteenesult a r milln peoe neeidith ten millioneo surve. Also befing was Davideasly thexecutiv dirtor ofhe world od . peaceepingissionnhe grounday they rerts of vionce. In t provie of t juryhat has relf zens of peop. Loing bning vlagend rcedisplacentave also Congese effts taddresheen rortet deteriat. d its esencen the ea wit e fortivehree tporari The U. missio islso ployed teamso the fieldo assess n d i engagg comnities and e authities to help prevent re attacks to stilize e situatio. . n coornatorn Sudan said today e’s dplyoncernbout t intecommun vlence i parts classn Del each.ingecent In cenal dr fors destyed a huned homd prinpled a telyred hunitari resnse aoss Sudan. And se auoritie to cilitahe timely carae f medine.iencludi in Asell string surehat aid woers can eer Sud a peop in Krtoum a oror our ri of i t ported in a tely matr th ather quart of millionotherst ing proded maternity also empsize the need to rights l inclung tman otecti of alth filitie althrofessnals a made we otherid worrs. And as eminde d r acro to deh.ple ineedint turnolleagso listen hea provcesn the uth aght nter otheountry. Ha affecte morehanix asfixteenune at leastillioeoplek eity eig people hav been kied thr hundr eight ght thsand pple he been evuated. The yo and oersts condolt and ople oChina r this lo of life. And the UN. H. C. aid th’d hav sent tra tms ovhe weend tthe borr betwee Peruo suort t autritiesealing enteng Per.feesnd mignts Veneelans aoss t borr at thPeruvi cityf Tumb Th larst numbever record on aingr of i hisill anrefuge a migrts i Peru is n timate at eightundred is pviding humanariann healthssin . And gal suppoo refues digrantnoth ses of haveeceive theastajorityketu ano of the s inte goo from nezuel. Toy is theorld do combat dertificatio en rou to futu togher in his msagew the th secreta geral. 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Just hpened yeah – On mam e I belie theixty gerals thiseport om — G Rose ld he aointedo carrut It dsn’t pnt a vy goodhis yr. piure othe U.. wt’s t section ge. – Thd questn is the coterterrismhiefor on ll ofaseen inhina-e decision jun over e weekd st theecond dide he the blessingl aecurit secretaeneral.o unrtakehis trip a to vit shin Jnt ofis becse I will pointou to t st visin the Rosenal – Repte Rosehal to prucehis reew Mr -hed at was folwinghedoptio the humanights couil resoluon ar Assely. Of resution the the revws no direcd at a partilar dividu agency but rher. On how ta and ssibleessons leaedd om t futurehe sectary awseceive theeport itas- Trsmitted to thpresidt of e GeneraAssembly for distributiTo memr states I belie. for r part.ut to ppen We will – Asoon as i w confirdisr l rert incding i remmendaons his conclusions. It’e s acpted all othe report’ recoendationsnd is coitted implemeinghem is valuabl for tesin riew codinato and t U. N very muc but ao oerlso untriewith t U. N In silarhallenng — nditio- T secrery assement oin le wit his notes tr own efftr emphas on prention ofhe U. Nresenc.uabilit On the ahe coury eating y generions of you any cn. An moradapted sucturet e headarters level- The rert — H als bee share inhe systemrs in th you d t secrery gener will beollowi up wit the leas aders tensure that e recommdation e implemeed. I ink as youay t repor — Paints aumberf systic – Issu with the wh yound syem — Orated. The sretaryohnasr greful to ster Renthal f willesed as I sd it’s soin haveeen fulccepteby the secrary gener. And h will — Wk e Foll up wheres thisore. incometatee wasssued by h office and I beeve the youhe ema that througthe usl pcedureut we wanna. f the si. e the the underseetary neral- Is pt ofhe secretary gene- My question wasgain about president Morsi of Egypt and the – See we obously — If it’ nfirmethat hs pass away It and sy. To extd our condonces- onesut tt’s asar as go withou kn. Anand th a the qstion o beoticednother- One i rms of e for cgh –rip- What’s it cod genel’s reacti to g cricism frothe ste departnt by Misr fromough y.paken As t four an annncedhe that it’s to level thehat’s.nricent to rterate — Th sretarye Jo’s priipal positio is th he waslwaysaid itill ntinueo say at the G. achiementn nuclr aajor nonproferati an. s coribute. To gionalnd Of hesware of th statentsrniona. th we see byhe Tomic energy organizaon of an cretareneral eourage Ir to plemen i nlear relate commn e byheir rpectiv cmitmen. As well asn othe meer steso suppt thelant’s imementation. Thsecretyeneral urges a rtieso refrn fromny stepshatay lr i the gion. Foowp on tt- WheIran thtart brehing the agreent onhe resution — Twty to irty onehis so partieof the aeementth refra fro how ts the econic sanions snaed bac predthat’s goi to haen — resotion hechanis aren council.o to af on tt We still belve in the imrtancef the C. 