Pregnant Morning ROUTINE | Kamusta si BUNTIS?

Pregnant Morning ROUTINE | Kamusta si BUNTIS?

Hey guys it’s Ruth and welcome back to my channel today I’m going to show you my pregnant morning routine I’m actually 8 months pregnant right now, and I am now on the last trimester. I’m so excited to meet my baby and before That happens, I want to show you how I usually do my morning routine as a pregnant person So without further ado, let’s jump right into it So hello guys welcome to this pregnant morning routine first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is stretch out think about My dreams and get oriented that I’m back in my room Then I would reach out for my phone and try to do the hypno birthing practice it’s kind of like a meditation and prayer in preparation for birth, and it goes something like this and So your eye is comfortably closed Take a moment to focus all of your thoughts and your attention on your breathing Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth And so after that very relaxing Hypno, birth practice . I would check my shopee shop first This is where you guys order my book, and I will see which orders are delivered if there are any problems that I need to fix and Yeah, I have if there are new orders any books that I have to prepare that day I will see it on this app and then of course. I will check my social media I will check Instagram my favorite social media app and Sometimes I would reply to your messages and a comment on some friends pictures and all that good stuff Then I will check my Facebook that is where most of the stuff happens You know all the big news are there and this cute, baby, and y eah after that done with my phone So after all that social media hanging out, I will then make my bed It’s always a nice happy to have your bed Cleaned up the beginning of the day it just makes you feel so much better throughout the day whenever use your bed especially for me that I usually stay at home and work from home, so I make sure that I do this every day and take my phone with me and Then it’s time to go to the bathroom if you are pregnant like me you would really need To do this first thing in the morning And then I would just wash my face and do some gargling and use some soap When washing my face just to get ready for the day and Then I would start on the chores. I would usually do the laundry first thing in the morning I say it’s in the washer, and it’s easy doing while you’re doing something else in the morning the charge that I would usually do is washing clothes or Folding them things like that or cleaning the sala And I just like to do all the chores in the morning so that I’ll be able to You know have time to work throughout the day and not worry about it anymore Now it’s time for some breakfast I would usually heat water, and I would enjoy this I recently discovered this one this is a cappuccino caffeine free by barlico and it’s Really good guys, and I love it. So I kind of like feel I can still have coffee in the morning so Yeah, I love this one. It’s recommended by my friend, Omni from Omni and Bryce and I will have my coffee and a pandesal for breakfast I love having the lady’s choice on my pandesal Since I recently discovered I have gestational diabetes I’m just limiting my breakfast to this And then I could eat after two hours while eating I will go ahead and check my messenger Right now our John is not here. That’s why he’s not on the bed earlier He is sending me his breakfast he ate a lot of food and It’s time for vitamins I would just take my prenatal vitamins I have calcium plus d3 or card caltrate then I have vitamin C And I drink fish oil and I also drink Horseradish capsule it suppose to help you with the milk production So after breakfast and having a few minutes of Break to have the food digest I would then change into my workout outfit sometimes not and if I have them I will change into them, and I will set up for my yoga practice it starts off with a breathing exercise This is really good to help you prepare for the birth, and I think it’s really good also for everyday stress You know the things that you that you worry about the pregnancy and things and I will do the stretching and I would just follow the ones that is playing on my phone. It is a yoga from YouTube, and I just find the ones that I really like and work with my body and I also like practicing yoga with the ball with the birthing ball. It really is helpful You know in stretching out and relaxation as well as I substitute my ball as a chair so that my pelvis wouldn’t hurt when you sit on it and They also like this practice where you hug the ball And then you just practice to relax your face your shoulders and your belly while hugging the ball that’s supposed to help you during the labor the labor itself so that you already know how to relax and One of my favorite exercises is the pelvic roll this is when you try to Prepare your pelvis for the birth, and this really relieves back pain guys. I promise you the all of the back and dull aches, it is gone after you do this everyday so that’s my yoga practice Right after the workout, that’s when I will go and take a bath a Refreshing bath because it’s hot, sweaty and all of that In the shower I already wash my face all right after that I will just use the astringent as my toner I use the witch hazel one from healthy options and just put it all over my face and my neck and Then I will go on with the moisturizer I’m using the nature Republic aloe vera Gel as my moisturizer as it’s like the best that I could get Right now for my sensitive skin the pregnancy and then some deodorant And then I would put on body lotion. I use Jergens in aloe vera as well because it’s really hot in the Philippines so it’s nice to have aloe vera as Your skin care because it’s really cooling and it’s really nice, and I like that. It’s not sticky and for today We are using vitamin E. Oil this one was given to me by my mom from the States It’s supposed to help stretching skin even though stretch Marks is genetics, and there’s nothing really you can do about it I just like taking care of my skin or my belly skin this way because it makes me feel good and better With whether we have stretch marks or not, it’s just good I think so moisturize the most important part of our body during this time of pregnancy so yeah So after that refreshing shower, I will now go to the makeup area I Like using my yoga ball as a chair. It’s really nice When you’re pregnant So that you be ready for the birth as well So right now. I’m just using this flawless base foundation primer by Absolute New York because it’s paraben free and it’s baby safe or preggy safe so I’ll just put a pea sized of it on my fingertips rub it all over my face, and it’s really nice to have a primary we put before you put on your makeup and Now I’m using this BB cream by Misha. I’m using the ones from Korea products from Korea because they’re very very safe and natural and good for you, and I like to use my Sponge Something is in my eye. I like to use my Beauty sponge To apply this on my face Because I don’t like to have it You know all over my hands, so just dab it all over and blend it all over your face and neck To have that really nice finish, so today’s look is just very simple It’s just a very basic looks. I will just be doing some chores today and I Usually won’t wear makeup if I’m just staying at home But today we’re going out so I have to just put a really you know very simple no makeup makeup look today And to set everything in I like to use this Coty airspun in translucent So that I’ll be able to set everything Up on my face. I like using its own puff some people like to use the blending blush but the puff works fine for me I Will bake my under eye and also bake my whole face and also spread it out on my neck to make it even For my eyebrows I like using this face shop designing pencil because eye brows is life Especially for me, so I’ll just draw the outlines first And then I will fill that in with the same fill it in with the same pencil and then brush it off and use a Benefit gimme brow eyebrow gel to finish it off and have a natural look for the eyebrows And for my lip balm, I like using this human nature tinted lip balm, and it’s really nice guys I really like the feeling of it, and it also has a tint already So it’s very nice for everyday use as well as it’s very safe and Organic and natural baby safe and preggy safe and right now I am just using this misha lip and cheek tint Right here, it’s also natural and organic And just spread it out with my finger all over the cheek area And it gives like natural glow. I also like using this on my lips just for that extra Redness on the lips and I like to curl my lashes This really perks up your eyes And it doesn’t really look so you know so made up, and I’m just using this falsies mascara from Maybelline Is to give it a few coats of mascara? For the eyelashes, and that’s it we’re done for our makeup look for today It’s a natural look for the day And about by this time will be the time that I will do my errands or go to a doctor’s appointment or just work inside the house I Stay at home work from home mom, and yeah, I hope that you enjoyed this video, and if you did Give it a thumbs up and comment down below. What do you think and I will see you guys on the next video. Bye bye?


