Have you ever seen a person with hair on their
faces, dark spots, and acne? These could be surface symptoms of a disorder called PCOS.
They are just the surface though, there’s so much more going on on the inside. All of which, by the way, affect feeling sexy
and being sexual. PCOS. The longer name is polycystic ovary
syndrome, or ovarian syndrome. You probably recognize the word ovary: referring
to the small organ, here and another one here, that tend to release an egg every month as
part of menstruation? One of the things that can happen for people
with PCOS is that an egg isn’t released. Instead the maturing eggs line up in the ovaries
but none of them burst out. None of them dissolve. They just hang out like little evil ovary
zits. Painful little beads of fluid we call cysts. Poly/cystic/ ovaries! Now, lots of people get cysts. You could have
one in your ovary right now, your arm, your foot, or butt; you can get them in all sorts
of places on the body. The difference with PCOS is that there are
usually more of them, more often, in the ovaries and there are other symptoms going on at the
same time which mark this problem as a syndrome…. A collection of specific symptoms. Another symptom is irregular periods, or none
at all. As in periods that last more than 32 days.
or periods that just don’t show up for four months or longer! Then there’s skin tags, dark marks called
Acanthosis nigricans, oily skin and dandruff. People with PCOS tend to have high levels
of androgen. Androgen, which is considered the male hormone.
In a biosex female body, excess androgen causes hair to thin here but grow ambitiously here.
In all these places (face, thigh, chest, buttocks, shoulders, backs).
It also causes acne, significant weight gain, and trouble with ovulation.
As in maybe inability to conceive kids. It doesn’t feel good! Physically but also
emotionally. People with PCOS probably want smooth skin
and to run around and flirt and not feel judged. They’d probably even like to have their
periods—because at least it’d feel more normal. So how do I know if I have PCOS?
A doctor reviews your medical history, and does a physical and pelvic exam, blood testing,
and checklist of PCOS symptoms. It affects about 10% of biosex females. Can it be cured?
No but it can be treated. Diet is has a huge impact on the disorder
especially when it’s partnered with exercise. There are lots of blogs and books on PCOS
nutrition and fitness along with success stories from their readers.
There are also medications to organize hormones and tell that period who’s boss. And if it goes untreated… PCOS is still somewhat of a mystery. We don’t
know for sure what causes it or exactly how all the symptoms relate to each other. We
do know is that there are much higher frequencies of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, stroke,
infertility, sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and cholesterol with PCOS
than without it. And don’t forget sexual dissatisfaction! Yes, while some people with PCOS don’t have
cysts, some become diabetic, and others end up pregnant, one thing is pretty consistent:
sexual challenges. Whether it is because of the chronic pain,
altered body image, low self-esteem, or association with the reproductive system being a butthead,
sex is a reported hardship for people with PCOS. Research published in Seminars of Reproductive
Medicine by Janseen and colleagues describes, PCOS patients as significantly less satisfied
with their sex lives and sexual appearances. Less satisfied but not hopeless. Stay curious! Halloween is quickly approaching and I have
a great costume idea for you. You could be a clitoral hood just like the one from this
Sexplanations video. This original costume is going to be going on Ebay to raise money
for PCOS. Cause why not?


  1. Thanks so much for making this video! As someone who was recently diagnosed with PCOS, I've doing it a real struggle to explain to my friends what's going on with me and this was a huge help!
    PCOS isn't an uncommon thing but it's rarely talked about because of the fact that it involves symptoms affecting sexual reproduction, I'm glad there's more discussion about it out there

  2. Do you have a recommended reading list for PCOS? You mentioned some things very quickly and as someone with PCOS that is not controlled well at all, I could really use the help.

  3. Thank you so much for making a video about PCOS. I'm a woman suffering with this, and it pains me daily and affects my self esteem to no end. While I see many doctors about it, all of them seem a little clueless about it overall. But I'm trying my best to do what I can, change my diet, and being on hormone therapy.