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I’ t direcr of e wld fothe prram complnednd thcounci tod- Abohe way the wle g s s thatttorne. a othat frusation dyou ha aitn his Mist Beazl is reonsiblsage.o th. r the impmentatnf this He h stron messas to sure th t fd gs tthose o need tget i-y ck- H effts the a diffent voi i aifferea role tplays efrts on men wheth is morng Griffis joualistsor gud — If ey all presentave my fets of the U. N. k ster Beazl is doi whahe shoulde . Thk you. Yema’am. Does the SG havny comnto the upcomg ste vis bs for Chinese predent xinpingo the DP s maer ofrinciple that — A opport- Beeen t DPRK and oer mbertates espially gional- Regial pows — Is an impornt dialoe to hahich we wld hopould leeo positive ocomes. Thank yoknow go ahd. offi on his sit to Cha and says o Xinjngd Matt e capita of d met wit loc authoties butt doest say who he met with ahinya I he nothing verdt thuister ragos ofce bute havnothin to ad to th — Tthat formation- will k our guts –o come pasend en we’ go to Mona. All right — What we are live in Dallas Tasur sister station out there KDFW providing us this live feed this is in regards t the courthouse shootin Mik pa covered it during news now on fox ten extra don’t forge everyone that’s channel forty five cable nine from ten AM to on? Every single day Monday through Friday and then you can always join us for fox ten aion news at sev same channel. Channel forty five cable nine and if you’re not Arizona are you don’t have a TV I have to do is go to fox ten fortss live. You c watch a of our television news broadcasts right there but looks like authorities are gonna be providing us an update. Here shortly I’m gonna have the audio up for one and if someone comes to the podium so as always a viewer discretion is advised for the hot microphone just in ca anybody says something they shouldn’t be saying — f . All right ready well were waitin for this news conferce to get under way I’m gonna provide you an update from our they are reporting.r Dallas A man who fired sts at the rule Katieell federal building in dowown Dallas is dead. Jules said oicers from the federal protective service shot and killed tnty two year old Brn Isaaclyde after he opened fire onhe federal ilding on commerce seet and no one else was hurt this is a quote. At this time we he no information indicatinhat there are shooters or otr threats to the community and quotehat is from FBI special agent i charge of Matt disar no. Witnesses who saw the shooting ag local time describe seeing aan dressed inhat appeared to be tactical near firg a rifle just outside the buiinghis is a witss account reading quote. I seen the gentleman coming out of the back of McDonnell shooting at raom it sounded like h h an assault rifle as I proceeded coming from anoth block I started running when I foun out pretty much what’s going on and I tried to warn Down the a guy. That is from rman Turner he continued on to say when I did look back thas how I knew h was heavily armed he had an assaul rifle his face was kind o. d wheI seen and that I was just in shock Iran and quote. DO shared by fox more viewers lane brown and Tim brown show the man fing at the front of the building and runningnto a nearbyarking l he fall to the gr. After being shot the federal building was evacuated and street around the area were shut down beuse law enforcement officials fr there uld be a bomb in the suspec car. Which was pard near Griff an Jacon streets the bom squad use a roboto investigat but did not fd anythin officers set o a controlled detonation as a pcaution. AnFBI officials in th area around the building remains an active crime scene ask peopl t avd the area it looksike they maye getti started here in just moments I’m gonna pull e audio [inaudibl Six of little any A. L. Y. space C. O. acts. reonal dirtor thyong ofours y’ll ar fm aneighen Y LOn exac matchsT . D. E. A. R. At t end will take couple of question plee identify yourselves will call on you I’m identifier outlet ande’llo Righ gd afrnooveryone -. ain my ne is. I want to add jusfirsand remoinauble] I ce y on at notsaying agcies a they’re worngthe ma lat this ce sb t w e ing tt is is. is th have re tha. The hundd in t building. During . Ea of them heeen oces roug. vestators