Pelvic Exam for Women

Pelvic Exam for Women

Why is it important —Actually, you know,
tell me why what the pap smear will test and why it’s still important for, I still
have my ovaries, but why it would be important for me, just to have a
pelvic exam? The pelvic exam in your case or for somebody that has had a
hysterectomy is really important because we want admit —you have ovaries and we
want to make sure that there is nothing no tumors that are palpable
there’s still a vaginal area there changes can occur the lining of the
lining and so again it is important to still have a pelvic exam if not
every year at least every two or three years. The pap smear is different, the pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer and
it’s actually detecting abnormal cells in the cervix, it’s
not detecting necessarily cancer before we arrive at cancer we are basically
detecting abnormal cells and the pap smear is really composed of two parts so
the pap smear self is a cytology exam and that’s looking at the cells the
other component of the pap smear exam or pap smear test is the HPV,
which we recommend women after age 30 and that’s to detect the process of the
human papilloma virus which is a virus that’s associated with abnormal cells
and cervical cancer. There’s a lot of false positives I know that because it
happened to me where I was like oh my gosh
and they told me to come back and I got very nervous but it’s common, right?
It’s very common HPV is very common there’s different types of HPV many
women will actually fight off the infection but as long again as they are
routinely going to their primary care doctor their gynecologist and having
these regular pap smear exams especially if there is a history of an abnormal pap
smear with even more reason or HPV positive HPV everything it’s
individualized as far as the frequency of the exam whether it’s every six
months whether it’s yearly.

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  1. there no information pelvic exam has useful for checking vagina area with fingers inside vagina area, there is no doctor out there can tell if something wrong inside vagina area with fingers. Doctor going send them for more test when nothing wrong. Pap smear will pick up abnormal cells in vaginal area, they can do swap inside vagina area if you had hysterectomy procedure, embarrassed when doctors does pelvic exams, too many videos out there and nobody has any idea what there doing

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