  4. Good luck with the auction!

    (Although it is a bit creepy when you say the money goes to PCOS, instead of to research to cure it.)

  5. Sometimes when I feel my chin and the sides of my face, I think I'm growing sideburns or a beard, it feels like "peach fuzz". I also have it on my lower back. But when I shave it off, it's visible, but almost white in colour. I also have dark hair on the inside and back of my thighs and my butt and butthole, as well as a bit of pubic hair extending above the natural line so my pubic hair almost forms a "heart" shape, and two or three dark hairs on my left areola. My periods are regular though; 30 or so days in a cycle, 4-6 days of bleeding at the beginning of each. Do I have PCOS? My mom says I'm normal, and doesn't think I need to see our doctor. (And no, I'm not Mediterranean or any of those other racial groups that typically have more hair on their bodies, just a normal Caucasian.)

  6. I'm also 24 and have never had a pelvic exam or a Pap smear before (I'm still a virgin), nor have I had a blood test (I'm scared of needles!).

  7. Lindsey,
    Thank you for all your wonderful advice and wisdom on this channel. I have a question that I dont think you have covered yet – though I could be wrong. I just started getting intimate with a girl but she seems to hit a wall whenever I pleasure her (fingers) is there a problem here or is it because she has never had any kind of sex before? She says its not me and i'm a little worried about it. Is there a name for this hitting a wall and not orgasming and if so is there anything we can do it about it? 

  8. I've been told by a doctor that I have PCOS but I don't have very many of these symptoms/not to an extreme that alters my life in any way. Is it possible that I was misdiagnosed? 

  9. Thank you so much for this. As someone who has dealt with both the psychological and physical symptoms of this condition. Its nice to hear someone talk about it frankly, and have a reference to send people to when people ask me what exactly having PCOS means. Its confusing and sometimes it sucks, but everything's better when it makes a little bit of sense. Thanks so much. 

  10. I was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago. I would go for months without a period and then bleed for months straight. It was a very frustrating time in my life. I was put on acne medicine for my body acne and then about 6 different birth control types. The emotions were all over the place me and my mom fought like crazy. My body wasn't mine anymore. It was scary. But now about a year and a half later. I am healthy and I eat healthier now, I get my period every month now like a normal girl, I have confidence and I know my body more than ever. I am on a birth control that is right for me and it helps keep me regular (period wise!) it works for me and my partner and I overall am so happy! As someone who still struggles with REALLY bad cramps- dandruff- oily skin- hair in random places, I live with PCOS everyday but it doesn't define who you are!
    Thanks for this awesome video and I LOVE THE COSTUME IDEA!!

  11. As someone recently diagnosed with PCOS, my doctor talked a lot about the issue of weight. She discussed how they don't know if being fat causes PCOS or if PCOS causes women to be fat. Do you have anything to add to this? Do you know if there is a trend to over diagnose fat women with irregular periods with PCOS? As a fat person, my general experience has been that my doctors want to diagnose me with problems I don't actually have but are common for fat women. Although, I don't really doubt my PCOS diagnosis. However, my doctor never mentioned any non-physical symptoms associated with the syndrome. Thanks for this informative video. (Sorry this comment ended up being a stream of consciousness)

  12. Most of the support groups I've found around PCOS deal a lot with infertility, but since my husband and I wish to be child-free, that hasn't been an issue for me. My biggest worry is the difficulty I have with sporadic weight gain, and the difficulty to lose any weight, even with diet and exercise. I'm currently still uninsured, so I haven't been able to see a regular doctor about this since my diagnosis. Do you know of any good resources dealing specifically with PCOS and weight issues?