tintervw d aone at was witssed anhing tt mighbe of suffed facl injurs minor inries a she was taking cover from the shooter. And those injuries dreed. That isll tt we have to say with respect injuries. So lete. Easy to catch the long whose regional directoandrotective sere ing hea fm FBIpecial agt char. Earlr tod a susctm. proa sho of e building here in Dallasexas. a homeld secity’s feral otecveerviespond ickl. Actis of e FPSn PSxpres scere ofcers ts morng you kw the soters but entifi aBrian aac Cly age. Twen te om thermy i twey partrs aD. OT.o examinn wee worr And entifyssocias atta inorkingith ou a T paners. To tret andlso- Conduclon abt hoyou. thstat ierviewg relivesployed as d kno assoctes. re loong io mive. haveore an t hundr I ages and ptners gressive puring everyead to identif.tion in der And y to geto the ttom o thnextwo tthree ys. We in fa. Traffi. And arnd theuil. Sinc we wlrovidepdates tFBIo Dallaswite atus a belie t feder urt wi also the se thing would ke to geencoure anyoneith t thhooteror thencidento proveips. To ps dotBI Dr.l 1-8-r And aga I wanto ask -Errant commention d t e cmunityy the feder law enrcemen community in local depament a worki verice I osely wh the deralax rvices.o ensu tha. inveigatio intget all take aewuestns Did asa inveigatio thereuch rk toalknowg do there’shingwe can share d thio justear th u we’ean sol inrmatn we t IT ayrtnly going tt naudible] Bad onhe iormaon whave rit no. All the fire So wre stilln theroce of working the crime scene. Do not have any indication that Crime ene es is.uilding. ntaidn th buiing in th lobby of s coaine withi. Thisutsidehe buiinghe e t attack curredn the Itooks like it smbleacross. Wee stille’retillorki we weon’t kw homanyimes. Ar I’ll y base on vual obseatiofh m e t e d utinel havthres to th fedel so t. Arnd t count we dot ecifallyalk outecury poure an teatspecifi all rt of e ooingt thas that i [indibla moron Yes r . stl trng tgatherith the Agn we’ sti trygong. gaugoccuingnsid.tgaon Social mediactid ] . en ts ing tan in t what s it ke in Another ace When ts waon? I an it st vy geral [inaible Inci. And know [indible] the rpondinhe wasarches [iudible Evybody thawas read in Neutlize thearkingot An younow li I saiwe justshe st. ha aarshalervice we’ en on e scen and fourtn all th le Locaonnd sovidenc.ponse u kn thas be doi. Alough it is stl earl vestation wdon’have mple remsion he s notf investatis no aubject of instigatn many tes] Its Sosar as what was tryin Cleay righ now wre still reewing vid we’re sti But butad. Oneor thections of t e y wod’ve bn very adly cident and as thcase thos image you c telthe at muiple gna me thanFive thirty round magazines on s person. So it’s a it’s a l around. A lot ound at its disposa. A large and powerful weapon it is this. He was. As far ass faas Inow in e atck at is pnt investation thay apon ud in iinauble] ongognvesgati andehe uld like. To ctinue pursubefore mangembers rigere i to he a l of aot of pieces deo part this vestatio Th’s why we wt to me se encoageo. Thesguys a activy instigatg a thehing we want to ke althe inrmatio. Yoknow.n. eving essonfence is Yo guys.touplof ds. There press officers the impas. e scol boardor the nsiderionen elen hundredollarsale y doll cash bonus for highly efctive achers F those tehers rated affecd they willeceive an eht huned twenty fy y doll cash nus. In additn. All eeptionducation hundd thir five llarsache wil rt anally rurring. Retirent quafying sulements. hundd andixty fe theyion tthe alady reiveor a tal two thousandighteewill b ceivin a five ndred llar add reteion bonus. nineteenwentschoolear. Th is in adtion to th six hundred d fifty dollar bonus next Monda thisroposa wl voteore e teacrs f a ce ratied teachs wil receivehis . is pposal eques to erage two point% incree in propalf onpoin 6%.eous Not iluding tl abovhe avera inflaon rateis for Brt hight compsation crease or the st thr ars. Th hel our tchers keep th the ct ofiving. Reward them rh perfmance withther dtricts. Sixty workin even throughed netiatio tidenti budt Coittedo addional cuts ts. stain thiteache As wonsidell feableo me optiono detee thisappen.mfrom tmake Includg takin allhirdy ] We’rgoing. pay for t t thousanand thencrean eiteen neteen hool yr. Getting tf d saifice. signicant ste in the rhti a directng ing to d. Toroperl mpensa our eloyees a insure sools in gd fisc standin. We’ve de csis om wre wwere por to st. But I cognizee stil he a lot ofoo m And ybe even re imptantly rit nowinaudie] Confiden Marcchildr. ecating