Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Treatments | Getting Pregnant with PCOS

If you want to know how to treat PCOS – polycystic
ovary Syndrome – and have regular periods, clear skin, less facial hair and get pregnant
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And don’t forget to click the bell so you’ll be the first to get to see my new videos. Welcome back to The Hormone Healing Show. Today I’m going to show you how to heal
polycystic ovary syndrome – the number one cause of infertility in young women. If you follow these three easy Hormone Healing
steps, you can have healthy regular periods, clear skin, less facial hair and get pregnant
when you desire Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a metabolic syndrome
that affects 1 out of 10 women of child bearing age. PCOS also known as polycystic ovary condition
was first discovered in women who have irregular periods because they don’t ovulate regularly
and instead produce lots of ovarian cysts. You don’t have to have ovarian cysts to
have PCOS. PCOS is characterized by high insulin, testosterone
and DHEA levels and low progesterone. Oftentimes PCOS women have high daytime prolactin. Because of high testosterone levels, they’re HORMONE HEALING STEP # 1: Reverse your insulin
resistance to regulate your periods Insulin resistance means you’re cells are
not letting sugar in except your fat cells. You develop an insulin meter- a layer of fat
around your middle, like you’re getting ready to hibernate for the winter. That lowers your metabolism and tells your
hypothalamus to slow down other body functions. Your periods become very irregular, sometimes
even skipping many months and when you do bleed it can be very heavy. You can reverse insulin resistance by following
a low carb insulin resistant diet and doing HIT exercises. HORMONE HEALING STEP # 2: Lower your testosterone
to clear up your skin PCOS is characterized by unbound testosterone
creating acne and male-like hair growth on your face and body. Testosterone is high because adrenal DHEA
is very high in PCOS. All that extra DHEA converts to testosterone
which stimulates hair in unwanted places – facial hair, chest hair, even a line of pubic hair
extending up to your belly button. Extra testosterone increases your skin’s
oil production causing acne on your face, chest and back. While birth control pills are often prescribed
to women with PCOS, the best way to lower testosterone naturally is to balance your
hypothalamus and start ovulating. Balanced estrogen and progesterone levels
are nature’s way of keeping testosterone in check. HORMONE HEALING STEP #3: Raise your progesterone
to get pregnant One of the most effective ways I’ve used
to raise progesterone naturally and help my PCOS patients get pregnant is to balance their
hypothalamus. Your hypothalamus controls your reproduction
– whether you ovulate or not. Your hypothalamus also controls your insulin
production and glucose metabolism. Because insulin resistance is a main factor
in preventing ovulation, it’s important to support your hypothalamus to get pregnant. The special hypothalamic blend of phytonutrients
and amino acids in Genesis Gold can help women with PCOS ovulate normally and produce enough
progesterone to get Pregnant. Now you know how to treat PCOS naturally but
it’s not easy if the rest of your hormones are out of balance. So I created the Hormone Reboot Training for
you to discover how to get Hormonally healthy for good. It’s free! Just click the link in the description below
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