Nimrat Kaur On Feminism, Marijuana & Article 377 | Unblushed

Nimrat Kaur On Feminism, Marijuana & Article 377 | Unblushed

I love reactions, I used to love story telling. I would do that a lot. I’ve changed about 6 to 7 schools. There’s no just one day that you wake up and you’re like I want to be an actor. And I was academically quite inclined you know.. so to be an actor seems weird to admit to to myself. Because I don’t have anyone in my family who is an artist, just the vocabulary of being an actor didn’t exist. It was actually the threat of having to do post graduation that I was like no no no That’s it. Time out. In 1994, we were in Kashmir, my father was posted there. On one morning on the 17th of January, he was abducted by a group of terrorists. They kept him with them for a week and on the 7th day there was some sort of an ambush you know. I mean many things happened over a
period of these seven days. We were moved to Sri nagar. And on the 7th day we got news of his demise. I am very proud of how he lived his life. My father once told me that whatever scares you will eventually become your best teacher. Whatever you like you’ll learn nothing from. When I find myself in trouble, I know I will come out with a new lesson from this because we don’t learn from good times, we learn from bad times. But the real reason I know why I’m here today is because of my mother. She never brought us up in a way where self pity was an option or you know just dwell into why this happened to us. It happened, gather your life, keep your chin up and look ahead and do what you can do for yourself. The only way is the way forward, that’s all I know. I actually don’t have a take on feminism as I don’t think I understand the term very well. I haven’t sat up and thought about it. But what I do believe in is equality. I mean there are issues that disturb me once in while, when you read about domestic violence and what women have to go through, that is very disturbing. What I can do at my level I try doing. It’s great to see yourself in different hair and make up. It’s great to see yourself in different outfits, you know and what’s bad about staying healthy as long as I’m not killing myself over it. I’m not obsessive about my dress size I know I’m born a certain way, and I like my body, and I’m comfortable with it. I am happy to repeat shoes, I am happy repeating outfits. It doesn’t matter I don’t think we are in a place to legally dictate who should be in love with who. I was in New York. I don’t know if she was gay. I just got the vibe that she just wanted to have fun. She came up to me. She had this beautiful excotic accent and even more beautiful exotic eyes. She told me to come over to her apartment. She said “I’d like to paint you” and I was like oh ok, great. Then she said just you, nothing, nothing else just you. I was like just you.. just you. Nothing and then I was like 2+2 equals to trouble. Ugh. I was slowly shrinking. I said you know maybe another time. It is something I have tried. But something I don’t do party of my regular life. I have 2 cats on a cat nip and they turn the house upside down. that’s my way of chilling out and zoning out. I was actually a little bit intimidated before I met him, because you know you have an idea of someone in your head but, all of that dropped all in a second cause he was so easy. What I play is of someone who comes from a well. Riches to rags situation. She is someone who seems like a very strong and a fearless woman Someone who is not intimidated by a situation but is just a normal human being. It is a big turmoil from that perspective, it is a learning every time you go in front of the camera. Like right now is a learning in its own way.


  1. I admired Nimrat Kaur a lot especially for her role in the movie Lunch Box and an advert. of a wrist watch. After this video, I love her! Plus she looks like Isla Fisher while smiling. :* 😀

  2. A very good Human Being , who is courageous , and has experienced life and has become tough . She is fearless. Wish her all the best in her career .

  3. Why the hell are there so many dislikes? Matlab title mein Feminism dekh liya toh maar do dislike button. Kuch bhi.
    What an articulate and intelligent person.

  4. ppl who dont underatanf feminism have disliked the video just because the title says "feminism". arre video dekh toh lo bewakoofon. and while ur at it, educate urself on what feminism is. and why child rape capital of the world (india) needs it

  5. That's the problem with people who promote feminism and Homosexualism. They have no knowledge but they'll shout as if they're smarter than Stephen Hawking. It's not Article 377, imbeciles! It's Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. If you say Article 377 it means you're referring to an Article in the Constitution of India.

  6. I had hoped for something focusing on these three things more. And I expected her to be better articulate and better aware of everything.

  7. Feminism = Equality. I love you Nimrat, but just search it once. not that tough. So many of us look upto you, its important to let people aspire to be feminists.

  8. Ummm….. I think im in the same situation as you are, I haven't yet completely collected my thoughts over feminism but sumthin which seems to  me is that equality is practically not possible and to nobody's offense shouldn't be. Just think, why do even we wanna be equal, and that also to Men, like really. We women are way above that league of confirmation of being equal, somewhere inside we all knw dat right???…….. 😛 🙂

  9. I forgot it to like……then i clicked the back button after then like button after then typing this….great Nimrat (y) you learned a lot from life keep moving fwd…nice lesson …thank you 🙂

  10. From "Tera Mera Pyaar" to "Homeland" to "Airlift" she is an intellectual, mesmerizingly beautiful, a clear head, she is the kind of woman to love and to die for.

  11. Why do most of the people out there while supporting homosexuality point out very loud and clearly (most of the time in a very subtle way, like the way Nimrat did here) that they are not gay?

  12. Typical Indians /bollywood cowards. Speaking on issues that neither concern them birth reflect indian society.

    Assholes instead on talking issues which hardly matter in a shit hole like India do you have fucking guts to talk about casteism? Religion? Exploitation of women in classical Hindu and muslim marriages and how India is a banana Republic?

    Guess these things don't matter when all you care about is PR.

    Vomiting American values when India doesn't even compete with savages.

    Losers. What to expectations from a industry that has no black skinned heroine and shamelessly uses and propagates caste structure.

  13. Feminism is a historical development that has meant different things at different times for different people. I really admire Nimrat's comment on it. Those who think that it is as simple as 'Feminism = Equality', grab a few history and gender studies books for your sake and for the sake of those you are going to lecture in the future. Seriously, get informed even if it is just to defend your worldview.

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  15. The fact that you've written 'Article 377' instead of 'Section 377' inadvertently undermines the purpose of your video.

  16. U r right we don't learn from good times we learn from our bad times…U r so beautiful n good at heart too ma'am… I really do appreciate..

  17. She is just amazing actress!! I liked her role in "the test case" webseries. she nailed it… 😍 please keep doing different roles…

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