  1. Bawal dw ang kape sa buntis…sa pagkaka alam ko lng po…at masama din ung kaka gising lng mag cellphone kagad…atlest after 30 minutes.pagkagising.

  2. Hi po! aside from online saan pa po peede mkabili ng Barlico coffee? meron din po ba sa SM store? ang mahal kase ng DC sa online almost kaprice na nya ?

  3. Maybe im late but cant meditate in the morning, asikaso pa ko sa grade 1 ko. Lol tapos maghahatid, magsusundo, in between that yung house chores. I wish had the time I needed to meditate once in a while. Thanks mommy ruth for sharing this

  4. Pano po ba mabilisan ma open anq cervix anunq mqa kilanqan qwin at pataqtaq para mabilis manqanak first baby q plnq po,

  5. Hi, good to know safe po pala yung alove vera gel from nature Republic as moisturizer. I have two tubs and I stop using it when I knew I was pregnant..

  6. hi mommy ruth ask ko lang po kung kailan kau nagstart magtake ng malunggay capsule and fish oil? and wat brand po ng malunggay capsule. please reply po. thank you in advance?

  7. Hi. I've been your follower since misskaykrizz. And now i followed you naman as being preggy.
    Nakakatuwa lang po. ?
    May i know yung hypnobirth app mo po? Thanks you

  8. Hi momshies! I hope may makuha kayong tips sa aking pregnant morning routine vlog na ito. At sana share niyo din sa amin ang inyong routine at kung ano pang advices niyo para sa ating mga buntis. ?❤

    #PregnantMorningRoutine #KamustasiBuntis #MommyRuth

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