Parents disapprove of their pregnant teen’s final decision | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Parents disapprove of their pregnant teen’s final decision | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Honey how you feeling good? We want you to know that you took a not-so-great situation. It was something beautiful Mom that I actually wanted to talk to you about something, right? I know I agreed to place this baby for adoption, but I’ve changed my mind Excuse me. I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to keep this, baby Oh no a 16 year old has no business raising a child a young teen is pregnant She wants to keep and raise her child. Her parents think adoption is the best choice Do you stay quiet and let them keep it in the family or do you step in and try to help with this baby dilemma? What would you do? Lots of teens have babies and they all figure it out Figured out a no daughter of mine is going to jeopardize her future to be a teen Joining us on the set today is a mom who knows situations like this all too well MTV Teen Mom superstar Catelynn Baltierra At 16 she was faced with the same hard decision You’re the ones that are gonna take care of my life And if you can’t provide for it and somebody else can then maybe that’s the best thing to do Why was it important for you to do this, you know, I’m really passionate about educating about adoption But also if a young lady decides at the end that she wants to make a different decision I’m totally okay with that to you. So I’m kind of excited to see what Caitlin is watching with me behind the scenes at the tom sawyer diner in Paramus New Jersey and our actress is about to break the big news to her parents Let’s do it. I know we made this decision and I said I would go through with it, but I want to keep the baby as it turns out this couple is also Expected and they can feel the tension. Wait. What? Excuse me I mean that these past few weeks say she’s moving and and I’ve grown attached to her Teen birthrates are at a historic low Our show Teen Mom and Teen Mom og and 16 and pregnant and have helped make that Pregnancy rate the lowest that it’s been because I think cuz it’s just showing the real raw reality of it The problem is is that you’re 16, and you wanting to keep the baby now and it affects our whole family We’ve agreed on adoption. We tell our parents to leave the table let me get She doesn’t even want to look at her she’s really shaken by his crimes It’s really upsetting it’s like it’s my baby And Now they invite grace to join them. Well, you know, it’s tough parties at 16 It’s hard to raise a child things that you’ll sacrifice And the thing is we’re so young They always start a family any time like you don’t think like I can do all of it You probably could but it’s not going to be an easy road it won’t be easy when you give I Don’t want to sway you have to make the decision on your own Parish, you have to consider it your parents have a little creative eyes. Let’s go inside You were amazing We were in tears Because I’m pregnant now So maybe I felt what she was feeling but I knew it wasn’t good advices and have her just go on her emotions You see somebody just give that honest true real advice it honestly made me tear up in the man I was like, oh my gosh different getting all emotional We’re rolling again, I don’t want to look back and have regrets you want to talk about regrets You have the rest of your life in front of you and you’re gonna ruin it right now If you keep this baby said the parents away, we’re not going back on this when our parents dorm off She goes looking for them while her husband offers a helping hand Oh really was any money dad, yeah I mean we agreed at first so the adoption but now I I feel different Here comes the wife Here we go some advice coming Every situation is different It’s a very huge commitment mom and dad obviously the best for you Have you contained? Did you ever hear that kind of advice absolutely yes again that can be very helpful. Oh my gosh We couldn’t say it better if we try I’m sorry You just wished you could do more and I felt back because I didn’t know where the boundary was where I could Interference with the parents no to seek counselling seek a support group for you to know to give that advice was really awesome Throughout the day people have different ways of showing compassion. This woman takes the spiritual approach This diner shares her personal experience And this college student encourages her to keep trying to work it out with her parents You’re gonna need them on your side as long as we set up for our last scene All right, so we’re ready to roll again. We decide to switch things up Just like Kaitlyn our Teen Mom now decides to place her baby up for adoption Listen to me. Honestly, I don’t want to be a teen mom. I don’t want to have a baby I want to go to college. I want to travel I want to see I mean I’ve been looking into other options what like what like Adoption. That’s unfamiliar And who we meet next Surprises us this mother and son are about to experience a personal flashback We agreed that this baby stays in this family. I So angry with you right now With our teen mom left alone. He and his mother stepped right in Turns out this man now a father of three was a teen dad He was 18 when he had his first child Strap she probably saved But you’ll get through it say, do you have any regrets do you have any regrets about keeping your baby when you were I would know what I’d be without oh, but you get through it. We make it work. Okay, here we go Hello there, how are you she was an actor and her parents, okay And who would have thought we run into a dad who was at 18 he struggled but he got through it yeah Because he’s got a beautiful daughter. He’s in Second year of college and he’s still yeah If he had said I want to put the baby up for adoption, what would you have said You know what? I would have supported whatever decision they made it was tough very tough like she said with the help of family and everything we were able to get through it then my granddaughter my first It makes putting up with him Wow Hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here. Thanks for checking out the ABC News youtube channel If you’d like to get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage Click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts Thanks for watching


  1. Well i guess it is diffrent in the ”states” but when you are at age 15 the legal sexage, then it is Always the Woman that is pregment that can say what shall or shall not be done, not the parents, but like i said earlier i guess its diffrent in USA, then in EU

  2. seeing this was so tough because I am adopted and I was thinking Why may real parents didn’t think of that idea to keep me

  3. In the end, is every single person’s choice. Obviously, it’ll be better if you want the baby and your parents are willing to help. But if you don’t want it (no money, no stability, whatever) then for me the best option can be adoption. However, is not just about leaving the kin and bye bye, is more about making sure they get a better family than the one you could’ve given him/her.