  13. It took a  long time for me to get diagnosed. I have done extensive reading about it, but always like hearing more information and to spread the word for the ones who may have it and have never heard of it. On top of getting a better Dr, one major thing that has helped is a gluten free diet. I was skeptical, but the results speak for themselves! and now on Metformin I have a period about every month, where I had went a yr with none before. My body responds very poorly to birth control, but I have heard of others having great results with that as well. You can feel better! And as far as the feeling pretty, everyone has trouble with that, but feeling better(not bloated, not in pain, I wax/shave/pluck unwanted hair to feel better) leads to feeling better about yourself and your appearance too. Good luck to any struggling with this. It is not fun, but there is a better life with a good dr and diet….. and a special struggle for those of us who know they want children and have the fear of infertility over them

  14. BEFORE you go to the doctor and have them check for PCOS, have them check your thyroid (TSH, thyroid antibodies, Free T3, Free T4). An under-active(hypo) thyroid has a lot of the same symptoms (12) and the tests are way more straight forward and simple.

    I was misdiagnosed as having PCOS and it lead to a lot of invasive testing which all came back negative in relation to PCOS. And because one of my doctors refused to listen to me saying I DON'T have it and instead listened to my (former) other doctor who insisted I did despite all of the negative results I had to go through it all again. And again, all negatives with the doctor insisting I do have it.
    You know what I do have? Hashimoto's disease. You know how many symptoms it has in common with PCOS? 12. I have all of them because I have HASHIMOTOS. I don't have any of the just PCOS symptoms if you take away those 12 symptoms they have in common. PCOS is still on my medical record because I can't get it off.  

  15. My partner has PCOS but also has a… pituitary adenoma? I don't know the medical jargon but basically a small tumor on her pituitary gland that really messes with everything. She has a terrible time keeping weight off, and her periods can be irregular even when she's on a very high-hormone birth control. What is the best way to support her? She knows diet and exercise is important but with me around she has a hard time sticking to it (she has put on 50lbs since we met) and is starting to feel very unsexy. I think she's sexy, and I want her to be happy with herself and with me, and I want her to get thinner and healthier because I know she's happier when she has energy to do more physical activities.

    I don't want to boss her around or control her, I don't want to force her to stick to a diet and tell her no when she wants to go have a burger. I don't know how to keep her on track when we live in Chicago and there are a billion delicious distractions.

    In reference to talking about forums to talk about PCOS, she's found them but has never found anyone who also had a tumor messing up their hormones as well. As far as I'm concerned I think the PCOS is caused by the tumor, actually. I definitely wish she had someone to talk to who could share their stories of ovarian woe though.

  16. I usually REALLY enjoy sexplanations but I found this one to be discouraging. The overall tone was negative. Overall it felt less informative and encouraging than usual. I have PCOS and was very excited about this video, but was sadly disappointed.

    The majority of the video focused on the symptoms (which are unpleasant) and the treatment/suggestion sections mainly focused on loosing weight which is difficult given the symptoms. Ending on the bomb shell that a significant percentage of individuals with PCOS find sex a hardship was very discouraging, especially since the only suggestion to combat this hurdle was to stay curious.

    Some questions I would have loved to have been answered are:
    Since sex can be painful for those with PCOS, what suggestions do you have to counter act this?
    What are other treatments for PCOS aside from weight loss?
    How does the birth control pill interact with PCOS symptoms aside from regulating the period?
    What is the relationship between PCOS and a thyroid condition? How do the treatments interact with each other?

    I hope this wasn't too negative! Generally I enjoy your work 🙂

  17. I've had PCOS now for 8 years. My husband and I would do anything for a child, but we an NOT afford any sorts of treatments. It's been super hard and it gets me down alot. But I will say that since switching my diet to a plant based one ( no meat)  It's helped alot. I got my period back and regularly. My cysts have shrank and I feel alot better! I lost a good 20 or 30 lbs, and it helped SOOO much.  I had so many cysts. 18 on one ovary, and 23 on the other. now im down to 3 and 6. I take walks almost everyday and do squats. My hubby and I couldnt ever have sex cuz it was too painfull..even though it was depressing in itself, we did " other things" to keep our selfs satifed. Our mouths and hands still work ladies!!!  I know it's hard sometimes, but we arent broken Laides!!  Remeber to keep your head up!! You are beautiful and always amazing!

