i look like i have just poop my panties but ill continue with this vid] donkey noises Hey friends it’s Akidearest and we’re going to be doing a Dear Aki. When was the last time we did this? You go the rest of the video saying desu at the end of every sentence, alright. That’s it. See y’all in five months, man. Well then okay so typically I take my questions from Twitter when people use the hashtag Dear Aki. Where you guys ask me questions and this time I decided to hit a little bit closer to home. This time I asked you guys on YouTube because you know YouTube now implemented where you can post statuses post photos. But without further ado if you are new to this channel This is a Q&A series that I kind of do, maybe like once every six months And they are all voiced by my good friend Doom here It’s been a long time since you guys have seen him, so let’s go Can you try and reenact a scene from Kiss Him Not Me? AH! I’m traumatized. Honey come dow- What’s wrong? Mom, I’m Hot. *gasp* My baby! Huh! Hey are you new here, I think you’re really cute. Huh! Hey do you need help carrying your books Leave me alone! Are you coming to Canada for anime North 2018 yeah, I can’t go to anime north guys I know a couple of you guys were messaging me on that But these are the conventions that I am going to I’ll be going to Mo Mo Con in Atlanta, Georgia And then I’ll be going to A con in somewhere Texas. Possibly Anime Expo But it depends on how my schedule looks, because there is a Convention that I’m going to in Europe, and it will be the only time I can do a fan meetup in Europe But just keep in touch, or keep.. keep in touch. Keep in tune on my Twitter, or just on YouTube I’ll make a post of it. Do when I’m pregnant prank on your boyfriend. What look that’s not gonna end good That’s just you know let’s don’t do that, but you know do it anyway. Okay. Let me give you guys some context before I show you guys the footage that you’re all dying to see I Recorded it on March 30th because it was supposed to be an April Fool’s prank But I didn’t want Joey to get suspicious so I decided to do two days earlier And then this video was supposed to go up on April 1st But obviously I’m late So I just need you to explain context for you guys because you guys are about to hear me say April Fool’s So you know how like? Yesterday. I think when we talked that I said I’ve been feeling like a little sick. Yeah. Yeah, I haven’t been feeling very good like since like all morning Oh. Do you know why? I don’t think I ate anything But I just thought I couldn’t even eat today, you don’t have a temperature or anything Mmm. Don’t think so are you saying I? said Things like oh, yeah No because I don’t know like they say Technically two weeks after you can’t you can feel something, but it’s only been like a month when was the last time you Are you I mean are you worrying of course April Fool Yeah Hey Aki, yeah Yeah, that’s what makes it better cuz this videos going up on April 1st What do you have to say to the people In such a presentable fashion right now. He was in so much pain there you have it Let me know in the comment section down below what you guys think do you recommend any particular? Animated series inspired by an MMORPG that is a completely anime, but I can still indulge it on Netflix, okay Thanks new subscriber here keep up the content. Thank you for asking that conveniently warded question anonymous may I suggest you can watch Netflix more specifically wakfu now It’s not a new version of kung fu as much as I’d like it to be but wakfu is an MMORPG game with its own series on Netflix with season 3 available as of April 6 ShowMe wakfu on Netflix I couldn’t find that on Netflix, but Finding anything to show me wake foo G. Wakefield know who ok don’t just Siri She’s deaf in her right ear, but I promise it’s there on Netflix So if you enjoy being happy and watching cartoons try giving wakfu a shot And if you don’t you can give a chance by downloading the game and being a part of quests guilds dungeons And more links will be in the description for more detail this video was sponsored by Anka ma and the creators of wafu and approved By the radish spirit from spirited away What If you had to choose only one type of enemy to see for your whole life, which would you choose? like mecha slice-of-life Fantasy I would love to see mecha slice-of-life annecy the life of Gundams Just cooking for each other living their lives Having one Gundam being in love with another Gundam at school one Gundam has like Ponytails the other one is total senpai status the fantasy portion is They’re controlled by magical girls show us your best impersonation of Joey I got one and a my man a it’s my the anime man. I come from Japan. Anime. good Eye friends It’s Joey the anime man here look at me anime anime anime anime I love math and Science I can read and write in Japanese and an Australian. That’s your boy He’s named Eddie subscribe for my anime vana And I’ll see you guys in the next video over to fry me keep watching anime German on the on of my mind He’s going to kill me could you show us the cosplay or cross play you’re most proud of Do you know da wae? Look man- I. You’re kinda 2 months late with this one. I know what I think I know what that means see spelled cart like Mario Kart So he wants you to play Mario Kart while cart wheeling in your recording studio *Aki singing* I am so scared to do this *sounds of distress in attempting cart wheels while playing Mario Kart* I can’t *giving up* Chug milk while singing an intro to any anime. it’s a great idea Hahahaha, ah that’s so funny. Okay. Why don’t we go sing boku no pico. *sings* See this is why I’m branded with mega milk better clean that up or else somebody can take that the wrong way I dare you to scream “SMAAAAAASH” As loud as you can in public SMAAAAAASH OH MY GOD OH MY F*UCKING GOD THAT’S ALL THEY NEEDED BABY THAT’S ALL THEY NEEDED BABY SMASH *whispering* I don’t exist I don’t exist How’s doom doing he’s kind of cute is he single yes, but you know you’re probably like 12 So should I even be answering this now? I have no idea what this comment here right here means, but you know I’ve been trying to decipher it But it says I dare you to twerk wearing a brief Superman style than chant yaoi yaoi yuri yaoi yaoi yuri Ok hold on yaoi yaoi yuri yaoi yaoi yuri yaoi yaoi yuri yaoi yaoi yuri yaoi yaoi yuri BOOM Okay, everyone. That’s all the questions that I’m gonna get to for this Dear Aki when the next one will be uh Beats me, but yeah Thank you for everyone that asked questions and for those of you going to Momo Con or A con I would love to see your guys’s faces there So I hope to see you and for my European fans out there Please keep your eyes peeled for when I announce my trip to Europe Because I will only be going to one convention this year And it will be my only opportunity to see my fans in Europe for this year so I Appreciate you guys for watching feel free to go subscribe to my friend Doom and subscribe to my channel for more anime and Otaku related content *attempts weird good bye*


  1. 9:23
    Children enjoying their play time
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    Aki:"I don't exist I don't exist"

  2. Me and my brother watched wakfu together a couple years back and LOVED IT ELILIE IS THE MOST PURE AND WOMDERFUL CHILD AND DALLIE IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL

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    Aki: pranks boyfriend
    Me: my mind: ( that man has been going in raw my G )
    My health teachers: always use protection
    Subscribers: ask questions
    Aki: answers questions
    Hotel : trivago
    Me: yes I've finally done the hotel trivago

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