Pageant Assumptions Tag | Rolene Strauss ft Werner Wessels

Pageant Assumptions Tag | Rolene Strauss ft Werner Wessels

Hi, welcome back. Today I’m doing a pageant assumptions tag video with Werner Wessels. Hello. Where we will be answering some of your assumptions About pageants that you sent to us via Instagram. So we hope you enjoy it You must be slim or less than a certain weight to enter No No. That’s wrong. That’s wrong. That’s wrong. A lot of people might feel like you have to be very slow or Less than a certain weight and perhaps in the past it was like that but I for one know that Miss South Africa, especially and Miss World is more focused on being healthy, so it’s not being a certain weight. It’s about being healthy and portraying that positive. Yeah Image. Well You are applying to become a role model So and being a role model is living a healthy and active lifestyle I think personally so it’s not about being a certain weight. It really is about taking care of yourself being healthy and showing the younger generation that you can be healthy and active and live a great lifestyle no matter if you’re size six eight ten twelve Exactly. You get the math. Someone does your hair and makeup for you? Yes, so that is the wrongest assumption yes on the night of the pageant of the final you have a whole team You know helping you to look the best You can look but during the whole most of the preparations most of Miss South Africa Miss South Africa, especially your year afterwards as well You have to be able to do your own hair and makeup So that is a big part of the preparations that we went through as well and you have to be able to do different looks With your hair and with your with your makeup in record time. Yeah well the thing is I try what I do with my training is I want you to be as self-sufficient as you possibly can be I Want you to need as few people as possible because we don’t know what the circumstances are We don’t know if that other person likes someone better than they like you so So I need to make sure that you know how to do your makeup better than anyone else your hair And also so that you can kind of just go especially before the pageants Miss Universal and Miss World specifically That you can kind of go into a bubble don’t need anybody around you So by the time they get there the girls usually know their faces better than any makeup artists would and I mean That’s how Rolene got to do her own makeup for her wedding because no one can do her face the way that she can do it because she knows it so well “dat daar ‘n katterige atmosfeer tussen die dames is” so there’s a lot of cattiness between the girls and I think it depends from year to year. During my year I didn’t feel like there probably I was probably just like in my own world. So I didn’t realize it but I didn’t feel that there was any cattiness. Yes about, I feel I feel the cattiness. About a week beforehand, you know you’ve spent more than a month together so yes You feel pressurized and there is you know, you don’t get along with everyone. Everyone doesn’t get along with everyone and so but but I don’t feel like there were too much cattiness Well first I ever since I Started working with Miss South Africa. I don’t allow it at all. I have explained to the girls Numerous times that if I just see you rolling your eyes at another woman you won’t win just because That’s not the type of woman that we are looking for There’s another assumption that says there are a lot of comparison between the girls. I feel like it’s so important to know that there is comparison, but you are the one who kind of compare yourself to someone else so being there I remember that the worst part or the most difficult part was being able to focus on me and Realize that I can’t compare myself with anyone else because I’m not like anyone else. You are You’re your biggest enemy when it comes to pageants like South Africa To be able to only focus on you and realize this is who I am This is what I can give if they don’t like it. That’s it. Then there’s something else for me So yeah, I’m never gonna be a tall beautiful black girl. So why compare myself You have to spend a lot of money or have a lot of money To be able to enter. No that is wrong. That is wrong As with anything I think if you want to be really prepared You have to invest time effort some financial resources into that project as you would with anything I mean if you want to play netball, you have to buy a netball, you know, but nothing more so Than anything else I think at the end of the day if you have your education Who you are. And you apply yourself to the competition you can do incredibly well without the spending. And I think the competition is actually moving toward trying to level the playing field. I mean, So we provide them with clothing with with shoes with makeup with hair. The winner is chosen before the final night. Yes That’s my answer That’s my answer. Yes, and the only reason why I say this is You have closed-door interviews and every pageant whether it’s Miss South Africa whether it’s Miss World or Miss Universe. Every pageant has three four weeks leading up to the finale where you get to know people Now as we have all learned since we were this high is that first impressions count If you do not have a great interview closed-door interview in front of the judging panel. I think you lose I Don’t think you can come back from that That’s my own personal thing. I think I disagree with you, I do disagree with you actually Okay, I think obviously, you know through the whole process The judges get to know you they know whether they like you they know what they like about you They know whether they can see you as a winner, but