PREGNANT IN FRANCE | What They Don’t Tell You About 1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms!

PREGNANT IN FRANCE | What They Don’t Tell You About 1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms!


  1. Ha ha you totally used "normally" the French way! (We are very excited to be normally having a baby this year… ?.)

    But seriously, congratulations! I think you are glowing and beautiful. And this video was hilarious. I'm not pregnant and don't think I ever will be but yet found myself wanting to watch to the end. "How are we going to raise a baby together if we can't even pick out a vase???" ???

    P.S. I almost made a comment about your belly showing at the bottom of the screen in the transportation video, but then I was like…maybe she wants to announce it herself and not by some stranger on youtube. 😉

  2. Tu as écrit "seins tendres", attention au lapsus ^^. C'est "seins tendus".
    Merci pour cette vidéo, je m'y suis bien reconnue !

  3. Congratulations /Félicitations! I was wondering if you would ever consider doing a video about how living in France has affected your personal style because you always look so chic in your videos (your earrings look fab)! Perhaps a video on french maternity wear for the new series? You're hilarious and I can't wait to hear more about your journey <3

  4. Great video!! I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and this is being a nightmare (as far a symptoms go, we are so happy and grateful about being pregnant and becoming parents). I spend my days next to the toilet throwing up, they might even give me a specific medication as I am losing weight and I’m quite thin to begin with. So yeah, the reality of the first trimester has nothing to do with what I imagined. But as you said, this too shall pass and after all, weeks seem to fly by, even if each day seems long, it’s pardoxal isn’t it? Anyway thanks for the video I found it really helpful, I am looking forward to this series! Xx

  5. Congratulation ! You seem like such a nice person and you will be a wonderful Mom. You look amazing ❤️????❤️

  6. I am just seeing this now. Congratulations. This is really good news for you. I was super very tired. You snap you finger and I would sleep. Standing up, sitting down, anywhere! Now, I would give the world to sleep a few hours together. (Trouble sleeper here). ????

  7. Him: I don't quite like that vase
    Her: We can't have a baby together

    ?? sorry but I had to laugh
    And congratulations ❤️

  8. Im so scared that i might be pregnant ….im only 17 (warning TMI!!!) ive been getting school glue cm and i never had ovulation cm and i been getting random episodes of strong dizziness and acne Omg someone help!! Am i just making these things up in my head or should i take a test???

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