  18. I have PCOD (PCOS BEFORE it becomes a syndrome). My gyn says I've probably had it since i started my periods at 11. I'm 16 now. My mother and her mother both have PCOS. I know I shouldn't be, but at 16 yes I am worried about my ability to conceive a child. Ever since I was really little I always had a "baby". I've always wanted to be a mother. I know I shouldn't worry about these things at 16, but, I mean, it's my future I'm worried about. The pain I have from PCOD is excruciating. It gets so bad sometimes that I have to stay home from school and my grades have suffered as a result. Other girls tell me I should just suck it up and be in school. Part of me wishes that they knew how bad the pain gets, but then again, I'm happy they don't know.

  19. SUPER video! Have you guys done one concerning endometriosis? I know so many ladies who suffer with it, some to a debilitating degree.

  20. Thanks for this video! I have PCOS and was diagnosed when I was 12, but I didn't realize that some of my mental problems had to do with it. Did you know that something like 10% of women have it and a lot of them don't even know? Also, we have a ribbon. It's teal. Support your Cysters!

  21. Thank you ! I have a mild to moderate case of PCOS. Its ugly symptoms have made me hate my body and not want to be intimate with my girlfriend. But this summer a lot of that changed. I had a hysterectomy and now that I do not have to deal with the insane periods and the hormone treatment  being archenemies I am finally beginning to feel like the woman I am. I am finding peace with my body and find happiness. It was nice to hear someone explain it how it really is and not be so clinical, I hope that makes sense. having PCOS is a real pain in the ass!

  22. That last point about PCOS, sexual dissatisfaction, hit hard. I have PCOS, and have decided to wait until marriage before having sex for a variety of reasons (previous experiences with boyfriends, talks with friends, and yes, religion), but the way you mentioned sexual dissatisfaction and all that comes with it makes me wonder if my PCOS is the root cause of my decision. Definitely going to have to think about this for a while.

  23. Random question: i wonder if lesbians have an increased sex drive during ovulation like heterosexual women do. (Hope i wasn't offensive. Just curious!)

  24. I have PCOS. I got diagnosed after I almost died. I read an article that states that those who have trouble conceiving may have an auto-immune from of PCOS. I'd post the link but I don't want to be marked for spam. 

    If you have PCOS or suspect that you might. Know a family member who has it. Or genuinely want to know more about it because you want to educate yourself for you or even your children's sake… Message me. Seriously. look me up on tumblr ajischronicallyamazing You aren't alone. There is help and support out there. <3

  25. Thanks for posting this video! This might sound weird but this is helpful because I am writing a character that has PCOS. And I've also been reading up on this ever since I had a cyst burst a year or so ago. I didn't even know I had cysts. But it was horrible. I almost legitimately thought I was going to die. I feel so sorry for those of you who suffer from this disease. My heart goes out to you.

  26. great video! Can you do a video about pelvic examinations (how to mentally prepare for one, and what to expect, etc.)? I'm 22 and I know I should get one, but just thought of going through the appointment is incredibly nerve-wracking =/  

  27. My doctor diagnosed me with PCOS but I'm not sure about it, as I hear cysts are painful but I've never felt any pain? The appointment felt rushed and when I answered no to some of the questions he ignored me and wrote yes anyway. For example, being asked if I produce excessive body hair, in which I feel I do not, he scribbled down yes anyway. I feel that he may be saying I have PCOS just because I'm overweight. But he may be correct as one time I had my period for a whole month and after that have never had it since up to now. My hair isn't thinning, its very thick, and I don't have excessive facial acne or hair. I do get body acne every now and then though. I'm not sure what to think about his diagnosis. Thoughts?