I don’t think the final winner is chosen on the night no, I don’t think the final winner is chosen on the night, but I do think that if you Like the winner or the potential winners are already Chosen beforehand. I think when it comes to something like Miss World You know where it’s like almost 180 or more different woman I think that they feel like they have a few a few favorites But then again on the night, like literally anything can happen. No anything can. You can still fall flat on your face Not that that would change anything but I think anything can happen. I think that a judges choice can literally change On the night. I don’t think it’s over before the night because why do you have the night then. so Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I’m just saying that Interviews are the most important part. Yes of a pageant. That the most beautiful finalist will in capital letters when Just go look at pageantry as a whole. It depends on what you see as the most beautiful finalist. Beauty beauty is subjective I know. Like you know we don’t like the same features in people so some people think that one girl is beautiful and You like a sunflower and I like a rose and All of the judges are different. What do you like? I don’t know. A peony. Okay. So the judges are different I think it all depends first of all on the judges and what they like and then also whether you’re able to You know like Werner always told me like from the beginning that Miss South Africa is a job interview So what might be beautiful for A modeling competition is not necessarily beautiful for Miss South Africa. Well, They say that different judges different outcome. Okay That it is all just glitz and glam So I’ll be the first one to tell you that that is not true. That assumption is not true. There’s so many Things that I went through as Miss South Africa and Miss World that were the complete opposite of glitz and glam and the worst part is you have to look like it’s all glitz and glam while you go through all of that. It’s ridiculous yes. Yes. Yes It’s not all glitz & glam. It’s literally sometimes you’re on your own. I remember as Miss World we were our flight was delayed and I was like literally left behind and you know stuff like that happens and or you’re in your hotel room and you have to get ready in like 10 minutes You don’t have anyone to help you I literally sometimes phoned the concierge and ask them to send a woman up to my room to just come help me button my dress up It’s not all glitz and glam and the thing Is that even though you might feel tired you might feel sick You have to go to an event, and that might be the first and the only chance that this little girl has to meet you So you have to be able to be On fleek, like literally. Oh look at her on fleek okay Like every moment It’s true. And that’s I think that’s the hard part is that you can’t be people don’t want you to be human So here is an assumption that is actually true It used to be all about beauty, but recently it became a lot about beauty and brain It’s not like literally beauty and brain I think it’s about the whole package and being able to be a role model to everyone out there Literally from males to females from girls to women. To have the full package It’s not only about what you look like. I think that’s the main thing. I think it’s with everything in life Pageantry has evolved and it needed to in order to survive. In the 1960s and 70s, it was based mostly on beauty which was fine because that was appropriate for the time and Yet These days it’s about finding a woman that is considered beautiful Absolutely. It’s still part of it still beauty pageant but finding someone with a heart of gold a heart of service Who wants. The one thing that I’m really proud of is every single woman that I’ve encountered and every single woman that I’ve trained someone asked me the other day what do they all have in common and I said the one thing that each and every one of them have in common is that they realized that their beauty was God-given and it wasn’t something that they earned and wasn’t something that they deserved necessarily but that they’ve decided that they were going to use that beauty for the greater good and push it back into Charity and community service and to to be of service to others because that’s what the platform is all about Werner works with all of the finalists. I do. They are all my babies my baby Queens. It used to be different. It used to be different So the first five years of my career was it five. I don’t know. I think it was five. Melinda was 2011. 2011 Melinda then you came in 2014. 2014 Then Liezel, then Thando and Demi. So for the first five years I did it privately I only trained one girl and helped a few but trained one girl Every year because I didn’t have the capacity to train more than that because I get so involved Literally involved like 24/7 on the phone. Yeah, like I’m probably the person they speak to most Whether they like it or not But then the Miss South Africa organization hired me and asked me to apply my techniques and my training methods to the actual competition. So now I don’t train anybody personally anymore but as soon as they become the top 16 or the top 12 they all become my babies and I train all of them, which is so much fun because now I have 16 girls that I love and that I work with and they each have something special and The great thing about what I train and how I train is that I’ve never applied the same technique to one girl So it’s not like I’m giving everybody a method and saying oh, this is what you should do it’s every girl has something special already and I’m just dragging it out, it’s about redefining her story her story