Osprey Fairview Review (Vs Farpoint) | One Bag Travel Backpack Designed With Women In Mind

Osprey Fairview Review (Vs Farpoint) | One Bag Travel Backpack Designed With Women In Mind

– In this video, we’re gonna be taking a
look at the Osprey Fairview, the women’s version of the previously unisex Osprey Farpoint. I’m Tom the founder of Pack Hacker and we share our travel tips and tricks. We do guides and reviews
just like this one. If you’re new here, consider subscribing. Rebecca, one of our contributors and a vlogger over at her
own channel ‘Always a Friday’ has been using the Fairview and testing it out for the past couple months. In addition to that, she used the Farpoint for about a year of perpetual travel on the road. I’m excited to get in and
share our thoughts with you. Let’s jump right in. [upbeat music playing] The Fairview is Osprey’s
new travel backpack designed specifically for women and having traveled with the Farpoint for about a year and a half, we were super excited to
get our hands on this one. The Osprey Fairview comes
in three different sizes, the 40 liter, the 55
liter, and the 70 liter. We are trying the 40 liter as it’s the only one that fits in
within carry-on specifications, the best way to travel. Ever since the Fairview has come out, Osprey started referring to the Farpoint as the men’s version which is interesting as it is marketed towards
men and women at the time. We’re really intrigued to see just how different the Fairview can be, especially considering that it’s designed specifically for women. [upbeat music playing] Now to put it bluntly, the Fairview isn’t the most fashionable, chic bag around but that is exactly why it’s sold as a travel backpack and
not a fashion statement. This does have some
great advantages though. You’re not afraid to put it on the floor, you’re not afraid to get it dirty or worried it would scuff. This bag is built for
travel and we love that. The Fairview 40 comes
in two different colors, the rainforest green and misty gray. Now I really feel that we have to give Osprey credit for their color choices here and not getting stuck in the trap of pink and purple for a women’s bag. These colors are extremely practical too and don’t show up any
dirt like lighter options. This pack has a great,
lightweight peripheral frame and weighs in at only 3.17
pounds or 1.44 kilograms. At maximum dimensions, this
bag is 21 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and
nine inches in depth. The main material on this bag is 210D nylon mini hex diamond ripstop. It’s pretty durable stuff and it’s designed to resist any rips and tears. Now this Fairview has
a clean bill of health after being used for three
months and still looks great. However, it is not
impossible to rip or tear. If it does get any nicks or tears, the ripstop material should stop it from getting any bigger
which is really great. [upbeat music playing] While the Osprey Fairview is designed specifically for women, on their website it doesn’t
note the exact differences. But after testing the Farpoint for over a year and testing the Fairview
for the past few months, this is what we’ve found out. First the shoulder straps. They are much narrower but just as padded but most importantly, rather than coming
straight over your shoulder they come around, curve
in, and go back out. This makes it much easier for carrying on a narrower frame. The hip belt on the Fairview is also designed to specifically
fit most women’s bodies. The curve is much more pronounced and it sits a lot better
under your rib cage and over your hip. We’ve also noted that it is slightly more padded than the Farpoint as well. Another change that we noticed is the way the sternum strap locks away. This isn’t specifically
for women we don’t think but it is an update on the bag. It actually clips in and locks away whereas on the Farpoint there’s an elastic band to hold it into place. These differences may seem minor and somewhat insignificant but after testing both the Farpoint and
the Fairview at full weight, there are noticeable changes in the way this bag has been
adapted for women’s bodies. Every small adaptation from the Farpoint comes together to create
a vastly different carry. [upbeat music playing] When it comes to a clamshell
bag like the Osprey Fairview, there are few more important
qualities than a good zip. Luckily the Osprey has
big, chunky YKK 10RC zips. The main and front compartment of the bag also have lockable zips. They come together for you
to put a padlock through which gives you some extra reassurance. For extra security, the compression straps across the front of the bag pull
material over the zips making them invisible
and impossible to open. Of course these also help
to compress the bag as well. These straps can also come in very handy for securing different things in these mesh pockets as well. For example, like a
water bottle or a tripod. The only downside is when
this bag is very full these mesh pockets, there’s
not much room to put things in. However, they are still big enough for a small bottle of water
or a pack of chocolates. The Osprey Fairview also includes a shoulder bag strap which you can connect to your bag by clipping it onto these two external loops here. However, we do recommend that you carry this bag on your back. The thing is, this bag is just too big and heavy at full capacity
to use as a shoulder bag but it’s there if you want to use it. One of our favorite things about this bag is that you can hide away the straps. All you do, it’s really easy, you un-velcro it at the bottom, pull it out, unravel it,
and then just zip it up all the way around. This allows you to hide away the shoulder straps and the hip belt which is perfect when you’re traveling and to put it away on
the train or a plane. [upbeat music playing] The main compartment of this bag opens fully and you can fit
a boatload of stuff in here. Now while you don’t need to use packing cubes for this kind of design, we do recommend using it just
for the added organization. On the other side of the main compartment, you have a zipped mesh pocket. It’s not great for putting
in anything too bulky but we did find it perfect for
putting in our Cocoon Grid-It. Moving onto the front compartment, at first glance it does look quite big but when the bag is at full capacity it does get quite tight. However, the front compartment does come with an excellent
padded laptop sleeve which is big enough for
laptops up to 15 inches and there is also a little
mesh pocket here too which is perfect if you have any tablets or kindles or notebooks, things like that. In our opinion, one downside to having the laptop sleeve at the front of the bag is that the weight distribution isn’t ideal. Having the heaviest item in your bag so far away from your back is not great. There is also a small zipped
pocket at the top of the bag. This is actually quite big. You can fit a lot of stuff in there and it’s perfect for stuff that you need quick, easy
access to like a wallet or passports, things like that. The only issue is when the bag is full, it becomes really difficult to do up because the curved edges here. So that can be quite a pain. [upbeat music playing] We have only been testing
the Osprey Fairview for three months now but we have nothing to report here so far. No scuffs, no nicks, no marks, nothing. We love that Osprey have decided to bring out a woman
specific travel bag and we encourage other bag
makers to take note. That being said though, we are still slightly confused that Osprey – having originally sold the Farpoint as a unisex bag – to then without making any changes
have it towards men. The differences between
the Farpoint and Fairview are minimal at first but after you’ve been carrying this bag at full capacity, you can achieve a level of comfort that just isn’t available
with the men’s version. For the travel conscious women out there, by no means do you have to go and buy a woman specific travel bag now but carrying the Osprey Fairview
was a pleasant surprise. Now moving onto some pros of this pack – it’s designed specifically for
women and that is so great. We also love the colors
that are available. This bag comes with a great
hideaway strap system too. Now moving onto some of the cons – the laptop compartment at the front of the bag isn’t ideal
for weight distribution. The front pocket of this bag is a bit tricky to do up at full capacity. Lastly, the front compartment space is limited when the main
compartment is full. [upbeat music playing] The Osprey Fairview is still everything we like about the Farpoint. Great for one bag travel,
neat hideaway strap system, and available worldwide; just designed specifically for women. Osprey knew they had the right formula and just with a few small adjustments like the straps and the hip belt, they’ve created a great,
comfortable carry for women. Thanks for taking a look at our review on the Osprey Fairview. Be sure to head over to
packhacker.com/newsletter. Sign up for that newsletter
and never miss an update. – Ever since the Fair-. So moving on. Brilliant! [upbeat music playing]