  28. omg i am so sad right now. i started losing my hair when i was 14 and at 16 i was told i have pcos but not much was explained to me. i have all the symptoms mentioned. thank u for teaching me more about myself and my syndrome but man i am so bummed out right now…

  29. You should look in to the surgery that is performed in many nations, except US. They have very high success numbers for PCOS patients. I am actually looking in to finding a good doctor so I can see if I qualify for surgery, because the medication (birth control to be exact) that is approved in US has done nothing for me other than make my period happen every 3 weeks. Sadly doctors in US refuse to operate. Well at least ones I have been to. I guess there is way too much money to be made through my insurance for them to keep me on medications for the rest of my life.

  30. Can I get PCOS? I'm a trans male who's been taking testosterone for years so I don't get periods but I still have those organs.

  31. Thank you so much for posting this video, I have PCOS myself, and showed this to my dad to help him understand more about the condition. It really helped to have all the basic information in one place!

  32. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. My symptoms is very mild, the only things that's really affected is my period and acne. And my apatite, without eating the pill, I get hungry very quickly. That's actually also a symptom. But then I got really good self-confidence and I'm single and not really interested in having kids. So it doesn't affect me very much.

    When it comes to having sex, doing it solo is a good way of getting it started. Sexual arousal becomes easier the more you do it. My sex drive is really high despite everything, including the fact that I've never had a partner, and it steams from the fact that I give myself time to feel good with myself! 😀

  33. Could you Caption your videos? I think Deaf people should have the right to this information, and it be easier for everyone if there was captions.

  34. Thanks for this! I was able to play it for my husband and he has a bit more understanding of a) Why I have problems with hair growth  b) why my periods and somethings throughout the month I am in pain and why sex can be painful and c) Why I am so concerned we may not be able to conceive. 

    Can you suggest some of the books you mentioned on diet and exercise to help with PCOS?

  35. Thanks for this video. I have several of those symptoms and cousins with PCOS, so I'm going to talk to a doctor about it.

  36. Okay so I may have PCOS which could explain a lot… how do I get checked though? Just walk into the Drs and be like "yo I think I might have PCOS can you double check?"

  37. I love you for making this video. I've been searching for the perfect video to spread awareness for the condition. I've found it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  38. The terrible thing is I feel like most of these symptoms apply to me, but I've already been checked and given the clear. Apparently I'm just messed up in general lol.

  39. Thanks for the vid; I've been dealing with PCOS for several years now. Quick question: do you know if women with PCOS are able to sell eggs?

  40. Thank you so much for making this video and helping spread the word. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 and now at 22 I soak up any information I can find to help me understand- this was  a great and super informative video to help anyone understand what PCOS is and what it can be like. Thank you

  41. I have PCOS. I don't have cysts. Not everyone gets them. Its a quantitative syndrome, rather then a disease… you have so many of the symptoms on a list of X amount. 

    And fun fact, there is a form for people with penises. and they can pass genes relating to it, to their daughters….

  42. Thank you for this video. I have pcos & never know when my period is going to hit. And it can last anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. I've always had trouble explaining this to people & you helped put my thoughts into words.

  43. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for creating an accurate and uplifting video that is both informative and not condescending!!! You are the only sex ed channel that has covered this topic, (although I've written to a few,) and the big thing for me was that you covered the emotional trauma that goes along with the diagnosis. Thank you so, so very much.

  44. I have PCOS. Upside: it makes me really hairy (I'm a trans-guy so that's a plus for me) Downsides: Pain. Lots of pain. Never knowing when/if I'm gonna bleed, acne, and a lot of trouble controlling my weight. It's great. So great. Currently looking for a doctor who will do a hysterectomy on a 20 year old.

  45. Thank you so much for making this video! I was diagnosed with PCOS about 4 years ago and it's definitely a struggle that influences every part of my life. Medication is incredibly helpful and it can be frustrating being told that "diet and exercise" are the only other management options. 

