NZ Muscle | NZ Fitness & Health Expo 2017

NZ Muscle | NZ Fitness & Health Expo 2017

– Hey guys, Dion here, down
at the NZ Fitness EXPO, NZ muscle booth, the mega booth. We got heaps of, we have big brands, I’m just gonna take you for a
quick tour around our booth, show you some of the deals and
what we’re doing this year. So we’ll start with, we
got flapjack pancakes, fresh protein pancakes,
topped off with some Walden Farms caramel
sauce and pancake sauce. We’ll be sampling that all weekend. All of our new apparel and jugs in the muscle supplement range, sample for all of that, killer deals as well obviously. A lot of our new apparel, it all just landed recently, it’s pretty, pretty cool stuff and over this way this year
we got all our main brands. Cellucor we are sampling all
of these and got awesome deals, so these are like all your
pre workout aminos, proteins, everything you need to get in shape. MuscleTech, Gaspari, this is
the brands that we’ve got. Got some high protein peanut butters, Nuts ‘n More, basically a treat and high protein peanut
butter and it’s all flavoured. Around this way, we’ve got a muscle bomb, Joseph Parker, he’ll be coming down later sampling the Combat 100% Whey. You see all this, probably our top selling
protein powder at the moment. We also have GET displayed this year and ProSupps, another big brand, sampling everything of course. And if you come around the
other side of the booth, that’s where we’ve got our gym booth, we’re doing some vertical leg press, this is all our new equipment
that we have in our gym all over the States, red and black, love the gear, top quality. That’s us guys, if you
want any information, or you are keen to come check it out, ASB Showgrounds, the NZ
Fitness EXPO, check it out.

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  1. I would like to go to an expo I train my self every day and I've got a gym could the rack it's good it dose a fill body workout chur

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