Periods During Perimenopause | What’s Happening to Me?

Periods During Perimenopause | What’s Happening to Me?


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  2. You forgot the premenstrual insomnia and the general irregularity of my period! I've tried black cohosh, started taking it 7-10 days before I was due and stop taking it 3 days in and the the last 3 months I've had my period within 28-38 days. This month I'm approaching day 40 and no bleeding, all the symptoms without the relief!! I'm in Scotland and they won't test for perimenopause because there's no test for it, allegedly. Thanks for the tips I'll definitely try the tea for fluid retention which, besides cramps, is my second worse symptom. Yep I have cramps from the time my period is due right up until 4 days into my period starting. One month it was 10 weeks late, that was fun!!! Best bit I actually don't mind having my period. I like getting comfy with my German shepherd Valentine and binge on Jlo movies while my hubby is at work ??????

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