  46. My friend seems to display a lot of these symptoms… I want to tell them but how should I go about doing something like that???

  47. I like videos about certain health conditions like this – I'd love to see a video about endometriosis. I've been researching it recently and I've noticed that there is a huge lack of endo videos on YouTube.

  48. I have this. I do grow excessive hair, i wax it and pluck it. My skin is clear, I do have a deeper voice than other girls but I'm okay with it. I am very active I play 3 different sports and I powerlift. I've had this for a while. I do look like a woman but a rather beefy woman. I get comments on how muscular I am, but I rather look like a normal woman.

  49. With regards to my previous comment (me worrying about if I have more hair than I should), I went to the doctor today and she said that if my menstrual cycles are regular (which they are), then there's no problem. She sent me for blood work (my first time getting my blood drawn, BTW), and I should get the results by the end of this week. They filled four vials with my blood!

  50. I've heard a few times that some females have mutations of ovarian cells that can end up becoming other cells such as teeth and hair. Could you explain if this actually happens, and if it does, could you also explain what causes it? 

  51. Hi, Dr. Doe. I'm almost 16, and about two years ago, I started getting my period, but it only shows up every 4 to 6 months. I think I've only gotten it about 6 times. I don't really think I have PCOS, because I don't have a lot of the symptoms. I'm also kind of scared of going to a gynecologist, so I was wondering if maybe you had an explanation for why this might be.

  52. I love your channel and the way you present things clearly and concisely. I was recently diagnosed with secondary infertility due to PCOS and all of the info is overwhelming! The fact that infertility is a "taboo" topic doesn't help matters. You can't just walk up to a friend and talk about it. I feel like I'm all alone on an island. People need to know that infertility can be discussed and that the women (and couples) who experience it can't just "relax" to cure their medical condition anymore than relaxing can cure cancer.

  53. Well I think you'd be proud of me, because I sensed something wrong with my periods and the fact the even though I was on the pill I still didn't get my period I asked my doctor to investigate what was wrong. I even took countless pregnancy tests even my doctor made me take one there. Still not pregnant and no period.  I found out I have POCD (Polycyctic Ovarian Disease) not the syndrome. My Doctor made me take a blood test, and I found out when I had an ultrasound. This made me a little relieve yet a little sad, I'm taking birthcontrol to regulate the symptoms. Although it is also urged to change my diet and lose weight, because weight gain aggrivates my symptoms. The thing the frustrated me about this was that there isn't enough research and the research I found was the same info my doc had. The pill does help and I am focusing on being more healthy. Thank you for donating to PCOS I really appreciate it, not many people know or care about it.

  54. Also there is another disorder called adrenal hyperplasia which has almost the EXACT same symptoms. It took about a year from when we found there was a problem with me to definitively figure out which problem it was. If it's not PCOS it could be something else. And if you do have adrenal hyperplasia, it is treatable depending on what type you have and how early you catch it. I had gone through most of puberty before we caught it so I'm short and fat and have a deep voice (I like the deep voice though). Just thought I should share my experience with it in hopes of alerting someone earlier so they don't have to go through all the trouble I did.

  55. Thank you so much for posting this video. I have always wondered if my pcos had anything to do with my difficultly to orgasm or have libiod issues. Now I know. If you have any more info on that please let me know.

  56. I have PCOS as well as another thing called Hydrodenitis Suppurativa, and let me tell you, as a combo they SUCK ASS. Thanks for this video though, I suppose now I think I've come out of several years of clinical anxiety and depression (surprise surprise) I might be able to do the food and exercise thing. To the research library!

  57. I thought this channel was only gonna be about sex and explain how to do try things in sex, but I am astounded by this video because I have pcos…?

  58. I have PCOS, and I've only discovered and started exploring it in the last 18 months. Some of these symptoms don't apply, and I already knew about others, but the ones I didn't know about were really enlightening. I didn't know about the oily skin symptom, amongst others, but it makes so much sense.