forl Now. The teache uon may sayhat Question wre thioffer s inhiss . e beginning. They m say tt we e coinuing tdeny t This couldn’be furtherrom the trh Justecause weidn’t aept th fullecommeation the spial mistrate presented does not mean dagreed entily wh his ggestis. Thfacts areuite t contry. Hi perective alo with tse of oer third par indendent And cbined with the newudget forecasts from the state as recents a couplweeks ag Ga us a betrense oour financial . alteativeptions for consider ineasing p. simp inaurate cla stang at I d’t carabout achers Thfact is coensati is th on new spendgriority I’v Asell asor nexyear to saI am not for we are nocommitdo outeachers. and xpayer are ouropilss jt pin. priori And ee e childreceiveion oour d deserv. Each andvery day in ou distctacross our eat e unio wantshe higst paid And do y.or tchers. We absutelyre in reemn that int. The unionnd I share co s t I als have e adde ligation of bancinghe interes of. We have come aong way and I belia To thempassene thamakes . remaing fislly reonsible I wlbe mergi t schoo ard to opt ts pn nex Mondayt the. t coopativel witunio leership. Sohat w can quily getack to workf Brevard county. thisorning I am prepad toa f bee ask qus d will o o on onin my office — s thk you ain foyour te [inaible] Ye inaudibl od afternoon. foall youinaudie]hree things tf Okay. for ternatnal develment ministtorark greenas been traveli tthe Decrat publicf the Con. Rwanda a Salia. theemocrac Republi of the Cgo tt th healtare wkerst in a loca learsntnits mity in stophe sprd of e disse.o Rwandahedminisator visitedigalin e a Payingespect tthose who peshed morthanwenty fi ars ag. He also met witpresidt ndemni to scuss Rwaa journeyo self riance d to Last in Solia taypadminisator gt gadiu or he nounce the r openin o s rtnershi withheountry e re tablisent of US I ssio inomalia afterlosing twty yea ago donstras your ste’sT lping t Somal peoe o The ministtor also announced aunn e a Nexteven qck updeor you anUS forgnssistance to th rthern trigle cntries of Hondas.o Guamaland Asou kno iMarch e presidt cclude. t fectivy pvented illeg grantsrom cong to the Uned Stes. At t sretary instrucon weontinu to plement the pridens dirtion regarng foreigase r in Hdurase compled a And preouslywardedrants an contrts will ctinue wh rrent funng. ate department assisnce i depaments of juicendfhe meland secity priities to lp theorthernriangl vernmes. the U. S.order encnter-ll otect Weillot pvide new fundsTransnioe unl you’rsatisfie theri nohern triane govnments are tingo redu the nberf illegal bord worki whongreseS. will rrograo othe poritie as appropate. Th is consientith t recoitio thait icriticsence dire at tre be fficie litica well ihese countries to am at its srce As secreta Pompe — d the nionsave e responbility to kf e iigrati pblems eir ho count. Anone more — Torrowuesday June ehteeh two thousan ninete s- ll vitnitetateentral Coand ithe Uned State specl opera cDil A Force basin Tpa Flora There he willeet wi gener – Keeth mkenzie commaer of Ceral Comma aeneral Richar Claeommand o headut wit theecreta — I apogize bhis brfing ll be aittle bit srter Than nmalr aying a weit on m morrow e meings a tomrow the ca I jt ask yoon theong rthernriangl Can youave doar amor . d and how ch a t amots that is ing toontinunow. Anif you don cou youet em will g you t exa o me som roughstimat and I ma surto getou thexact doll figur. contue to ter fromrafthe contractl oigations forY seventeen enough funding that thd fourundredilliongain wh two ndred miion — Conties the e hured milln is th theOne stuf that ve bee pviousl warrt andhehere w som uff th youaid wi contin. Yes tre t s aumber progrsn an a ve thoroh andomprehsive review — Thawe didt of course wo sistan a support of a priorirogram from DO a contue – And swhat wl ge areor sevty sevenh seve s. One ok so sevenundr and Threlarge ght hunedoams millioof whie an theery extensiveeview extly yr possiyossibl iniolati of e J. CP. away o advaw d she cled fothe IAEAn particar . De to ane urge an. we hav situaonhere t anians s they’ goi to cost throuu r theitheir own. and ybe entart atockle achingp. 