Open Gym: Gridiron Power & Epic Hybrid Training: Part I – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Open Gym: Gridiron Power & Epic Hybrid Training: Part I – Sweat Inc., Season 1

come on out here, please.We’re gonna put
your program’s popularity
to the test.These 24 lovely people
are gonna be broken up
into two groups of 12.Each group do your workoutsfor 15 minutes, and then
each group will switch and try the other workout. The 24 open gym participants
will choose their favorite workout.We’ve equipped
all the participants
with heart rate monitors. We’re gonna be checking
their heart rate and their calorie burn throughout the class
in real time. All right guys,
let’s do this. – Obi:All right.
Lead the way,
Come on in, guys. Today,
I’m gonna showcase somethingeverybody can do.JD:
One, two, three. All:
Power! Let’s go.
Forty seconds active. Just like a fire jump
in an obstacle race. Jumping over that fire. Randy:
It looks like Alex
has adjusted
his interval timing.
And rotate. Twenty seconds,
get to the next station. – Forty on, 20 off.
– Forty on, 20 off. Oh, my god,
that’s so much better. – Yeah.
– It’s a one to two ratio. Hell of a lot better
than 75 on. One and go. Buzz those feet,
buzz those feet. Down… up. Over. Now, this is classic football,
Obi, right here. – Jillian:Yeah.
– Obi:Oh, absolutely.Randy:
Lateral shuffling
into sprawl.
This is just like if you were
going up a mountain, we got some resistance. If we were on a mountain,
I’d have a machete out. See, I’ve always
loved this concept, it’s him
that I have a problem with. You guys should be
breathing heavy right now. Randy:
Look at their heart rate,
they’re all in the red.
160, 170, 180’s.
They’re just too high.
You can’t just go
to 100% maximum heart rate. It’s very exhausted.He’s got them
doing some things
that are very extremeand he’s not teaching them
proper form. If you’re gonna
do single arm push-ups, you can’t be out here. You gotta come
and corkscrew that arm, elbow in tight.That form
is not right, guys.
Really irresponsible. Fix it, Alex.


  1. This isn't the episode coming on Monday night/Tuesday Morning. I want to see highlights from tonight's show and I can't find them. And the one coming on tomorrow night, where's that one?

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