  1. Great in depth video on the Fairview 40. I agree, it's the best one so far. My wife's used hers for 4 weeks of travel and really likes it. Sadly after the first trip, we noticed the inside binding connecting to the zipper had ripped all apart. She still used it for a week in Italy and it's at Osprey right now being repaired under their lifetime warranty. Regarding the buckles at the front of the shoulder straps, I had no idea they could be used to clip in the sternum strap. Thanks for the tip! They're actually designed to clip their smaller daypacks turtle style like their larger travel backpacks. Folks are saying that the new, newest version of the Farpoint 40 has been updated with the same buckles and key lanyard in the small front pocket that the Fairview 40 has. Having tried and returned Minaal, Ebags,and Pacsafe Venturesafe travel backpacks, I have to say the Osprey Farpoint/Fairview 40 bags are pretty decent for the money. While not perfect, they have a lot of great features for a minimal price point. I don't travel with a laptop, but hopefully Osprey will revise the next edition to place the laptop compartment inside the main compartment like Eagle Creek has done on their new travel pack.

  2. nice review. would love to see a comparison between the new goruck gr3 and the new quicksilver x pacsafe 40l. thanks!

  3. Wish the fairview was available when I bought my farpoint. I'm a petite girl and I think the fairview would've fit me better. But I've been travelling with my farpoint ever since I got it in 2016 and have been very pleased.

  4. The best review on Osprey Farpoint 40 ever seen so far. I bought this backpack for my wife as soon as Osprey introduced it since I already had the well known Farpoint 40 for me.

  5. Wonder if anyone has any advice for packing their fairview/farpoint and getting it to stay up. Mine just rolls most of the time.

  6. I'm sold to this pack! I bought the grey one and I absolutely LOVE it!
    Update: I just got a Farpoint 40 for my husband for our trip to The Riviera Maya next month!

