Parenting Mistakes | Parents

Parenting Mistakes | Parents

war raising a toddler is a really big challenge no question about
it if you ever find yourself saying it should come with a manual well you
would help stop second-guessing yourself the toddler years the operation singer
is here tell us in the biggest mistakes that
parents and toddlers make and how to fix them and I’m so glad you’re here cuz boy could I use your help I was by
myself saying that to you but we have talked to your cell you now I
had two toddlers at the same time cuz I had a one year old and a
two-and-a-half-year-old and I’m that’s crazy it was absolutely crazy cuz
they won with a one way when we go the other way it hard to control them you know
toddlers can be frustrating and exhausting and absolutely wonderful all the same time
in a I think it’s because there so unpredictable nato
tensions that parents maybe start using some parenting techniques that they normally wouldn’t shouldn’t race well
that’s true they forget that their toddlers and their baby anymore
and so they go for the easy fix for the bigger problems and that causes
larger problems in the long run okay let’s talk about these three big
mistakes for starters you say sometimes parents
squint on discipline when they shouldn’t tell me about that where the deal probably doing it to you or you know
they’re so darned cute so you think that no other so little all just let some things go in fact sixty-three percent up
mom survey to mama said dotnet say that enduring temper tantrums and
their kids not listening to them saying now is a big big problem
however you gotta just say no and I’ll tell you
why when you’re in a store in your kids throwing a fit if you just say oh we’re gonna leave if
you don’t stop that and then you don’t leave you now set up for the rest of their
lives they’re gonna know that mommy’s gonna buckle so she’s gonna cave she’s gonna cave if
I keep it up so just saying no this huge obviously
have to do that but she also recommended when tell me how that works yeah
happened set a plan and have to follow that plan and no matter who’s watching the trial may have how that plan too so
if you decide that you will not allow temper 10 him
for my well then you pick up that hitting you take that kid to the car no
matter how much they’re screaming and how embarrassing it is do that every single time and stay
consistent with your spouse I would imagine is important your spouse has to
do it too which is sometimes a hard sell by yes everyone has to do it and they’re
gonna know who’s the sake okay usually me alright the next mistake
underestimating what your toddler can do what do you mean my cousin told me that his toddler had
just learned how to walk he turned around for a second turned back around and his son was
standing in the middle the kitchen table at the tapping gots toddlerhood and again you made your toddler’s not a
baby anymore so you need to sort of anticipate what they’re gonna do which
is really hard to do crafty little creatures but we can do is
watch other toddlers who are a little bit older than yours and see what
they’re getting into and then child-proof accordingly so you
need to make the tough before I even thought that should get down on your hands and knees
walk around think like a toddler think what what can I stick into there that’s what
you’ll do in order to figure out what your child might get into okay but also you say you need to let
some things go so you’re not sure to be in their face every step of
the way yeah you know it your house should have a little spot where Tyler concern roam free you’re not yelling no
no no all the time sacrifice your Tupperware for an
afternoon let them play with it because that’s how toddlers learn is to play let him play don’t make
it like up jail cell let them take every single DVD
added the TV compartment for us it was the magnets
of the refrigerator on their they all find something it’s
kind it’s fun for them okay mistake number three finally is using
short term solutions that create long-term problems this is a big one arm I and II mama said
about a quarter mom said that they admit to letting
their toddler sleep with them just cuz they were so exhausted yeah I but now they’re setting up the college
thing hey I slept there last night I get to do it every night and you can’t do that again this goes
back to disappoint plan set a bedtime plan when it’s not bedtime
and say you know we’re not gonna let our toddler
sleep in our bed you’re always go to your crib and then stick to that because the
moment that you pull away from that remember that one time that you let them
float a boat in the toilet or whatever it is a really good in your house yeah we did
yet hey everybody thinks about every once in a while but you said that you also need to keep
it simple because they can stretch at that time i send me
the extra drink in a little back rub in the walkin there’s always something else
happen stop that well if you keep that up there gonna act
like no Britney Spears at the Four Seasons expect that every night and before you
know your bedtime ritual as an hour and a half long keep it as simple as possible read a
book change the diaper but I’m the bad that’s it alright sounds
like I need to go home and set some rules Jen singer always a pleasure to have you thank you
so much for coming here alright and if you need a little more help maintain your sanity
there are plenty more tips engines book stop second-guessing yourself but other
years within bookstores now go get it thanks
for watching parents to be 15


  1. give your kids what they need, not what they want. It's our job to prepare them to deal with the issues and problems of the real world so they can one day do the same for their children.

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