  4. The question is why did she got pregnant in the first place and where the fuck is the husband or the boyfriend

  5. Me, sees a family discussing deeply personal issue in a public place, loud enough to make sure the surrounding tables can hear: "This isn't Jerry Lewis, it must be WWYD!"

  6. I was 17 when i got pregnant and it wasn't the end of my world having a baby. It was only the start. Shes 3 months now and i couldnt ask for nothing more and i think anyone should keep their baby if they want to no matter how young or how big the responsiblity. If they decide they cant AFTER the baby is born then they should follow their emotions. Living with giving your baby away when you wanted to keep them is at least if i have to imagine the worst guilt and sadness anyone could ever experience that im not sure would never go away. My heart breaks hearing all these people tell the actor she should let her parents have a say when its HER baby..

  7. I still can't understand how ppl can't recognize Traci and brian. Im from the other side of the world and i can tell its them in a heartbeat xD

  8. I strongly disagree with the first person. I could not stand the fact that my child is somewhere out in the world and I have no idea where it is. Yes, having a child at 16 is hard and you have to make tough choices, but in the end it’s your child and you gave life to a child.

    Yes I know this is not real lol, but if it were this is my opinion

  9. I know better young mothers than older mothers! Adoptions premoted in America to much …all those parentless babies 😢

  10. I had my 1st baby at 16. I faced all that judgement & negativity, but kept my baby. Everybody tried convincing me to give her up, but I wouldn't – I got kicked out for it. Everybody said I'd amount to nothing & couldn't possibly raise a good kid. While it was tough, I finished high school & graduated with honors, with absolutely no help from any parents or family, or my ex. Then put myself through college, & my baby girl is now an 18 year old that graduated with honors & a wonderful person, & turned out better than any other 18 year olds I know, that seem to feel entitled & getting into trouble all the time.

    It was obviously a huge struggle, & it's not the right choice for everybody, but it breaks my heart when I see teen girls in that situation, that are being pressured to get abortions or give their babies up, with the argument being they'd have no future. In my situation, my daughter was the only reason I had a future. I was on a seriously bad path, til the moment I realized I had to get my life in check quickly, if I wanted to be able to care for a baby. She saved my life, & I've spent the last 18 years being the best mother I could be to her, & making sure she knows that no matter what, I love her, & will always be there for her. We've had several talks about pregnancy prevention (we were determined to break the cycle- I was at least the 4th generation in my family to have 1st pregnancy as a young teen), but also making sure she knew that if it DID happen, I'd be there to support her in every way possible, no matter what decision she made, & would never put her in the situation that I was put into.

  11. 16 years old pregnant and she is not even married? These are common cases in western countries and its so shameful that they critize our culture and religion (Islam)

  12. 16 and pregnant didn't lower the rates they were already down.
    Sex Ed, access to birth control and stuff like that.
    I had my daughter at 17, my aunt wanted me to give my baby up. So I left. I lived w my bf. We Supported ourselves. Best choice we ever made it wasn't easy tho.
    But nothing wrong w adoption. It can be a better option. And there are beautiful couples that would love the baby as their own. So there are good and bad for both sides.

    But didn't Caitlyn give up her baby then have another one like really soon after? I always found that weird. Unless I remember wrong it was like a couple years right? That would hurt my feelings if I was the first baby. IDK tho what do I know

  13. To be honest we can’t ACCEPT everything just to appear “UNDERSTANDING “ !
    Teens make stupid decisions and sometimes it’s better not to listen to emotions all he time ! SOME HARSH TRUTHS AND REALITY CHECK should be a factor in decisions too !!! So instead of making an emotional decisions try to have to good healthy long discussion with family and urself and hear both sides of the coin so u can make a good decision whatever it is

  14. I just feel like if you’re pregnant at 16 you haven’t made the best choices in life. But the best choice would be to raise that child.

  15. Can’t you just keep the baby for a couple months and if your realize it’s too much to handle then you can put it up for adoption. You don’t have to make the decision before it happens.

  16. Omg. This happened to my mom. She was sixteen but a month later she turned 17, and she was a teen mom. It sucked tho because her ex had to move and didn't really bother to talk to us and I never knew he was my real 'dad'. She told me last year and people contact him but that is a personal reason but I got to see a picture of him and get to call him. I get my features from him and personality and like from him. It's weird

  17. actor 1: guys.. my number one dream is to become a kangaroo rider..
    actor 2: really?! you’re a disgrace to our family!!
    walks away

    responder: that’s crazy.. do what you want in life.

    john: turns out, this responder actually has faced this situation before..

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