0%. miniration s any value in a wrons . e fortunely not surised b we’vealkeduite ait fro as is podm – Ts ia patter of fortyears obehavi and Irann regim o the haz they’s cse do th. awayight to coinueo buil eir missilprogra. Weeally sanctnsheyook ericanailorsostage –e have sn no merating behavr – this rege andn factou know what- Of coue over the or theast ek –s constany threating to clo f acvities notust th t weiscuss thieek beforommeral spt her cmercia ships- You seei her is iseally i alleng not onln the C. P. — Ireally challge to the internatial norms on w e couny behes a cllenge tohe iernational nor on frdom o navation An freom ohe ss- And the ternatnal commuty that extoion by theranian rime ay. I justanto focu on th clear dea. And notnglse ok justht [inaudib] Not. Tang theostagenot. Thre things tt areot coved in the. CPI es thedminisationelieve the isalue in wrong withhe Jery few letrsomply which e prt rst yoll. er negotted ste contue tcall on the nuclr weap to abe by tirrania r- commitn. Tohe intnation commuty d I thk you ow ‘s unftunate tha theve said earli doesn surprisde h anI ybody thinkhis iwhy th esident hasften sd. at the GC. P. needso evidenby the annouement toy bualso their ptern of bevior over thpast two yrs- Isees to bkeen on pandin tir nuear program-n and now want to e tse nlear limits — Ins t you belve that there iseah u inhese lits nodoes i t I mn. commity.e ternatnal’veo Very disappointed wh the response from e internationa communy so r you you sa. extoionideal to nuear does the adminisation hav en disappoted by t attas — A lt week d more badly e o arnd. thin that have en- TheI international cmunity and our allies of stu up to coemn this bs stre of hoones on iuring that wrr cuse me able tdefendur cour worki on thdiplomic of lution — Wleecreta focuse o our mitary optns in e s to keet inur allsafe peon I’vever wked.ngdt Fotheecreta at nber o lls with the NATO cretar genel- r mber wit theingapoan foreigninisr adminirators U. K forgn ministn n nister Repubc of Kor minier-ebvious don’tfeign have rduts e w vee haveorkedncrediy ha — With – Ourllies on th assessmt – As it lates arounactionlast wk is. I mean te This ithe sreta belies that theSy wn heet fthhese on seemo be ealatin ts towa Iran is curntly worki.lvesy Our n contues -nd it a it ll puue –e thinisncrediycontin. Te imrtant of urse – The will ain we lk a see but wh’s happed in the region and you know aga this levelse aly ov theast t years whe you secrary t groupn therea s theesourcnd proficncyo act. Witf assiance to edation so we ll ctinue to rkith ou allies I wr . Who uld le to lp us dermine the srounding bevior who wld like toelp is gete netiatin tab Who wod lik to he ud gehem toehave le aormal tion tt’s t wholeoal here o demag oudemands a that they stop teorizing e regi. Thank uust a phone on maps questiono while there is no ne dl betwe the US and Aski around five by they the G. secity en thoh you left e US lt thiseal en youay youave pvide t thr iernaonal cmitmen u mean? a bye to thJews if youTf ah w havmade iery clear offi ithe sie the in seetaryame he that wl not tolatn obining aucleareapon ll stuff. Soo gea nuclr wpon wie campgn the Uted Stesunted by mae government that ntinue t isay the shoulbe no relievgfanctr lign an unacceable behavio — Finally rich u knowot I kw — He secretary espy last week when he was disssing this he used the phrase tt therRon wa shing o in e calcationith ago twithdr from e nuclrstratioa agement there ll be a gater level of thi. As aesult ofhe U. withdral. I thi that the Unite State d secrety i this Were wl awa of e pattnstraon in- behavr — Fromhe Iraan reme anybody whotudy t re tha a hotinuteho hav oked athem f the pt rty yes knowhow th will beve — wouldove f meone givee an emple o thIrania regim — rsuedr po Tcy P. ay- I have idence of at I he evidce them king a U. sailo asostages have idence of the RG. C. hang mlions o terrism aund thworld it’s t fun o fees whosll – Hit t anoti abia wremericaivilia gohrough alw deration thecontin to teorize. Sure Sadie yeah. I ow Iskedou lasweek abt t embeze Friman and yostated. gonn can he can finishnd I’m minut. Okay tha youinauble] Thr That was Mter Friedn saidesterdk wanotse fal. olicy tordsnd Iaid And za yes this in Berkel but ye. a sce — mments a I didn’t takit u l – Foan annation by Iael o e wt ban -Thathey ha esented to us in ors i under disn govement. if d whenheir We’ll be happy to ve a have a liens onen it and o on ch o in saidoday tt e publischool hloves — Run the U. netrk. The rmer Egyptian present e I’m a mtlyo you ha ything noe sa we s tha e the deathhich a. So and my. Arndhree tee have you been speakt l tanker attac in particular usie wmaker man countes ithe ddle Et notust Saudi Arabia werealkingbout Jorn we’re. Arab Emiras a some aller one theustificaons w ot SincI ha to go in a few minutes belie someby wh asking N. Isn’it yea