Radiation Side Effects Common In Breast Cancer Treatment

>>>DR. AFSHIN FOROUZANNIA: Side effects from
radiation therapy can be broken into two categories: it can be either acute side effects or long-term
side effects. Acute side effects are the side effects that
a patient experiences during the treatments. Those would be some fatigue — patients can
get tired from the treatments, skin reaction like a sunburn, or they can get some irritation
of the ribs. Those usually go away two or three weeks after the treatments are done
and there are a variety of ways to treat them like skin creams and ointments, or just some
rest. The long-term side effects, or chronic side
effects, are also things to take into consideration. Those are depending on the site being treated.
You can have increased risk of lung fibrosis, that’s some damage to the lung, damage to
the heart, so cardiac events can be increased in the future, the likelihood of developing
any heart disease. Although the risk of each of those is very
small, it is possible. So we caution patients to be very careful regarding their lung and
heart care and to make sure they take care of those as much as they can. Other long-term side effects can be arm swelling
or lymphedema, or slight weakening of the ribs so a slight increase in developing rib
fractures in the future. Hi, I am Dr. Jay Harness and I want to share
with you important information that I believe that every newly diagnosed patient with breast
cancer needs to know. Susan Denver: I am a breast cancer survivor. Katherine Stockton: I am a breast cancer survivor. Coree: I am a breast cancer survivor. Susan Denver: And I want every woman to know… Katherine Stockton: …about personalized
breast cancer treatment… Susan Denver: …and the genomic test. Coree: A test that helps guide a woman and
her doctor… Katherine Stockton: …to the best treatment
options for her. Susan Denver: Pass it on!

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