News Now Stream 06/17/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 06/17/19 (FNN)


  1. If you can't come to America with 18k like Mexico requires!! And a good reason like mekiko requires you shouldn't be here and all illegals should be sent back!

  2. Democrats are playing the game of criminal organisations and they are co sponsors of a lot of illegalities and waste of taxpayers money

  3. Stop airing these Dems. CNN and other media outlets show Democrats but rarely Republicans. Fox should show 90% Republican news

  4. Orlando and Florida itself will be making money off this venue so the cost will be covered ten times over.

  5. It starts with no sound but it sounds like a little helicopter sound then it quits and starts again.what am I looking at? Finally a man comes on when I jump ahead and I hear him. I sure hope there weren’t people in there.

  6. Look at the closed captions. It is using voice recognition but poor Nancy has such bad diction, and delivery the machine cannot handle it. It also does not work with with demons or other extraterrestrials.

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