Pink (Breast Cancer short film)

Pink (Breast Cancer short film)

Dear Sweetheart, Here comes the time for me to start writing down all the rushing thoughts I’ve been experiencing for the last year I remember it all very well I was sitting in the doctor’s clinic waiting who knew it would take that long and who knew anyone could be that nervous! I was struggling to calm the hopeless and gloomy thoughts i was having. the doctor called my name and I slowly walked the few steps towards him where I knew my life might change in a heartbeat. he spoke and I was unwillingly tuning him out I had known it wasn’t good news, The doctor uttered the two words “breast cancer” and I cried, I cried without wanting to, tears streamed down my face and I couldn’t stop them I felt as if my whole world was falling apart and I felt emotions running through my head from intense confusion, fear, frustration all those feelings were pink. The Adrenaline kicked in and kept me awake all night. I didn’t eat. I didn’t drink. I didn’t sleep I would wake up early on some days and cry thinking about all of it Can I do this? Can I sit there and wait for all the chemicals to make me weak? NO! I decided that being afraid and weak wouldn’t get me anywhere and I was sure not letting a capsule containing a few malignant cells stand in my way. Being brave is waking up in the morning and not sitting in bed all day I tried to live every moment but the chemotherapy has weakened me, it runs cold throught your body your life changes You cannot go through it the same way you did before. It was really tiring, I remember the night before my first session I couldn’t sleep and i was very tired anxious, nervous… It was really horrible! In addition to that, having to deal with the fact that it was going to cost me my hair, my breast and all these things that made me who I am It was very frustrating. I was very apprehensive about what damage it would do to my appearance and how it might affect my emotional and mental well being. I barely recognized myself in the mirror, The days went by and I started to let go and believe in myself. I can do it! I learnt that beauty isn’t what people see it’s how you feel about yourself and I was comfortable in my skin. This letter is not only for you darling its for your daughters, friends teachers and coworkers… this letter is for all women out there turning a blind eye and a deaf ear about the importance of testing themselves Life is full of surprises you won’t know when it’ll stab you so remember to always do the tests to make sure you don’t have to face the same situation I did In case I’m not around anymore when you read this letter i want you to stay strong and remember there is an angel looking at you guiding you and helping you I love you to the moon and back … Your mom


  1. I watched your scene at "helwe el hayet" show. i really want to support your work that wakes up every woman in lebanon and the world, i will share your video on my facebook page and twitter, and i will ask my admins friends of another Lebanese and non Lebanese pages to share your video , and i would also share it on my youtube channel, after taking you permission. Thank you hope you check our page of FB.
    Realists Manager.

  2. Hey, we are honored that you liked our short film, we hope you liked yesterday's episode. Thank you for sharing our video on your facebook and twitter pages. As for sharing on your youtube channel. we wish that you'd link the video and not upload it again, we want more people to access our youtube page and watch the short films we did. Thank you again! Please share, share, share!

    Pipe Dreams Production.

  3. I'm proud of you guys. i will share it on my facebook and twitter as links for sure and i will share it on my channel, i do never upload what i do not own !!

    check out our facebook page, we are just beginners but you will love it, beside we have a lot of friends owning page, really famous pages. i should thank you for the great work. keep it up guys, and never quit or give up, people like you are really rare in lebanon.

  4. This is amazeing you guys need to get a movie deal but instead of short flims you should make a full film. This short film makes you think twice about people.

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