ank. goinaudie] one ithe morng to We hopefly. ice oAmera yesterday On ts anthe. Legazation int naktate. Yeah. To us thanks. Yoknow pow finly. I just wanted know you will liu n ng Kon over e wkendes Sir t contt Govement the eraditi bui litt bit y and’m jusa wonding. andf you believe that e Chine ara was ming I tnk aa cizeny in aemocra to wah- These peop peacel protes hapn- In Hg Kg of crse –emonstting forng thr bac rhts f the rits of freed of speecor freedo e ings are tned shrin — Into basiw serve these we ntinue t ll on t Hg Kong government to adr blico consulithocal And inrnatiol staholder who may s prosed andmentven thoh I know –e poponed –he sectary spo outhis a littl yesteay an somof t solutns tha he wasn ay we watchghe peoef Hong we value and think tt weat ve any en — Prett-treet court on o our support forhese peacefrn h [iudible e stres to e courrooms our cntry Ando do the importantork o mindinolks which we know st alwsappen remding lks. that great promisee articuted in d s naudible] So. That’s the work I deced tdo thwork I wted tdo a I went tHowa udy ofheirhen we back to Cafornia wt homend andnd went tl. An then ceer ben I w ected as eirst wom dirictttorneof S Frcisco- I was then after o term elect as e fir woman Attoe ate ofalifora. The geral. meor thenitedtates I care Ie onlyad oneliente and a e And it bp s fothe pele. An soou kno since we’ve bee thcampaign peopl have en runng and tell tm wellou know tr. l knowome. Ths ainflecon momentn the hiory y requing us eac as invidual Queson being who aree and thinkee answer to at qstio and ght weill. who aretoe bter. say loonybody who pports toareoa a lear. In the here a nowust ben e busess ofightio reste t imptanu anjustic [indible] Anody. Who wantso be aeaderuste Equa oppornity f all pple to suc. tho areome of e reaso I’ runni a I gue the’s person reaso which i oy sister mnd Ie we raid by a mothe. Whwas alof fivfeet tl- But iyou’r youould hehoughthe w sevefeetall That if u ever ce home complaing. y ybe wi a hanon herip dith strght fe she uld k ll whaare you nna about . I dided to n fo present of thent . imrtancef trutsohe certaly haveeen talking abou itt cole yrss worth thring things a c lledhe telision You kno going toh indivial a groupherapy aboutll oe o uth. Moly in e contt othe ma untths tt we’vbeen abou themportae of tth ing. Ther are aot of lks in ou countr& el gat sense of diress. Inheir gs initutio and lders d thehingbout lationshipf tru. Is thaby itsery nare. Iteciprol relatnship yo ge any reive tst An onef the most imptant gredies in tst [inaudle] Is tth But there’s a funny thingt trut Spking truth can oft me pele quitencomfoable. d for tho of us who a in theusinessf speaki behd a crophone a oftenehind poum. There’ an centiv tt when we spe will engag in hay talk. Th wl mak eveone fee loly wl sprinkleovely st all ovee ll appud in job wl have be done. ll saking truhe nos compli that goal t t oth tng abo eakingruth is is. Yes peopl may m thatonversion tnking. ited pticularl le what d to ar. fromhat cversatn.y Knowingt was at convsation. Soet’s saks trh a n u are lkingt me okay calm whaareh uths you he inind. Well wilshareu . Charloesvill d notake it clr. Ifhe tre of li synagues did t make it clr. Racism antiems homoobiaransphia lamophia thessues are al iour untry. Ha wch ove the lt coue yearsas recved w fu. That whever andhererhat te reals ielf. We mus alltandp ak . e target of th hatect or ey shodevere madeo ght ale [audibl Amera’sconomy isot worki for wor. halff our milies. for aost Theyould notffr d expee. Fouhundredollar do hostal biion MC comin. A fr hd expee wil topplhe In Arica tay in9% of thy of tt . If y are a mimum wag worr rking fullime. He cant affd mketo one bedrooapartmen our cntry las yr twelv llion ople Tookut a lnf on avege ur hdred dlarsrom the paay lenr. At a intert rat offtenn cess of 3100%. intesting.t Iind find i ieresng tha supposly eats econyoun talng abo the Deribingt as gat. Th econos gre ty say And theyou as them wt are ueasuri the gatness of th economyf yours d theyoint tthe stk market [inau] We ask e you. Meuring t greatssf this ecomy ofours. Anthey rerred to e unemplment nb. . jobs. workgwo andhree Nobohould have to rk more th o job to have roof or their ad and food on I prosing we ange t tax bl foowsehe tax code as e famieshat ma ls tn hundrethound dolla a six ousandollarax cdit to a that y cao fiveundredolla a mon. Whic reprentsll the dierence bweenamilie ing ae to gehrough the d of t month with dignit Ands youll can igine when