  59. I am glad you made this more clear because my doctor thinks I have it and he didn't make it entirely clear on what other things it might affect

  60. Thank you for mentioning the dieting element of treatment for PCOS. I have PCOS and have been effectively treating it through a diet that a medical expert in PCOS reconmended. He had written academic studies on the effects and even used my treatment as an example. YET when I put on a blog about PCOS to a younger girl who said the meds she was on was too extreme I got attacked by other women saying I shouldn't talk about this silly unscientific newwave "treatment" as if I had suggested using Crystal power. It was upsetting and for months I just wouldn't tell people about my diet as a medical thing and so people thought I was just a fussy eater. It is important to spread information to stop this happerning in the future.

  61. Thanks for the vid – I've had PCOS probably since I was a teenager, diagnosed about four years ago finally, but also for the past 2.5 years have had chronic fatigue syndrome which makes everything worse because I can't exercise properly – and both are definitely sex dampeners. Your sex and disability video was also great. A lot of women with PCOS have difficulty losing weight, could you do a video on 'fatness' and sex?

  62. I’m going to a dermatologist in 2 weeks to find out if I have it; I have some dark hair on my chin, upper lip, sideburns, abdomen, lower back, upper thighs and a few on my left breast, have acne along my jawline and am about 20-25 pounds above my ideal weight for my height (5 foot 1 and 136.9). I have also had approximately 45-day cycles for the past few years until my past 2 cycles which have been about 30 days each (they were around 30 when I first started my period at 12 and 1/2). I’m not shaving or waxing until my appointment so I can show her exactly what’s up.

  63. PCOS sucks so bad!!! I'm glad I found out I have it early(19) and ever since ive been constantly researching, reaching out to people who also suffer from it, and explain it to my family, friends, and even strangers!
    It is such a common disorder and many women don't even know they have it until much much latet in life.
    Knowing that I have PCOS has made me more conscious of my choices and how they affect my body. I have to be more aware of how my body feels, how my brain reacts and a bunch of other things. Although it sounds like a pain I'm really glad I found out about it because it's made me so much more self aware.
    Sending all of you ladies with PCOS love and support! Do your research and listen to the your body ❤

  64. Got diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 and my mother asked when my last period was for a medical form (she was controlling and micromanaged my health to a toxic degree) and I couldn't remember. I'd started at age 11 and being depressed, I just hadn't paid attention.
    I went an entire year without a period. Got my blood tested and my androgen levels were higher than an adult who was assigned male at birth.
    I grew hair on my chin and had the dark/rough spots around my joints and carried my weight around my middle.
    They put me on birth control despite not wanting it. Honestly when you're diagnosed young, you lose all control of what is to be done if your parent is a controlling manipulator. Idk. I'm mostly just kvetching.

  65. I have PCOS, no weight issues but bad issues with skin and my periods are irregular and PAINFUL. I cramp even when I'm NOT bleeding! We discovered it a few months before my first period, the pain was so severe that the doctors thought i had appendicitis!

  66. Thank you for doing this video! 
    I got diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 (I'm now 22). The weird thing was that I only had the infrequent periods and acne (also, when I shave my legs, I have stubble less than a day later). I attributed that to being a teenager, so when I was about to start college, I asked my doctor if I could go on birth control because I had been told that it helped with acne and regulated periods. I then told her that I had had maybe 12 periods in the space of five years. She was concerned and sent me to an OBGYN who saw that I had elevated androgen levels, and did an ultrasound that showed I had multiple cysts.
    Four years later, I'm on a birth control that has regulated my periods and has calmed down my acne. I've done a few presentations about PCOS for school projects, and have participated in a study of people with PCOS and how it relates to bone density. It's really interesting to see your take on this condition, since it is so mysterious and isn't really well understood.
    Love the channel!

  67. Thank you so much for this video ?.
    My girlfriend suffers from this and i didn't understand her explanation about pcos.

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