  7. I would love to see you guys do a packing video for this bag. I am just now getting into carryon only travel and packing minimally. I own this bag and would love to see how you guys recommend packing it for travel up to a month. Due to this bag being newer the only videos out there are for the far point. (In the past I would pack too much so trying to pack this bag with everything does give me a wee bit of anxiety lol)

  8. Great review! And I love the fact that the notebook sleeve is in the front because it makes going through security a breeze ❤️

  9. might be a bit late, but can i ask how the size compares to the farpoint 40? do you really feel the 2 liter difference? i like the bigger capacity and the strap fit on the fairview but to be honest id have love for them to just come out with a black as opposed to the bizarre sludge grey they came out with…

  10. Bit late to ask, but I'm thinking about buying the fairview backpack, but my only worry is that with the laptop sleeve being on the front, the laptop might get bent if the backpack is full. Any opinions on this?

  11. As is often the case, different perspectives will produce different evaluations of the same facts:
    Con: Front compartment is tight when the main compartment is full. OR
    Pro: The bag is able to be filled-out by use of the main compartment alone.

  12. Great review. Would love to see a review of the Eagle Creek Travel Companion 40l and comparison between that and the Fairview!

  13. I've been wondering: When you talk about the smaller body frame, what about guys who are not as brawny? Fairview or Farpoint?

  14. You missed out on a size in this review. The smallest size referred to as W XS/S though referred to as Fairview 40 according to the pack dimensions info on the US site is a 38 litre pack and NOT 40 I know because I did a lot of research to see the size differences to buy the W XS/S size for my sister 🙂

  15. Just wanted to put this out there…I tried both the Fairview 40 and the Farpoint 40 at an REI store today. I felt that the Fairview may be better suited for curvy women. However, I think the Farpoint may still be a better option for women who are not wide in the hips. The bottom of the hip straps on the Fairview are set wider. A woman who is not very wide in the hips may end up losing the hip support in the Fairview.

  16. Bought the 40L one based on this review! So far it’s been the perfect bag for me from travel to camping. I love it. Thanks for reviewing bags in such detail!

  17. Have you all had the chance to try out the Gregory Proxy 45 yet? I was originally going to buy the Fairview for my 4 month trip, but the Proxy seems to be a similar style with potentially a few nice extras. Would love to hear a review if you have one! Thanks!

  18. Hey do you take a day pack with the 40L? I’m unsure if I should get the 40L and a day pack or getting the 55L and using as two separate bags (40L and 15L daypack)

  19. I actually would prefer it to be available in typical girly colours like pink, red or purple too. At least the wine red. Heck, this one is not even available in black. Just grey instead.

  20. Nice review! I'm still doubting between a couple of bags, but this helps a lot!
    I love that she is traveling in Belgium 😉

  21. When comparing the Osprey Fairview and the eagle creek global companion, when it comes to durability and or the fabric it’s made of, which do you guys feel would hold up to some outdoor adventures better?

  22. I'm a fun sized guy. I feel the Farpoint is less comfortable then Fairview. I believe user should be comfortable to what they need. So guys, it's ok to use Fairview even though it says "specifically for women".

  23. Thanks for the stunning review, almost pull my trigger to this bag , but something bothers me , I am 5'4, 115 lb, what size of Farview would fit me better ? sometimes my husband will help me to carrying the bag , he's 5'8 125lb, should I get the Farpoint or Farview? Are the buckles on the Farview very useful ? eg. hook the day pack on

  24. What has been your favorite travel backpack for petite women? I am 4'11 and have an osprey ariel 65 and the straps dont fit right at all. My torso is just way to small so the frame sits in mid air above my shoulders.

  25. why do u say cubes are not needed for this kind of design? I was actually thinking to get the compression cubes ..

  26. Hi Rebecca, watching your great review for probably the 20th time in the last couple of days😅😅. Thanks for a great review. My head is spinning a bit on which bag I shd get. I'm torn between this one and Eagle Creeks Wayfinder 40l. I like all aspects of the Fairview 40 apart from having the compression straps visible over the net pockets the whole time. Can these be hidden/tied back someway when being worn? Do the hip straps come off completely? And with the Wayfinder, can the bag be compressed when half full or does it always look as "bulky". If you have time to reply, it would be so very much appreciated.

  27. Would anyone suggest the Fairview 55 for trekking and hiking? Also, I feel like the back of the pack isn't airy enough – how does it feel like after hours of walking?

  28. I do love the colours, but I do wish it came in a flowery pink or purple too, or black with cherry blossom💕 😉

  29. I just bought a Farpoint 40 M/L but I'm considering changing it to a Fairview 40. I was just wondering if the Fairview 40 has slightly less space due to the size S/M?

  30. Nice video, thanks. I'm thinking about the Fairview as well as several others (Peak, Tortuga, REI Ruckpack, etc.) I haven't seen much on the Kathmandu Litehaul 38L. Would love to see a video on this pack, especially one comparing it to others of its size and features.

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