Pregnancy Workouts: Second Trimester Fitness | Parents

Pregnancy Workouts: Second Trimester Fitness | Parents

Today, we’re going to talk about exercise
in your second trimester. With me today is my friend, Karrie, and she is in her second
trimester. So, here’s the setup to the deadlift. You want to keep nice, tall posture, shoulders
down and back, abdomen is strong, knees are bent, hands behind the head, slowly hinge,
and then come on up and squeeze. Go ahead Karrie and give it a try. Perfect. So when
you’re hinging at the hips correctly, it’s a great way to practice lowering and lifting
your body and also at the top, giving that nice, strong affirmation of posture. Perfect.
The second exercise in our second trimester circuit are traveling [ unk ]. Here’s the
setup, nice and tall, you’re gonna widen your base of support and stand back to the beginning.
Go ahead and give it a try. Excellent. Beautiful. So, we have opted to use a chair with Karrie
in case you need balance and stability when you start to get fatigued. Very good. You’ll
notice she is landing on her heels, toes are nice and outward. Good tall posture. As your
belly gets increasingly heavy, you’re gonna want the leg strength to be able to maintain
it. Just because you’re in your later trimesters, it doesn’t need to mean that you lose your
tight tone booty. We’re gonna show you a couple of exercises to keep them nice and strong
and toned. Nice and tall, you can use a chair for reference. You’re gonna extend out the
leg and then slowly lower. Go ahead and give it a try. Perfect. I’m gonna recommend that
you do at least 20 to 25 repetitions on the right and on the left. Good job. You’ll notice
she is maintaining her posture and your balance, very important during pregnancy as well as
doing the rep count to give you that nice toned booty. So, these three movements done,
three rounds, at least two times a week, you’ll be able to keep your leg conditioning up as
well as your tone and your form. You did excellent Karrie.


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  2. I like this work out. It is very easy to work with and very helpful. It is made with ease and not doing to much that will tire you out with your baby. perfect.

  3. i hv been practicing these exercises since my week 10 of pregnancy.. off late m doing around 60 plie squats regularly at intervals.. but m finding my hips getting wider..m not liking it though … i want a normal v. delivery n heard squats help.. soo what should i do now.. ? plz guide

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