Perimenopause Symptoms | What is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause Symptoms | What is Perimenopause?


  1. Can I be in peri menopause with symptoms and starting to have missed periods even though my blood work shows I’m not in peri? I’ve had a vag ultrasound as well all was fine.. I’m 47 🙂

  2. This was very helpful and to the point. When i google peri-m other videos talk about hotflashes and insominia but i dont have that yet. so didnt know if the lousy feeling (flu like aches arms/legs for a week; but also had a cold each time) and pms that goes for 2-3 wks some months was really peri. Also lack of interestand concentration at work too. You put it spot on and i understand it is from low prog now. It is amazing how hormones can change mood so quick! Going to try progesterone cream and chaste berry and see how that goes. Thank you so much for the info. I feel like i have something to work on. Thankfully already lowcarbish n walking everyday. Will remember about the 20sec hiit as well. 🙏🏼

  3. 44 yrs old..having bleeding period for 3 mth straight non stop..went to gyne and done my biopsy..result.endometrium hyperplasia wthout atypia and given progestron.even theres no more bleeding..doc advise me to continue wth the hormon pill until may and and make a biopsy this a peri menopause too..since i had stop bleeding.i had constipation and bowel problem..pls rply.tq🙏

  4. All society talks about is the night sweats, moodiness, low libido/vaginal dryness in a haha you're getting older attitude. I really wish I knew ALSO about the memory issues/insomnia…I thought I was taking crazy pills for a few weeks until I did my research and am full blown perimenopausal! I'm only 37, but my mom started at my age, and was post menopause at 41.

  5. I’m 45 years old & I just want this to all stop
    I have almost all of these symptoms except night sweats.
    I don’t have night sweats yet & if I do I hope it’s in the winter so I can save money on my heating bills.

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