Pregnancy: How to prepare to be a mother (or a father)

Pregnancy: How to prepare to be a mother (or a father)

Hi now as many of you know we recently launched the Headspace guide to a mindful pregnancy and in association with the book, it gives me real pleasure to say that we’re just about to launch the pregnancy pack in the app. You’ll find that in the Series Library. The idea of the pack is not so much to focus on the physical elements: how to get the baby to sleep and how to swaddle the baby once it’s already been born, but more how do you approach the journey of pregnancy and even of early parenthood? How do you step out of the cycle of anxious thoughts of what might come further down the line and instead actually be present enjoying the journey as it unfolds? How do you not get swept away on this rollercoaster of emotion and instead be present as the journey unfolds? My hope is that you’ll get a huge amount out of it I can’t wait to hear your feedback. I look forward to it and I’ll see you back here for day one of the pregnancy pack.


  1. I'll be signing up with headspace soon. it was this pack that sealed the decision for me. trying to conceive is a stressful process and I look forward to some mindful meditations to keep myself calm. will update on my journey as I listen 🙂

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