I lledut this oposal. The were tho who tn aske Well howre youoing to y for them. Well wil tel you how we’re gog to yor tha. Onay o we dot ree tabill. We are aociety.k truc. Th pretes to re about ucatn. Butot so mu the ecation o her pele’s cldren [inaible] Ce. I’ been avelin ourountry cannot tl you t numbeof teache Ii y th bls 9 of oureachs i blic sools come t of eir couny are pd1% ls tha similayduc. And re’s t thi. Pants oenithhedr.ople asstancef gndpares aunts and cle. . r vae t me are withouhat my fit gradteache Mrs Fncisilson t r soul. gradtiony laschool ah but younow he’s t thg my of hav aimilar Ofome teachlong t way. Whconvind us weere spial? Butold us were d weal. believe. Toe in uer oneoof gether ming a decion about wh mighte theext psident of then. o . Whenlected am praredTo putnlace e fedelnvestmt in clong e teacr pay p vera overagehat teache pay gap it is thirtn thound five hundredollr let’sut thain perective. Thteen thoand five hundr dollars a year. That thequivalt in most aces oa ye’s wth of thsand fivhundredolls agage payn yearhat’e grery ll.hirteethousa ve huned dolrs a yr tha ans putng a sigficant den in stu. Whh is o ofhe greest rriers to r sdents comg Ando put aine pot on ts.o I ronglyelieve. Th you shouludge aociety. Based s ildren. And the is vy few greer chilenyanxtend towarits educion andy exteion their teherset’speak tth is be ue Clate cnge is rl [iudible t yeah. tellou so will I wen to e Unitedo . I w parf the Unidtates Coress hring. Where thenderlygref Whetr o not scice suld be thbasis publipolicy. I kiyou no. This oa subject. Thatl thre to wh ware as ecies. I know we’veot supsehe lea. Th are phing scien ficti instea u coective perilnd it isne the mt uent reanshy we need a newreside of th Uned Stas. d onhe sject o what we edo do aund hlth a safe yucca mountn donot an iss. Aspposed ta pridenwho in of soveign of a es whawe sawappen I omise yhat wilnever ppennd he’s e ministtion. t’s eak trh. Amera.iveneeknig in There famies that sit wn for din. Dung wch tim t paren. Lo at thr chilen. Elentary mide highchool studen a. T ich tse chiren reond. en a gd da? we d to he a closet need tgo hidin a the ent tt the is a Why mmy and Dad dide have toave that dll? Twhich of urse t responses. Beuse therere supsedly ears in shingtC who he faed to ve t crageo read. the cond amement or y wt Fail to ha t coura toy. age. Fi if yowant tgo hunng. Buwe nee reanable gun safety ls y incling yoinaudie] We de. On ts topi. Yoknow Ie been wking on it ba sin I wase iAG m done younow beuse he’s e thin. And Ion’t he to tl Neva is. Burn i our hrts and inur mories. Is i that re wting for Coress to sea tragy [iudible No. In the humanragees Mae thereaiting for a good All the gd iasaveeen had includge y what is gogn with Congre iis si. Thave notad t courage t to here what m preped to dinaudie] When ected? I wilives Coress oneundred Day t ll thectogethe on ts and pu a bir Anif thedo not. I willake exutiv. the most comehensi nional. will reqre.k ruiremes I That t a TF. who fa to foow the ldears n be clr on tt subjt. 90% of thui nnecon wh t crime a so ust 5%f the alers. kn the TF is prett good o the ia litt bit me workn thF.. And byxe. I prepad to ba the imrtatn of asult weons to o coury. Wher ihe pents loo mosya. dauger when at chi turns call the talkve wt’s ere in tse parts explaini [inaub] n. You may betopped. u may arresd. Yomay be csed. u may shock. Beuse ofhe col of yo in. An l uagree tt in o safe o h lifased on thee cor of h skininaudie] Speak. let’s spe truthealthcar as tha andot a prilege for is. Which hy I sport Micare Andverythge need tdo to enre. No o iseprived of the car tr r lis bedn t amounof money ey havek . I ow for me Il tell y. earlr — Ourothe – The sr ssed ay fromancer. And anye w h to throu Of aovedperiee. e whos fingn acut lness u kno tha there a ments ere aoctoright s to yo. Ha anyonalk tyou aut Duri which bical y areticitory ] grievi t e grie is as iense athough yove lost them. that pson to the ctor orheriencg hospis th day. Wonding why tedicatnn thishart im . It isryingo figu out h u canook. love oneo haven aetiteur much less. w can I giv youomethi that so enough tt yo can wea th will t irritate youskin ople are gng tough this Medire.y o mothehad Bu t idea tt pple would ha to go tough this ki of exrience Worry aut how ty will pay the bil stophem we’ got tfix th oblem is matr of wh is just righenvy . Let’speak uth. Russia intfered ie [iudiblef e present Ye [inauble] On ts suect he supsedly commaer