Pregnancy Test PRANK on Boyfriend!!!

oh my God look at those lines got out fuck wow thank you look at the fine arts now I’d like you bored Alex for the blog the blog but it doesn’t have any bullets in a choice was actually kind of scary with you are going to come to our part because fuck with us that fucking hurt yourself amazon building this is great and scared and a very long time me through you know what I don’t want it like 1130 do I have a camera in my pocket we sent my god Draka fucking gun body that the guys don’t want to haha that is so fucking expensive oh my god Bobby binoculars shop here we were doing haha lucky to have what the fuck Bobby got this girl pregnant and started her period down to spend the cities in arguing about it is talking to me he’s like hey don’t put that in because i don’t want people thinking that i did some girl on her we’re yet to tell you something it wasn’t you didn’t actually do it you don’t do it I’m hoping you I’m saying you didn’t actually do it he didn’t do it promise it didn’t know I didn’t know that what a lovely room of jack ok do I got a I got an idea we get the ball yeah whatever can bounce the highest ago when someone has to get hit with the fat yeah I want to do that that’s what I heard metal Oh literally just eat everything of your oh my god oh yeah don’t jobs may be honest I think I one time like always flattered so I don’t know he’s missing and it’s not really since i’m going to get hit with Bobby ready all right you don’t mind mr. help you look for I’d alright what’s the what’s random box doing in the middle oh my gosh stop scaring me Bobby they made it can be for you it’s a dumb holding a dumbbell get i love work now this one’s really really tough but Bobby what the fuck just literally two pounds this thing you pulled a muscle in my game like I’m a mere whoa my mirror staring back at me well Bobby I can’t find him Bobby Bobby look hey Bobby what are you doing but why do you have a fishing rod girlfriends you’re trying to catch a girl with a fishing rod where you read Bobby what are you doing today I invite shopping for my boy my little smart little boy Ajani patrol not love about Minnie Mouse I want something a little more girly it’s that one and I want that one day I’m not a bike but you can write me you would not bring up with all five mami papi this one’s for you did the right thing here is that pink air funny the devos here’s what you’re thinking about science check this out doesn’t need help what’s up with this thank you for looking at it slowly release it might need help button I can’t read you hit that I don’t know like anything with a you think they’re do you know what time it is our team are working we found with the body just I really thought we sounded fucking spot in the middle of the road that so I’m the house office apart here which is true the part about this isn’t this isn’t a parking spot you can ask the bathroom trash feel ya so it is i said ok Cano looked for a match out all know how to say this three-way know how you actually something dog was everyone yeah why not sorry i love you know I don’t want to have to have like you want to get the fuck here it is called it thank users joking 40 was wondering what might die for granting me all the time p plus today’s video i hope you guys enjoyed it if you did it like when let’s get to 7060 for like for having a kid grabbing a baby also common grass in the comments section down below and i will reply to a bunch of them and also pick one person could want a shot off in the next video we’ll go comment those down below don’t forget to Like and subscribe and thank you guys so much for watching you got the picture quality sounds like fun going to leave your hair and cute little gentle but it’s definitely more about this oh my god very classy

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