People Guess Historical Methods Of Birth Control

People Guess Historical Methods Of Birth Control

– We would for sure get
pregnant if i listened to this idiot! – Fish intestines! (whoosh, squeak) – Birth control, yay. – Like, how Egyptians used to (beep)? – These are just going
to be terrible things that cause lots of bodily harm to people. – Ancient Egypt. Either, eating a mixture
of prunes and clay within 24 hours would prevent pregnancy. – Or, inserting a mixture
of crocodile poop, honey, and sodium
carbonate into the vagina, or eating the mixture, was
used for contraception. – That’s how you get a UTI. – So you made one of these up? That means you’re super (beep) up. – Prunes and clay, I mean… – That just sounds like a diet to me. – Prunes and clay. – Crocodile poop. – Clay.
– Croc poop. – I need one more second, cuz both of these are stupid, so..
– Cuz you’re a man? – [Both] Crocodile poop. – I’m gonna do the first
one, eating prunes and clay. – I’m going with croc (beep) (bell chimes) – (laughs) You eat that whole chunk? – It wasn’t just poop, you had to, like, brew the poop, which means
you’re in the kitchen like, mixing it up, making
your little poop stew. So you can have some safe, non-baby sex. – Methods of birth
control in ancient China. – Tying the testicles of
a donkey to one’s ankle was thought to be an
effective contraceptive. – What, for the donkey? – And drinking a mixture
of lead and mercury was a form of contraception
in ancient China. – Oh my god. – I know Chinese people
wouldn’t just drink lead and mercury, cuz that would just kill you?
– Kill you? – I refuse to believe
that people were ever dumb enough to think that wearing nutsacks around their ankles
would accomplish anything. – I know that’s so dumb, but
that sounds like, kind of like a Chinese superstitious thing. I don’t know, what do I
know, I’m only Chinese. – I watch a lot ancient China dramas and they drink a lot of stuff, so, (laughs) – [Both] Donkey. – [Both] Drinking. – Mercury and lead. (bell chimes) – No! – Chemicals, it’s all about the chemicals. – You just kill yourself. Some people would rather
die than have a baby. I mean, I get it. – 1800s. Condoms were commonly made
of fish intestines, or… – Number two, condoms were commonly made of the bladder of a young ram. Um… – What’s wrong with an old ram? – Ram bladder seems like,
firmer than a fish intestine. – Rams have a lot of other uses where you really don’t want them dead,
or to take their bladders out. – I think this might be
the first time we don’t agree on anything. – Ram. – Ram? – Intestines. – Bladder. – Which one of us is getting pregnant? (bell chimes) – (beep) – Yeah! – Ohhhhh!
– See what happens when I listen to you! – I’m really glad that we have the methods that we have now, cuz none
of these sound appealing. – We learned that there must have been so many yeast infections. – I learned that people
were idiots back in the day, but how else were we gonna discover what worked and what didn’t work? – What silly birth control
myth do we have now? Is there something we do that’s like totally (beep) crazy? Probably. – Pull-out method seems crazy to me. Just seems like too much risk. You’re playing with fire.
– You really are. – You gotta be precise for that to work.


  1. All I could think in the last question was.
    "Nah gotta be the fish, they were to poor to kill a young lamb, they needed that food. The fish well you already had that in easy reach"

  2. Please take 2 minutes to fill in this quiz I need 10,000 responses for my project so please also share it. Thanks in advance!

  3. There was a plant that only grew in ancient Libya called Silphium that we drove into extinction because of its supposed birth control effects. It was extremely expensive because it could only grow in a small region of the country and was only bought by the richest in the Roman Empire. Also I know that some plants like wild carrots and penny-royal can cause abortions and were used in the medieval period, but they also do a bit of liver and kidney damage so it's best to stay away from toxic abortifacient plants.

  4. well there are many methods like my friend told me if after sex u wash ur vajayjay with soda its prevent pregnancy…she's pregnant at 17…….

  5. What ever happened to just having the child and being responsible for your actions instead of killing yourself or killing your baby with the morning after pill, abortions, etc. If you have a baby on accident that is YOUR fault for not using protection.

  6. The problem is that in many of those countries it was illegal for women to try and control how many children she should have. She was not suppose to decide, her husband was.
    And in ancient Egypt they used lemons as condoms, when they tried to control the pregnancies anyway.

  7. I got all of them right I'll never get pregnant… well of course I would need a man for that so it would work any way

  8. Lead and mercury don't instantly kill you…they don't go out of your body through pee or poop like other stuff and they get accumulated which can cause you sickness or death. But since they make you ill, it could have been an ok initial contraception.

  9. Qin Shi Huang died from mercury pills because his alchemist told him they would make him immortal #ancientbadadvice

  10. Ancient Egypt women used to pit a rock in there vaginas when on a period to stop the bleeding and to train the muscles to contract(?) better so they could actually shut off the vagina πŸ™‚

  11. And in another few hundred years people are gonna look back and think we're idiots for our methods of birth control hahaha

  12. And do you know why it was lead and mercury? Because in ancient China, the emperors and that kind of people thought that consuming Mercury would make you live forever, the lead I have no idea.

  13. Try to imagine how dirty & smelly people used to be back in those days as opposed to today………. just try it.

  14. I got the croc poop and mercury right, but missed the fish intestine. I was thinking more pig intestines, which were used as well. But the ancients also knew about putting garlic inside their vaginas to restore balance and cure yeast infections. Though it's also good to eat garlic regularly.

    Anyway. Good thing for modern birth control methods.

  15. I can't believe the Chinabro didn't know that arsenic was used in like ALL ancient chinese remedies.

    For shame.

  16. Actually, drinking Mercury and lead was a world wide norm at one point, and considered an incredibly effective means of medicine. Thank god for modern medicine, instead of that medieval nonsense.

  17. Didn't know on the fish intestines. I went with ram's bladder because pig and sheep intestines WERE used as re-usable (yes, you read that correctly, wash them out and go again!) condoms in the mid to late 1800s.

  18. Do people know that chinese people eat shark fin which have methylmercury so that one is still kinda true…..

  19. "Tying the testitcle sof a donkey to one's ankles was thought to be an effective contraceptive"

    "What for the donkey?" XD

  20. one of the crazy things that i have herd is "if you want a boy the wife should ride the hubby but if you want a girl , the hubby should ride the wife " like the position of sex is going to determine the sex of the baby guys . πŸ™

  21. Which one of you guys came up with the fake idea of tying the donkey testicles to the ankle for birth control? You are very creative

  22. once, people used the colon of a goat as as a condom. later they found out that it works just as well even if you remove it from the goat before using it.

  23. Why are people astonished by the lead and Mercury one I mean in the late 1800 early 1900s cyanide was in literally everything

  24. damn.. i bet they recorded this right after the Absinte video, Kelsey is still drunk!!.. ever since i watched that video of Kelsey drunk she's become my fav in the buzzfeed team, she's adorable when drunk xD she should definitely get back into the youtube game again and maybe do some drunk videos in between.. i'd be hooked to it for sure xD

  25. In Egyptian times they're like, "Honey what are you making?" as they walk into the kitchen, "Croc Poop with a hint of UTI's" "……"

  26. this is ANCIENT china when emporers drank mercury because they thought it would give them immortality. no one knew it was bad yet

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