PERIFIT: A Revolution for Women’s Health

PERIFIT: A Revolution for Women’s Health

what what are you looking at I bet you’ve never seen such a cute baby eight pounds at birth I’ll have you know as a matter of fact my mom still remembers how it went she felt me pass right through her fanny because of me she started to have bladder weakness after childbirth fortunately to help her her physiotherapist recommended parry fit Harry fit is a vaginal sensor connected to a smartphone it helps mom regain control of her perineum it’s like a video game that you control with your vagina thanks to peri fit she can have an efficient physical therapy with personalized exercises it’s fun and she’s making a big improvement taking over the reins to control her bladder come on mommy get the butterfly higher yeah the premium is back in the game trust me numerous specialists recommend it to their patients and they love it gotta go ladies it’s baby bottle time tittel do paraffin regain control of your perineum


  1. OK, mommie goes through physical therapy, how much mental therapy does the kid go through when she figures out what she watched as a kid.

  2. this is a very strange add. the baby explaining it just makes the whole thing weird and uncomfortable to watch. great product though. make a better add please.

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