and in most strengths and And then I take them internationally. So now I have lots of babies You have to have long hair to compete in beauty pageants No, you don’t. That is not true. I think that especially in today’s day and age with different cultures, you know We have short hair we have long hair we have medium hair we have curly hair We have straight hair. Miss Vietnam and Miss Universe last year had short hair. We have afro’s this year At Miss South Africa, we have short beautifully hair natural hair. It really isn’t about that It’s about really defining your own natural beauty Okay, the last one You need to be able to think quickly on your feet and have perfect interview skills So yes and no. Yes. so part of it is true part of it not so I think the true part is to be able to think quickly on your feet and especially with dealing with the media afterwards, you know, I remember that some of the best advice I was given is that you can take anything back once you’ve said it and That’s literally true So think on your feet be able to you know to say what you need to say in the right ways and then the wrong Part is to have perfect interview skills I think be trying to be perfect in an interview literally does the opposite of you of what you wanted to do as As a Miss South Africa and Miss World people want you to be relatable. They want you to be human They don’t want you to be perfect or give the perfect answer because then you kind of you won’t be yourself anymore. I have this It’s not even a love-hate relationship. It’s literally just a hate relationship with the word perfect. Especially when it comes to my job when it comes to when it comes to beauty pageants because that is the expectation and it’s the worst thing that you can ever tell anybody and it’s just so false in so many ways because I hate Perfection because first and foremost, you can’t hate something that doesn’t exist because it literally cannot exist Cannot exists see perfection but It’s such an important thing to have these young woman understand that being perfect doesn’t make you relatable. It doesn’t make people like you It doesn’t make people want to listen to you because immediately there’s a barrier between you and your audience because everybody that’s listening to you sees this perfect person and they don’t see Anything of themselves in you and that is how you are Effective and great as a role model is when people can say oh she’s just like me. Or, Wow, you know she does the same thing that I do and if you are just this perfect person who does everything great and wonderful then No one can relate to you. No, one can find something that they can see of themselves in you and then immediately there’s a barrier between you guys so No perfect answers. I always say the best thing that can happen to you in an interview is to screw up Is to say the wrong word or is to not know something or to do say something wrong Because that is a moment that you can turn into a golden opportunity for people to see your personality and to see how you handle pressure or how you handle failure and that you Don’t mind it and then it actually makes people Feel more comfortable with you When when they see that you can actually take it and you actually good with it. So I think in summary like there’s no perfect for Miss South Africa or Miss World or Miss Universe. There’s literally no height requirements or weight requirements. There’s no box. There’s no box. I think you create like literally the judges don’t look at you and compare you to someone else they literally look at you as a package and Decide okay. Can I work with this? Is this what we want this year? Miss SA’s clay Yeah, Miss SA’s clay and every year you get to mold the clay into something new and fresh and exciting That will stand in its own right. There is no box You have to be put into the certain box You have to do this or you have to do that it is whatever you bring and we find exciting and fresh and new and that the public will understand and love and Appreciate that’s what it is So that was the were some all of the assumptions tags about pageants So we really hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much for watching


  1. Rolene, you look so beautiful in this video. Wow! I have an idea, can you run a competition where 1 or 2 of your viewers could win a Revital Health beauty product? I know I certainly would like to try some products out and I'd do anything to get them. Please and thank you 🙂

  2. It's so lovely to see insides of how these competitions go! Thank you very much!
    Just one thing though, please insert English subs, I totally didn't understand the assumption at 12:40 and it seems to be a fun one.
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  3. Lovely video and great to find out about behind the scenes. I like the take about the interviews being like for a job, I have interviewed so many people over the years and I agree that personality needs to shine through for the panel to connect with the individual. Equally though a great panel makes light work of bringing out the best in someone.

    Also I have to say that Werner is a darling! His training obviously paid off if you were able to do your own bridal make up so stunningly.

    Keep up the videos, really enjoying them

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  6. Thank you for this very informative video, especially for addressing my assumption so well! ? I was so excited to see it included ??

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  8. Hello ☺️ Please remember to switch on the subtitles setting on your Youtube app if you don’t understand Afrikaans ??✨

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