inteigenceommunity?ord chi. Commandein c. thnorth rean dtator?df Ov t wor o t Amecan intellence c. a latediedo was torred and commander chief. Who efers to ta the wor o a Saudi prce l over the wordf the erican intelgence mmunity. Wh iomes ta jourlist credtials. had Amecan We yes. w [inauble] d’t wan. To mh morou Sarday morng so m just gog. Tohe list featus cou on for aile buI’m and’m and the. Onthis e and vetera y let’s u knowhat yoare rit so re I wld eak trh the uth Yeah.ble] You’ exact right agree th you [audibl . Now myurn myurn. exactly an absotely rht. workg r serv oountry theecret seice meani theyere eparedo die. For ou mocracany ha been injured many havX.. Ars traa tha wle felong in rms ofts eects. Yeah wn s One lling Mexans mderers Wantto bilof dolla ateastnd ras. onaxpaye backs walhichs nothingoy neveget butyhe wayill this st checkut thetrateg. Soou knowhat hs doin. He theax bil couny rporions in is lently he’s g aabinet of opleho areunning fedal agenci fog erythi. In theocket a b oilnd phar ison priva detenon workinpeoppting o of e card serraon [inauble] Nolan tt is aut lisng was about beang peoe down.peoplo Whh by t w is thsignf not soone t . s wi that han deregation hel inhe ricst pple in e fact he sn’teen heinghentr righ. workineople . Well fir of l iyou undersnd theso d t econyill acallye bsted.e As resulof tha [indible] In. Woing pple oAmericdoes have a predent who is concerdbour lisn gettghroughhe end of theonts no havin adeolicyhat isbout a twt and aut hisagle do yo ow whas goingo come o of their a. ‘s alrdy staed I cald the toreatt ericanamilieoday on erage a monur spendg an extra o point fr billn poli. becse of e trade You talk witharmers in Io. been. got sbeans ridg in overt lst decad aarketbuiing up toell inhina a becse of They’rnow bing froBrazilhate di. in o fat the tentiaof banuptcy e tradpolici ‘re loing atotential over sen huu So wha is he ing for worng peopl] . Butet he wants ttry and immiation and bko the brotrs pnt who w there. Derting peoe who havserved rilitar is wha we ha immiation piciesutting seen aa picy that has bee about m thrarents. Whh by theay thas not aboutordera g commted by t UniteStates gornment e queson thatasn’t part o at I rold o jt thiseek. As I pree e s to o dacaecipies imdiatel resre the Those w are egibleor doctorrotecn to citenship forre dreers the sue of wo authozation that he ab to ge [inauble] Two weeks. Nots bu to fothe fit time t in ple throughxecutiction licy ttrotect. Pants suses sibngs vetens and G m . canontinu to tabout — I wa to end th thi. One whhs wha bs e ofhe most imrtantruths. Th we canot ly sak. But sohat wea forc?there a soany powfult Thatre trygo so he a visionmong us. Anthat tth is is. Thast mority us ve s mh me in cmon th at sepates aello [inaible]hree andere’s w I tnk aut it I think out i based on wt call e the threeM thoug you when you wakup inhe mideow t th. Butor theastajoritof us.of t nh. don?e wake up inkinghat Its nev thrgh theandsf the pay we . n weake uphinkinthat tught. someimpltic demograics someolls tput usn. And f the vass en wake uphinking th ought? He uallyas tdo with o of st a vy few ings. The healthf our cldren ouol hea. rents. F so my c I get b kp jobay the bls b th end o theonth. can y offhosetudent lns witdigns for manr y meer g offheirrug or opid addtion. The vt majityf us o ch me in coonhan what As w March toward.s. enty tnty les noty wh some pple . Wh they y to have u poinng fgerst eachther How ch I wldlsoot min m not by th some mocrats Whenhey wal arod talng out a rulehen you go to thMidwes tt’s onkind o nversaon? Wh you go dow? Theiffere kind convertion. When y’re outest tnge anher conrsatiohen yore on t coaa fferen conveation I’m n yinghat either? I’m not bung thaeither d as Marchoward. remembwou askll of to strethf the greatest out we a as a tion. Is tha byur vernature. We are natio tha w found arespi. when werote t constition its amements the bill oof indendencehe dlarati of seveeen senty siand we a l equ a shoulbe treed that way We. e Buthe strenh ofho we e.dea. Ise figo get ere. We fht tget theirnowing th is aight Thiss fight that is bor out of kwing a belving. In whacan be. Unbuened bwhat h been. This i a t . Ths aight tt i bn o of love of cd ttle ia we wl [indible] Soith ll me To tranate t ssiofrom t streeTo the Ando do t iortant work o rendingolks which wknow must alwg folk. Of tt gre pmise w siwhichs tha we ar all and shou be tated as eqls [iudible at’s t work just


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